Microsoft Office Labs—try out these “concept cars”!

If you haven’t already, visit Microsoft Office Labs. Microsoft employees and interns use this as a proving ground for their code prototypes and ideas. Read their About page to learn more about them and caveats for using tools on their site (mostly—don’t expect the tools to stay there, but have fun trying them out).

My favorites so far:

·         Search Commands. This tool adds a tab to the Fluent UI (ribbon) where you can type in the command, wizard, option, or gallery that you’re looking for. Search Commands will help you find it.

·         Community Clips. This is a portal for viewing, sharing, and discussing informal how-to videos on Microsoft Office products. It also includes a client application for easy recording of screen views and voice, so you can make your own how-to clip and share it.


·         SharePointPedia. This is a SharePoint-based social computing application where people share useful information about SharePoint.

- Andrea Weiss

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