"Couldn't open https://<path>/_vti_history/Shared Documents/filename"



When opening Office files from the version history in SharePoint, users receive a message “Couldn't open https://<path>/_vti_history/Shared Documents/filename.




The "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" was enabled in IE under the Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab or via Group Policy.






Uncheck the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" setting.




By default, the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option is unchecked (except for Windows Server systems).


The purpose of "Do not save encrypted pages to disk":


In IE9, this option does exactly what it says it does—resources received from HTTPS URLs are not placed in the Temporary Internet Files Cache and temporary files are not created for these resources. This option is universal for HTTPS responses.


In IE10 or above, the option behaves differently. Instead of trying to prevent HTTPS resources from being saved to disk, the option will delete cached-from-HTTPS resources from the cache when the browser is closed. This helps ensure that the browser works correctly even when this setting is enabled.

Comments (2)
  1. Jeremy Esposito says:

    This setting will cause previous versions of Office documents from opening. (from a SharePoint Online document library with versioning enabled).
    – You have a document library with versioning enabled that contains Office documents. You are using internet explorer.
    – Select a document (which has a few versions), click ellipse (…), select version history
    – Click the latest version, the office documents will open with no issues in the associated Office application
    – Click on any previous version of the document. The associated Office application will fail to open the doc and throw an error stating “Sorry, we couldn’t open file (file path)”
    – This only happens with Office documents.

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