Saving and opening the Office LIP 2010 help chm file

I have got a request in to tell people how to download and open the help chm file that ships on the download site for Office 2010 LIPs.

In the case below I am using Catalan as an example of how to download and open the help file in question:

Go to the download page and click the download button for the zipped help file ( in the case of Catalan the name of the zip file is

It will give you the option to "Do you want to open or save the from

Choose the save and then save as button and save to a location on your hard that is easy to remember (e.g. your hard drive C:\)

Now double click on the zip file

And extract the file to the same location

Now right click on the Office2010LipHelp-ca-es.chm file and choose properties

Now this is most important, On the general tab click unblock and then apply

Go back to the chm file at your saved location and double click to open.

The file will launch

Please note you will not get help to display in Catalan by hitting F1.It will always remain in the base language of your original Office 2010 installation.

You always need to open the chm file at the location you saved it in order to view Catalan help file.

 I hope this helps! 


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