Office 2016 Click To Run 16.0.6528.1017 can crash IE 11 when protected mode is enabled

**UPDATED on 5/4/2016 ***


You have Office 2016 Click to Run installed version 16.0.6528.1017 (March 16, 2016 first release channel) or greater and IE11 and your SharePoint side is in an IE security zone that has Protected Mode turned on.

When the above is true and you navigate to some SharePoint web pages (like a list), IE will crash.


This is a bug.



Disable protected mode in the IE security zone.

Current Status:

This issue should be resolved in build 16.0.6911.1000 or later of Office.

Comments (1)

  1. Chris says:

    This appears to be resolved with the 1605-2 update.

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