SharePoint “Import Spreadsheet” App fails with error “An unexpected error has occurred. (-2147352567)”


You are using the SharePoint "Import Spreadsheet" App and when the "Import" button on the web page is clicked this error is shown in the web browser:

"An unexpected error has occurred.  (-2147352567)"



Security restrictions are preventing the web page from starting and using Excel.exe.



Delete or modify this registry value:


This policy setting controls whether macros can run in an Office application that is opened programmatically by another application.

If you enable this policy setting, you can choose from three options for controlling macro behavior in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word when the application is opened programmatically:

- Disable macros by default [3] - All macros are disabled in the programmatically opened application.

- Macros enabled (default) [1] - Macros can run in the programmatically opened application. This option enforces the default configuration in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

- User application macro security level [2] - Macro functionality is determined by the setting in the "Macro Settings" section of the Trust Center.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, when a separate program is used to launch Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word programmatically, any macros can run in the programmatically opened application without being blocked.

Comments (3)

  1. Nelson Nomura says:

    Hello. I have the problem described in this post. However, when I look at my registry, I don’t have a Security folder under the Common folder. What should I do? Thanks

  2. Dwayne says:

    Is this fix done on the workstation or the SharePoint server?

  3. Karthik says:

    I also don’t have security folder. But still getting error

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