How to customize a configuration for users by using a separate installation folder

To create a custom configuration for users with specific requirements, you can use the Config.xml file and Setup customization files (MSP files created with the Office Customization Tool), and create a separate installation folder that contains the Setup program and customizations for that group’s configuration. Then you can run (or have users run) Setup from that separate folder. The separate installation folder contains only Setup.exe, Config.xml, and Setup customization files. The remaining installation files that are needed will be contained in the primary network installation folder for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Using a separate installation folder for a group of users allows you (or the users in that group) to run Setup from that location and receive the group’s customized configuration without having to use complex commands and network paths with Setup.exe. For more information, see Create a custom configuration for a group of users by using a separate installation folder (

- Patty Nicholson

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