Office Online – Allow people to use third-party hosted storage devices.

March 2016 Update:


We have re-enabled Dropbox Integration:


Enable third-party storage in Office 365



Problem Description:

User goes out to and signs in with an Office 365 Account.  User selects one of the office apps links on the page. The office app will try to launch in the browser and save a document into the user's OneDrive for Business site.


The user will get an error message: Sorry, we couldn't create your new document



The Go to OneDrive for Business link in the error will redirect the user to their OneDrive for Business site.  If the user clicks Try again they will be presented with the Office App template picker and will ultimately end up back at the same error message.  If the user browses directly to their OneDrive for Business site and selects New -> Document, they will be able to create a new document.  The user will also be able to open existing documents in the Office Apps from the site.



Root Cause:

In November Allow people to use third-party hosted storage services was added to Office 365 to disable Dropbox integration.  When the Dropbox Integration is disabled in the Office Portal, this also causes the users to not be able to save new documents to their OneDrive For Business sites.  Additionally it is breaking the Office Apps integration with Skype for Business.



The Tenant Admin needs to go to and enable the integration in order to restore functionality.


Service Settings -> Office Online

Set Allow people to use third-party hosted storage services to ON

Wait a few minutes for the settings to propagate and then the users should be able to save documents again.



Current Status:

The Office Apps team has temporarily disabled Dropbox integration in the service.


Add Dropbox to Office Online


This will prevent customers that don’t want to see Dropbox from seeing Dropbox in the UI when the Tenant Admin enables the integration.  A fix is in the works to enable Dropbox integration and give tenants the ability to disable the integration from will update this blog when I have an update. 

Comments (10)
  1. kim says:

    How much longer are we going to have to wait until this integration with Dropbox is fixed?

  2. Tschauer says:

    Hello Kim. I don’t have an exact date. But we are working on it right now. When I know more, I will update the blog.

  3. juls says:

    This is ridiculous. when will users be able to use office online to access dropbox files ?

  4. Niels says:

    I’d like to know within which timespan you can fix this issue. It’s almost business critical for us to use this feature.

  5. terry says:

    Sounds intentional

  6. kim says:

    Is Dropbox integration also available with office 2016?

    1. Yes, support for Office 2016 client this is provided by the Dropbox client. See the following article for details:

  7. alan says:

    How about adding Box? Have they signed up yet? Would love the ability to integrate to only Box for corporate use of Office and block other services that are free yet don’t meet corporate security standards.

    1. Box is not offered yet for Office Online integration. Box is available for integration with Office desktop client using the Box client. See this article for details:

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