New download: Open XML Format SDK

For all of you who cross the line into developer territory, the Open XML Format SDK is now available for download here. As you probably already know, Office 2007 introduces new file formats built on ZIP and XML technologies. The Open XML formats are useful for developers because they are an open standard and are based on well-known technologies (ZIP and XML). Microsoft provides a library for accessing these files as part of the WinFX technologies in the System.IO.Packaging namespace. The Open XML Format SDK is built on top of the System.IO.Packaging API and provides strongly-typed part classes to manipulate Open XML documents.

You can also find the SDK online at Welcome to the Open XML Format SDK 1.0.

If you are developing an application on top of Office 2007, you might also be interested in the following links on MSDN:

·         XML in Office Developer Portal

·         Microsoft Office Developer Center

And definitely check out these blogs:

·         Microsoft XML Team’s WebLog

·         Doug Mahugh’s blog on Open XML file formats

·         Even though he has moved on to a new phase in his career, you might also want to peruse Wouter van Vugt’s blog—he was a Microsoft developer and trainer, and his blog contains a lot of good info

- Andrea Weiss

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    Open XML Format Software Development Kit – August 2008

  2. Anonymous says:

    Open XML Format SDK Version 1.0 zum Download freigegeben

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