Nynorsk, Persian, Urdu, Uzbek & Welsh Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIPs) go live!

5 more Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (Nynorsk, Persian, Urdu, Uzbek & Welsh) have gone live in the last month.

You can download them from the following locations:






These LIPs allow you to change your Office User Interface to the languages above in the following Office 2010 applications: Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. They also allow you to use the speller in these languages.

For instructions on how to install them please go to this page on my blog.

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  1. Qutus says:

    Hi Weis,

    There was a Pashto Language Interface pack released for Office 2003. You can find it @ http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx.


  2. Qutus says:

    Hi ITL,

    Are you sure the English version is 2010 and the Welsh LIP version is 2010?

    And does this person have any addons installed on their English version of Officre 2010?

    Let me know as we have not heard of this issue before.


  3. Qutus says:

    Hi Iqbal,

    If you are referring to the Tajiki language spoken in Tajikistan then we currently do not provide an Office Language Interface Pack for it unfortunately. It may well be considered for the next version of Office so I would check back here in a couple of years to see if it has been created.

  4. Qutus says:

    Hi Sam,

    There are numerous reasons why the persian calendar is not possible to support currently. Most of them are called out in this blog blogs.msdn.com/…/6779614.aspx

    Sorry I cannot be of more help!


  5. Qutus says:

    Hi Muhammad Ahmed, I will pass on your feedback to the fonts team inside Microsoft. Regards Qutus

  6. Qutus says:


    This page is back online now. Apologies for any inconvenience!


  7. Problem downloading Persian package says:

    I encountered "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found." when I was downloading the Persian package.

    Link is broken.

  8. ITL says:

    Installing the Welsh language pack for a friend has led to Office 2010 instability, Word only starts in safe mode other apps are similar.  Removing the pack and restarting office in English corrects the problem.  Any suggestions

  9. Sam Irani says:

    (error in 12-Esfand) Correcting days number.

    I need Persian Calendar (Jalali Calendar). because we using Jalali Calendar in Iran.

    Month Of Jalali Calendar is:

    1- فروردین Farvardin            (31 days)    1 Farvardin = 21 Mach  ,  31 Farvardin = 20 April

    2- اردیبهشت Ordibehesht     (31 days)    1 Ord = 21 April  ,  31 Ord= 21 May

    3- خرداد Khordad                   (31 days)    1 Kho = 22 may

    4- تیر Tir                                (31 days)     1 Tir = 22 June

    5- مرداد Mordad                      (31 days)     1 Mor = 23 July

    6- شهریور Shahrivar             (31 days)     1 Sha = 23 August

    7- مهر Mehr                            (30 days)     1 Meh = 23 September

    8- آبان Aban                             (30 days)     1 Aba = 23 October

    9- آذر Azar                               (30 days)     1 Aza = 22 November

    10- دی Dey                              (30 days)     1 Dey = 22 December

    11- بهمن Bahman                   (30 days)     1 Bah = 21 January

    12- اسفند Esfand                      (29 days & Per 4 Years 30 days)     1 Esf = 20 February

    in Excel & Access more is need. Persian Language speak in Iran (Persia), North Of Iraq & Syria, Afghanistan, Part Of Uzbekistan, west Of China (oyghooristan), Tajikistan. & Part's south Persian Gulf.

  10. Weis Tokhi says:

    Is there any plan to release support for Pashto language, which is the main and official language of Afghanistan?.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. iqbal says:

    Is there any language interface pack released for tajiki i mean "krele" ?

    or even is there plan to be done


  12. Weis Tokhi says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I heard the Office 2010 had Pashto, I was tempted to purchase it. Now I am glad I didn't. Thanks again.

  13. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    It will be better if installation also adds better urdu fonts like:

    Jameel Noori Nastaleeq

    Nafees Nastaleeq

    It is unlikely that someone will prefer the default Windows or Office Fonts for writing in Urdu

  14. Saied says:

    Hi Qutus
    I would like to know if you can help me with buying office . I will use it to write Danish, English also writing in Persian.

  15. Qutus says:

    Hi Saied,
    Do you have a version of Office already on your machine or are you looking to purchase a version of Office? What country do you live in? If you can give me more details I can be more specific with my answer.

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