Getting your users up to speed with the 2007 Office system

There are many learning resources that you can make available to your users to help your deployment of the 2007 Office system go more smoothly. These include:

  • Office Online. Users can look up how-to information, download templates and clip art, and access many different types of learning resources.
  • Interactive User Interface Guides. These popular downloads show users where their favorite Office 2003 commands are in the new 2007 Office system interface.
  • Office Webcasts and Podcasts. These video and audio resources give your users insider tips for using Microsoft Office products. Experts walk users through ways to leverage the Microsoft Office system and make them productive in a short amount of time.
  • Office Demos. Users can learn how to get the most productivity out of Office products.
  • Basic Training. Free online courses and demos.
  • Microsoft Learning. Formal courses offered by Microsoft (fee-based).
  • Third-party courses. Formal courses offered by other companies (fee-based).

Getting Started

For starters, you can provide the following links to your users on your intranet:

- Andrea Weiss

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