Getting your users working with the Office 2007 Fluent UI (you know, the ribbon)

Do you need to get your users up to speed with the new Fluent UI in Office 2007? We have a resource center to help you with your training and documentation needs: Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface Resource Center. This page will help you learn more about the Fluent UI, including case studies, support requirements, and articles about customizing the ribbon. It also provides valuable training resources for your end users.

Also, be sure to check out Darren Strange's blog post, Officelabs and the search tab for Office 2007. Here's a snippet:

"...have a look at coping with change and also the ever useful Jensen Harris blog for more.  There is also some great research by Forrester on the Fluent UI and how it is adopted by Information Workers.  This research showed found that within 2 weeks users are up to speed with the new interface. Within 10 weeks users are creating documents 17% faster on average than before."

- Andrea Weiss

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