Delay with File menu item in Office 2013 application

You may experience a long delay where an Office 2013 application seems to hang for a number of seconds when you click on the File menu item, for example when trying to access the Save options for a Word or Excel file:



Clicking on File should bring up the Backstage view, where you can manage your files and related data by creating or saving files or setting options:



In cases where it takes a long time for the Backstage to appear, the application may be trying to contact a network location such as OneDrive, and network latency could cause the application to hang for a number of seconds. If you are consistently experiencing this symptom, and you are not using OneDrive, you can resolve the issue be enabling the following option: File > Options > Save > Don't show the Backstage when opening or saving files



With this setting enabled, the File menu should show up immediately. Instead of getting a Backstage view when clicking Save or Open, you will be presented with a classic Open or Save dialog box instead:




In order to implement this setting on all computers in your organization, you can use a registry key to enable this option. Configure the registry key below with a value of 1. Create the SkipOpenAndSaveAsPlace key as a DWORD value if it does not already exist.

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\General\SkipOpenAndSaveAsPlace


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  1. So you resolve the issue by not using the default settings. Seems like a workaround. I don’t think the issue is resolved after you changed the setting.

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