Office 2003/2007 Language Packs are no longer available!


I know a lot of people ask questions on this blog about Office Language Packs as it can be easy to mix up Office Language Packs and Office Language Interface Packs.

This blog's function was to talk about Office Language Interface Packs but I have to mention Office language packs as some questions have come in about them.

Apologies for the bad news but I have just been reliably informed that Office 2007 language packs are no longer available to buy online unfortunately.

Microsoft no longer offers Office 2003 or 2007 Language packs for retail purchase as of July 2011.

Please note Office 2010 language packs will not work with other versions of Office (XP,2003, 2007 etc.)

If you are an Office 2003 or 2007 user and you wish to use a language pack you will need to purchase/upgrade to the Office 2010 version (either Office Home and Student, Office Home and
Business or Office Professional) in your language and then purchase an Office 2010 language pack to install over your version  of Office 2010.

Office 2010 language packs are available for purchase today on Microsoft Office Online in 37 languages. Just choose your language in the dropdown.

Please note: It is business as usual for Office Language Interface Packs, Microsoft still releases them for free here!

For Office 2010, Language Interface Packs are now available in 57 languages.

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  1. Qutus says:

    Hi André,

    I think this is a Service Pack 1 for the Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack product.

    More information on it can be found @…/843187 . It is not a full Office 2003 Language Pack. It is just a small update to the Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack product from what I can gather.

    Hope this helps


  2. Marco De Micheli says:

    Sehr gute Information, bin froh, das zu wissen.

    Redaktor HR Blog "Know-how und News zum Personalwesen"

  3. Aigars says:

    Been looking for this information all over the net. thanks for clearing that out for me. that's quite bad that they don't offer these packs anymore. ;/

  4. Jvand says:

    And they say Apple manipulates its clients to continually upgrade….!?!? Not too pleased about this, really.

  5. Sven says:

    Finally! I was looking for this on MS webpage. Put found just confusing and partial answers. Thank you so much.

  6. Ahick says:

    Very poor of Microsoft really.  We didn't *need* the language pack but were happy to pay for it.  However, not happy to upgrade to the next version of Office for this purpose, so Microsoft has lost out on our money.

  7. Intrepid says:

    Incredible in this modern and globalized age that microsoft tries to squeeze its clients this way… twice. I bought a top computer in russia only to realise it only carries windows in ukrainian and russian (which i cannot even read). wy would you do that in 2012 when people travale and work everywhere? 😉 and can i hange it? nope, need to buy ultimate for 50% of the cost of the computer. and now i face the same for my old office version. moving to iOffice,,,

  8. Peter says:

    Finally I got the news. I looked invain for it for hours. Thanks a lot!

  9. nicola says:

    Thank you, neither windows nor office websites gave this information , I have been searching for hours!

  10. Appelonia says:

    This sucks! Had to buy a new computer in Mexico and that came with Spanish Windows and Spanish Office. Why don't they make at least the English language available for free? If I had known I might have switched to Apple after all. Seriously, I totally agree with Intrepid. If anyone knows of a illegal way to obtain a LIP then I am very interested, since I cannot buy it through the legal channel.

  11. André says:

    So, could please someone explain this then?…/details.aspx

  12. Pidunk says:

    Miscroswipe — we use our customers as guinea pigs, we force purchases for your own good, and rearrange software to make you learn all over again to do the same things you always tried to do…

  13. Office2003\Office2007 laguage we can upgrade it with office365 language.

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