What Office 2010 Language Interface Packs contain a speller?


I was asked this question a while back by Rob - What Office 2010 Language Interface Packs contain a speller?"

Well here is the full list for Office 2010 - sorry I took so long to publish it!

If your language is on this list well then by downloading the 2010 LIP for your language then you can use the speller in your language as the speller is contained in the LIP download.

Bangla (Bangladesh)
Bengali (India)
Bosnian - Latin 
Hausa - Latin 
Irish Gaelic
Macedonian (FYROM)
Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
Malay (Malaysia)
Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Persian (Farsi)
Punjabi (India)
Serbian - Cyrillic 
Sesotho sa Leboa
Tamil (India)
Uzbek - Latin 
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  1. Qutus says:

    Hi Stinkles,

    Office 2013 Language Interface Packs released last Friday for Catalan, Basque and Galician. Please see my latest blog post @ blogs.technet.com/…/office-2013-language-interface-packs-have-started-to-release-basque-catalan-amp-galician-are-now-available.aspx for links to them . I will post as soon as others are released.

    What language are you particularly interested in?


  2. Qutus says:

    Hi Matt, Once you install a German language pack then yes it is possible to switch the display language from English to German and or use the German speller (The German speller comes with the German language pack). I think you want to be able to have an
    English User Interface but be able to spell check in German. Once you install the German language pack then you just need to set the set the default language of your speller to German. You can do this buy going to the review tab of the ribbon> language > set
    proofing language > choose German in the list, set as default and click OK. From then on the speller should be set to German. I think that is what you want to do but let me know if not. Hope this helps! Qutus

  3. Qutus says:

    Hi Vilma,

    I take it you mean Office 2013. And does Office 2013 have a Spanish language pack? The answer is yes it should be available shortly. I will post here when it releases online.

    Hope this helps


  4. Qutus says:

    Hi Frederick,

    "If I get a Language pack, does that change the language of excel formulas too?"

    Answer: Ultimately it should but it would really depend on the language as not all languages have the functions localized or some of the functions may not be localized at all within a specific language .  Also if a Language pack is installed it does need to be enabled and selected as the main editing and display language in the Office Language Preferences dialog.

    Hope this helps!


  5. Qutus says:

    Hi Mr Platt,

    You need to get a German Office 2010 language pack as it contains and speller for German. Please go to office.microsoft.com/…/language-packs and choose German/Deutsch in the dropdown and  then hit the "buy now"button. It should bring you to the store to purchase the German Office 2010 language pack for €27. Once you install the German Office 2010 language pack it will then install the German speller.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Qutus says:

    Hi Stinkles, All Office 2013 language packs are now released and links to them can be found @ http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/office-language-interface-pack-lip-downloads-HA001113350.aspx Hope this helps Qutus

  7. Qutus says:

    Hi One Uygur, Urmchi,

    Unfortunately the answer is no on both fronts. Office 2013 does not have an Uyghur speller or more (I presume you mean extra or additional) Uyghur fonts. Normally fonts are always shipped in Windows rather than in Office. Both Windows 7 & 8 has an Microsoft Uighur font.

    Hope this helps!


  8. Qutus says:

    Hi Uyghur,

    The Microsoft Office 2013 LIPs have not been released yet. I will post when they start being released. Uyghur is expected to be part of the LIP language offering in late 2013.

    Hope this helps


  9. Uyghur says:

    Does Office 2013 has Uyghur Interface Package?

  10. Vilma C. says:

    Does Office 2012 have Spanish LIP?

  11. Fredrick says:


    If I get a Language pack, does that change the language of excel formulas too?

  12. One Uyghur, Urumchi says:

    Does Office 2013 has Uyghur spell checker and more Uyghur fonts?

  13. D. Platt says:

    Where can I find  a GERMAN Speller and Spellcheck for Word 2010, German is not listed in the 2010 Language Interface Pack.  Please respond to DPlatt3590@aol.com.  Thank you so much!  I am desperate to find one.

  14. Dagmar Platt - German & Technical Translation Service says:

    Good morning Qutus,

    Thank you so much for your response.  I was so worried that my whole Office Suite would turn to German.  I bought the German language pack last evening after I received your email and installed it and it works great.  (I had a German Spellcheck from a private company before -at that time I had Vista – but they do not supply it for Word 2010).

    Can't thank you enough for your help, you are soooooo smart and such a good person good and answered so quickly  – hope someday I can do something for you.  I am located in the US – Connecticut (I am from Vienna, but I am here a long time) – I do translation work (GermanTechTranslation.com).  Please let me know if you ever need anything from here or if I can help otherwise.

    Vielen Dank – thank you so much  – and best regards.

    Dagmar Platt

  15. Stinkles says:

    Hi Qutus.

    Any ETA for the LIP packages for Office 2013?

  16. Matt says:

    Hi Qutus, can I ask for another Detail related to you conversation with Dagmar? With the German language pack, would it be possible to switch an English MS Office 2010 into German Display language? Actually, this is what I would like to avoid: I got my
    son an English Suite for that he gets some extra excercise in English (we are German). He should get a German spell checker, but otherwise use the System in English. Anything you would recommend to achieve this?

  17. Matt says:

    Hi Qutus, thanks a lot for clarifying this!

  18. lloyd says:

    will the MS office language pack work in MS office 2013, MS Windows 7?

  19. Qutus says:

    Provided the Office language pack version you have is 2013 then yes it will work with Windows 7 & the Office 2013 version you have.

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