Is there an English Office Language Interface Pack?


I get asked quite a lot on this blog "Where can I find an English Office 2010 Language Interface Pack?" or  "I have German Office 2010, how can I change my User Interface to English?".

The short answer is no, Microsoft does not provide an English Office 2010 Language Interface Pack (LIP) or for any other earlier versions for that matter.

Microsoft does however provide an English Office 2010 Language Pack but you have to buy it for about $25 or £20.

You get much more in an Office Language pack than you do in an Office Language interface pack.

An Office Language Interface pack allows you to change the User Interface language for only 5 applications:Excel, Onenote (only in 2010), Outlook, Powerpoint & Word and in most languages it comes with  a spell checker.

An Office Language pack has a lot more in it namely:

  • You can change the User Interface for nearly every office application (not just 5) into the language you purchased the language pack for.
  • You can change the User assistance or help files for nearly every office application into the language you purchased the language pack for.
  • You will have a spell checkers as well as other proofing tools such as Autocorrect lists,grammar checkers in the language you purchased the language pack for.

For a full list of what the difference is between a language pack and a LIP please visit this blog post.

You can buy a English Office 2010 Language Pack from this site. And for the Office Language pack features and benefits summary please read this article.


I hope this helps!


Comments (40)

  1. Qutus says:

    Hi Dime,

    Your versions of Office always need to match. An Office 2013 full version will not work with a previous version language pack such as an Office 2010 language pack.

    If I understand you correctly you have an Office 2013 German version and you are wondering if you need to download and install an Office 2013 English Language Pack so you can switch your Office 2013 User Interface and help from German to English as well as availaing of different language proofing tools? The answer is yes – you need to do download and install it.. You can download it from the link you provided above…/vip.true

    And the Proofing tools table you refer to above @…/office-2010-suites-localized-versions-HA101828838.aspx  remains constant  for the languages English and German in Office 2013- the languages you are enquiring about. German Office 2013 (full version or language pack) ships with proofing tools for German, English, French and Italian. English Office 2013 (full version or languages pack) ships with proofing tools for English, French and Spanish.

    I am not sure if I am answering your question so if not let me know here.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Qutus says:

    Hi Marek,

    So I take it you have Office 2003 German? The honest answer is you cannot switch from German Office 2003 to English 2003. Office 2003 is 8 years old and Microsoft do not sell English language packs for 2003 anymore I am afraid which is what you need. So your only option is to upgrade to Office 2010 English version.The Home and Student product for 2010 has word, excel, powerpoint and onenote. But it costs money ~£100. You can get it from here…/Office-Home-and-Student-2010-1-PC-1-user

  3. Qutus says:

    Hi Reginald,

    You can still purchase an English Office 2010 Language Pack from this location –…/search.true ?

    Hope this helps


  4. Qutus says:

    Hi Matt, Sorry for not realising this sooner and informing you but Microsoft fixed this a few months after it happened last year. You can now purchase Office 2010 language packs from any Microsoft online country store without the need for a US billing
    address. They listened to your feedback! Hope this helps Qutus

  5. Qutus says:


    I presume when you say you have the English version installed you mean you have Windows 8 (UK English). Unfortunately Microsoft Office 2010 does not have a UK English version. And Outlook is part of Office. There is no tool to correct it. So yes you could log it as a bug to Microsoft to correct.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Qutus says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for highlighting this and my apologies for this poor customer experience – it is not good enough. I am aware of the issue and am following up with the owners of this within Microsoft. Please bear with me. I will let you know as soon as this is resolved.



  7. Qutus says:

    Hi Sohan, I am not 100% sure what it is exactly you want to change but I will try my best. If you want the user interface to be English then you will need to purchase & install an English Office 2010 language pack from
    . The reason why Access is in English in your current installation is that Microsoft never translated Access into Hindi for Office 2010. Hope this helps! Qutus

  8. Qutus says:

    Hi Adam,

    While we do not offer an English LIP, we do offer an English Language Pack for Office 2010 so that people who wish the use the Office 2010 in English can do so. Details of this can be found in the above blog post. Sorry I could not be of more help!


  9. Qutus says:

    Hi Lo,

    I do not believe the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Home Use Program comes with all or multiple languages preinstalled. Office normally only ships in one language . If you want others then you need to either purchase a language pack or download a free Language Interface pack and install them over your original version.

    Have you tried changing your Microsoft Office 2010 language preferences? Can you please follow steps 6-12 on this page…/installing-and-configuring-the-office-2010-language-interface-pack-lip.aspx  and let me know what options you actually see and what you think should be there? What language was your original installation of Office 2010 in? I presume it was French. What language do you want to change the Excel User Interface to? I presume English. If you do not see English in the Microsoft Office 2010 language preferences then I am thinking you need to purchase an English Language Pack.



  10. Qutus says:

    Hi Tipep,

    "Is it possible to change the interface language in Outlook to English without changing it for other Office programs? "

    Unfortunately the answer is no. When you go into All programs | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office 2010 tools | Microsoft Office 2010 language preferences and change display language the change made is across all office applications installed. You cannot change language on a per application basis.

    Not the answer you were looking for I am afraid,


  11. adam says:

    Can I ask why you dont offer an English LIP when you do for a huge variety of other languages? This renders your product completely useless for a significant number of English speaking users who are provided a version of Office in a different language.

    I am downloading OpenOffice as we speak 🙁

  12. marek says:

    Hello I just got a OneNote 2003 but the LIP is in German, I don't speak a word in German, how can I switch it to English?

  13. Lo says:

    Hi Qutus,

    I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Home Use Program (All Languages).

    So I expect to be able to use any Office program in any language I desire.

    However in Excel, only "french" and "default system language" are selectable for user interface.

    Even though my OS (Win7 32 bits) is in English and "system language" is selected, Excel remains in French!

    How can I make the other languages be available?

  14. Incorrect spelling in Outlook says:


    We have noticed in Outlook 2010, the word cancelled is spelt canceled. We have English (English, not US) version installed i.e. colour, favourite etc. Is there a tool to correct the spelling or do we have to log it with MS as a bug?


  15. Tipep says:


    My client is French speaking, has a french Win 7 operating system and French Office 2010 interface. We have IMAPed her email account at GoDaddy to Outllook 2010 and while the mail boxes are synching we get the followingconstant error message popping up:  "Your IMAP server wishes to alert you of the following : Folder name contained invalid charaters or is only spaces". This seems to be because the Inbox in Outlook is named in French by default and there is no way to change it, and GoDaddy's interface is only in English. Is it possible to change the interface language in Outlook to English without changing it for other Office programs?

  16. Tipep says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was pretty sure that's what you were going to say. I guess I'll have to go the old fashioned way and POP her, excuse the pun, lol.

  17. Dime says:

    With "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013" just released globally into the Home Use Program, the question arises anew whether a German Office (2013) user interface and help system can now be switched to (much more concise) English without the need for an additional Language Interface Pack (yet to be made available according to…/office-language-interface-pack-lip-downloads-HA001113350.aspx) or Language Pack (there is one this time at…/vip.true).

    Does the table…/office-2010-suites-localized-versions-HA101828838.aspx from Office 2010 still apply or have the languages included changed in 2013 anyhow?

    The German rather than the (U.S.) English version would be preferred simply for its additional spell checker (AKA "proofing tools") required for that language (recently redefined as in "Schlechtschreibreform", pour les initiés) in addition to English and French.

  18. reginald says:

    Why we cannot longer get an English LIP for Office 2010? Are we just being 'forced' to upgrade to 2013?

  19. reginald says:

    Thanks a lot Qutus, this is a big relief for me!



  20. Matt says:

    The Office 2010 language packs are only still available for customers with a US billing address.

    I don't have one, so Microsoft have left international customers with no options at all. Poor effort.

  21. Matt says:

    Appreciated Qutus. It's crazy that only a month after the release of Office 2013, all language options for 2010 have been discontinued for non-US customers.

  22. Sohan Ranjan says:

    I had purchased MS Office 2010 Hindi without knowing the issue of the language interface. As per your blog, I set English to be the default, still the interface language remains in Hindi. When I click on "View display language installed for each Microsoft
    Office program", I see English for Access only, and Hindi for all others. How do I change?

  23. tofoo says:

    This is such a bad way to create value. Why is it that people have to pay extra for MICROSOFT OFFICE to have its interface in English?

    This would be one way someone who buys a computer with preloaded microsoft software would be driven to download pirated copies, just so that they can use the program that they have paid for -> in English and not some other language.

  24. Libre Officer says:

    Yeah, we respect those rare MS strategists who help us in making our Open Office products more and more popular. Anyway, we are glad 😉 Perhaps Linux and Mac as well.

  25. Qutus says:

    Tofoo, Libre Officer,
    I will share your feedback with the relevant folks in Microsoft.

  26. Dean says:

    I’m working in a Chinese school as an English teacher, they ‘so thoughtfully’ provide English teachers with a computer…. in Chinese with office also in Chinese. There are limited things I can do by guess work but a language pack would really help me
    work – half tempted to bring in my own computer (GRRR).

  27. Elizabeth says:

    hi , when I dowloaded office 2013 it wouldn’t let me choose english as default language and now i have it in latvian and do not speak a word of it, have you got an english language pack for word 2013 ?

  28. Qutus says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I am going to need some more information in order to help you. Can you please tell me where you downloaded Office 2013 from? the exact link. And what did you download – a full version of Office 2013 or something else? There is an English
    language pack available for Office 2013. What country are you located in? Thanks Qutus

  29. Hector Vicencio says:

    So if so many users need an Office 2013 English LIP, how come MS’s best answer is "You’re out of luck?" Whatever happened to caring for your customers?

  30. Qutus says:

    Hi Hector,
    There is a solution out there for people wanting to change their Office User Interface language to English. People can purchase a Office 2013 language pack for about $25. For differences between an Office language pack and an Office language Interface pack
    please see this post . While the content is for 2010 it holds for the most part on Office 2013.
    Hope this helps!

  31. N says:

    Hey, I bought a office home 2013 and its only in german….. I found the LIPS list but there is no english nor even german. I dont quite understand how Microsoft over saw english LIP as a huge amount of customers can speak english. I only found a english
    language pack which actually costs money which I dont have. All what I need is what is provided free to other countries. I know that the paid english pack is probably for a new word too, but I cant even think about buying a whole new office when I already
    have one, please help : (

  32. Qutus says:

    Hi N, I wish I could help. Your only option is to purchase the Office 2013 language pack for $25. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  33. mukesh says:


    "Where can I find an English Office 2010 Language Interface Pack? I have office 2010 that is i purchased from japan so it is in Japanese language.can you please tell me what should i do?

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  35. Carmela says:

    For example, is the LIP for the text that I type into Microsoft Word, or is the LIP to change the language in the settings of the whole program (i.e. Functions, controls)? I have Microsoft Office 2007, but in Korean. I can still type in English, but I
    want to change all the commands/functions/controls into the English language. Does the LIP do that?

  36. Lynn says:

    I have 2013 Office Home & Student in/for Arabic (and the 2013 English language pack) and I’d like to be able to use it in English for working (eg., writiing) in English. Given Arabic is written in its own character set and from right to left instead of
    left to right, would the English language pack switch these and all other such features too? Anything else I should know about? Thanks.

  37. Qutus says:

    Hi Mukesh, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Office 2010 English Language pack (which is what you need) is no longer on sale from the Microsoft store.

  38. Qutus says:

    Hi Carmela, the LIP stands for Language Interface Pack. And to answer your question no it does not do what you want it to ("I want to change all the commands/functions/controls into the English language.)" . Ideally you want an English Office 2007 Language
    Pack which unfortunately is not for sale anymore.

  39. Qutus says:

    Hi Lynn, you on the right track. Provided you have both your language installed you should have a look at the "Office 2013 Language Preferences" (you can find it on the start menu or search for it). It determines certain language settings.The setting at
    the top of that dialog editing language determines the language you wish to type in. So you could choose English or Arabic. On the bottom left (display language) you could for instance set the display language as English and that will change your User Interface
    ( file menu, ribbons, commands) to English. On the bottom right that list allows you to choose the help language displayed. You should decide what are the best settings for you. Hope this helps!

  40. jenna says:

    There does not seem to be any 2010 language packs for download nd it says they have been discontinued?…is there any other way to get it or should i return my computer which is in thai?

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