Linked SharePoint metadata columns can’t be edited in version 16.0.7167.2040+ of Office client applications


**This issue is now resolved, in build 16.0.7369.2054.


Managed metadata SharePoint document properties can not be edited in the rich client Office applications starting in build 16.0.7167.2040, this is a defect and not by design.

Screen shot of working (prior to 7167)


Not working (7167+)



Roll back the Office 2016 client to a version prior to 7167 or edit the properties with the SharePoint UI.

Current Status:

The product group is actively working on this issue right now, check back to this blog post for updates.

Comments (1)

  1. Steve Longenecker says:

    I have Build 7571.2109, and I don’t see the SP columns listed at all (never mind being able to edit them) when I save my document to my SP library. The metadata fields I should see simply aren’t there. Is the bug back in a different form? Or am I missing something?

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