Office 2013 opens .ppsx files in PowerPoint instead of slide show mode


User opens a .ppsx file from SharePoint or other network location and the file opens in PowerPoint full application.  Users want the file to open in Slide show mode.



This behavior can be modified by making a registry change.

**Registry changes can be dangerous if not done correctly, you assume all risks for editing the registry.


Open Regedit.exe

Navigate to Key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PowerPoint.Show.12"

edit value BrowserFlags

Set the value to be 8


The possible values are

a = open in edit mode

8 = open in show mode in new window

0 = open in show mode   - this opens in the browser, I would not recommend this, the power point process could possibly get stuck and stay running even after the slide show ended.

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  1. paul says:

    I think what people want is something in the ppsx file not a fix that requires each recipient of the ppsx to have to change their registry.

    1. Theo says:

      Somehow I have solved it.

      I went to the properties of a file saved as .ppsx which would open in power point in the edit mode instead of opening as a slide show.
      In the properties I went to Change how it opens then clicked on Power Point and clicked apply and OK. I saw that the icon had changed slightly and saw that the icons of all my .ppsx files had slightly changed and all the .ppsx files now open as a slide show and no longer in PP as an edit file.

      Don’t know what happened but think that when you work in Power Point and save the file as a.ppsx it really does not save it as a.ppsx but as a .pptx (as it says it must in the Options in the PP program!!) by changing how it opens afterwards it has magically adopted the.ppsx and changed all the files with that suffix to open as shows! Think it bypasses the glitch in the actual programme where it states in Options – Save that it must save as a presentation with no alternative such as a show.

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