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This past week, a large group of IT Professionals World Wide, came together for the MBD Advisory Council Summit.  The main focus was how can we help users transition to the next version with our tools and documentation.


One of the areas of focus specific to our team, was how IT Professionals use the TechNet site for solving their time specific tasks.  The Deployment team setup a TechCenter mockup during the “Documentation: Office Client Deployment” Lunch Session to enable the IT Professionals to provide us with feedback not only on the potential new look of the sites, but what they would like to see modified.  The feedback from the Lunch sessions were very valuable, informing us on how IT Professionals use TechNet and how they get to our documenation.  As well as the challenges they might be facing when finding the right help through TechNet for their particular project.  This was a very short session and we would like to gather more feedback from the IT Professional community to get a larger response of how IT Professionals solve their problems. 


Please take a look at our Online Survey , along with the TechCentre mockups and feel free to contact us through




The TechCenters are localized in a number of markets (Spain, Mexico, Australia, France, France-Canada, English-Canada, UK, China, Russia, Germany).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The team responsible for the Office Resource Kit is conducting a survey to improve Office documentation

  2. Chris Slemp says:

    Your survey link is broken for me…

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