Do I need the Office 2007 Proofing Tools Kit (PTK)?

Not necessarily! You can deploy Proofing Tools for users who need to edit documents in languages other than those already installed on their computers—but you might already have all of the Proofing Tools that you need. You can use either of these sources to deploy:

  • Single language pack. Use this option if your users need both the user interface and the Proofing Tools for the language. Keep in mind that each language version of the 2007 Office system includes Proofing Tools for a set of companion languages. For example, when you deploy the English version of an Office product, users receive Proofing Tools for both Spanish and French, in addition to English. Depending on the number of user interface languages you want to deploy and the included companion languages, single language packs might provide all of the Proofing Tools you need.

For a list of companion languages, see "Identifying companion languages" in the ORK 2007 article, Deploy Proofing Tools for the 2007 Office system. If you choose to deploy Proofing Tools from a language pack, see Deploy multiple language versions of the 2007 Office system.

  • Microsoft Office Proofing Tools Kit 2007. This product contains the Proofing Tools for all of the languages available with the 2007 Office system. Use this option if you do not need the user interface for the language and you need Proofing Tools that are not included in the set of companion languages for any languages that you have installed.

Note that the Office Proofing Tools Kit 2007 is only available as part of the Microsoft Office Multilanguage Pack 2007 (it’s a three-CD set, with the MLP on two CDs and the PTK on the third). The Office Multilanguage Pack 2007 contains all of the single language packs for the 2007 Office system, in addition to the Office Proofing Tools Kit 2007. The Office Multilanguage Pack 2007 is available for purchase in major retail stores and their Web sites, as well as through Microsoft volume licensing programs.

For more information, see the ORK 2007 article, Deploy Proofing Tools for the 2007 Office system.

- Andrea Weiss


Comments (3)

  1. Andy says:

    We’re in the process of setting up our distribution point which includes Office ProPlus in addition to 13 languages from the Multilanguage Pack.  In some contries they want proofing tools alone.. Is there a way to install only the proofing tool already included with the maultilanguage pack, or do I need to place the contents of the Proofing Tools Kit up on our distribution point as well??

    Also, if I copy the CD contents of the Proofing Tools Kit to our main distribution point where Office is located, OCT bombs out if either the ProofMUI.en-us or folders are included.  Are these two folders needed?

    Thanks for your help!!

  2. Question says:

    One of the points not covered in documentation:

    Proofing tools installs an Office version of IME for Japanese/Chinese on Vista, but Vista already has its own IMEs.

    So, do I disable installing Office 2007 IMEs, or do I let them go alongside/replace the Vista ones?  Is there a difference?  Is one better than the other?

    Of are the office versions only intended for people who do not already have IME in Vista?  Seems odd having both.

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