How do you plan your desktop deployments?


The Office Resource Kit team is taking a hard look at what planning content to provide and how to organize it.  We're looking for feedback on what resources you'd want  to plan an Office deployment. 


Would you want prescriptive best practices to plan your deployment?

Would you want job aids like templates, checklists, and a project plan? 

What job aids would be most valuable?

What resources are you using now to plan your desktop deployments? 

Are you printing planning information out?  How do you store and share your planning work?

Do you have any templates that you'd want to share with the greater IT community?


Inquiring minds want to know! So please e-mail your answers to


- Cat Watson

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

  2. Regarding Margaret’s comment again – The OCT settings are available in an excel format today.    The file name is "Office2007GroupPolicyAndOCTSettings.xls" and it comes with the 2007 Office system Administrative Template files.  You can download this from
    the Microsoft Download Center:

    – Cat

  3. Regarding StefanWord2k’s comment – you might look at Camtasia if you haven’t already:

    Regarding Margaret’s comment – Thanks for the feedback!  Let us know if you think of anything else that would be useful. 🙂

    – Cat

  4. StefanWord2k says:

    We would like to have a tool to record desktop videos for training specific issues.

    We know about the Office Community Clips recorder from MS however we don’t want to use voice explanations but rather add explanations in subtitles and legends directly to the desktop video.

    Also it cannot record the Office button menu.

    Unfortunately we did not find any other tool or tool combination to efficiently perform these tasks while keeping a decent file size for the videos. MS Movie Maker would be ok for cutting, etc. if you could easily add subtitles and legends to the video.

  5. Margaret Stokes says:

    As an ITIL wannabe I would prefer the whole of the installation process to be in a check sheet format via an excel spreadsheet(?). Having the OCT settings in a format that had gave an explanation of what each setting was for (as in the OCT itself)and a field as to why we did or didnt alter the default state. This would aid change management but if nothing else save me having to type everything in and try to remember where in the ‘schema’ I should place my changes.

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