Office 365 Click to Run and App-V 5 SP2 "Edit Document requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application and web browser" error when opening documents from SharePoint

Issue:  (Updated 2/17/2016)

Office 365 Click to Run and App-V 5 SP2 are installed on same computer.

Users try to pick document menu item "Edit in Microsoft XXX" where XXX is an Office application name.

Users get error "Edit Document requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application and web browser"

Repair install of Office does not resolve the problem.



The Office IE add-ons and App-V 5 SP2 are do not work together at the moment.



If iexplore.exe is removed from the registry key value ProcessesUsingVirtualComponents  under key:


The issue goes away, the side effects of this action are listed below:

The registry value that toggles this on or off is EnableDynamicVirtualization. In addition, those processes that are specified for this feature are listed in the ProcessesUsingVirtualComponents registry value located in the same key. By default, Explorer.exe and Internet Explorer are listed there.

Dynamic Virtualization has a limited scope of interaction designed for features introduced in App-V Service Pack 2.

This leads to an important statement: Just because the application is hooked, doesn’t always mean it is running virtualized if it appears as a process under the ProcessesUsingVirtualComponents registry value. This will be done at the thread level. When an ActiveX OCX or a DLL that implements a shell extension is loaded from a native process or a process from another virtual application, App-V generates an additional virtual environment on demand linking the package containing the OCX or DLL with the process. Then dynamic virtualization is turned on for that particular thread. Once the thread exits, dynamic virtualization is turned off. If the said thread with dynamic virtualization spawns another thread, that thread too will be virtualized.

****When you turn off the Dynamic Virtualization and remove the Executable paths from the above configuration you will lose the functionality described above.****

Most of the above details came from the below blogs and App-V documentation:

  3. About App-V 5.0 SP2:
  4. About Client Configuration Settings:

Current Status:

Use the workaround if at all possible.

If you run into the situation where you need App-V to function inside of Internet Explorer, say for your own custom IE add-ins that require App-V, in this case please contact Microsoft technical support and get help from the Office support team.


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  1. Kazzan says:

    Just about weeks about we run into this issue. So I look to solutions.

  2. No App-V 5 SP3 does not resolve the issue.

  3. Chris Blanckaert says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a case open at Microsoft O365 support for this issue for a while now, so I’m glad to find this information and status update.

  4. Tim Hunt says:

    Is this resolved in App-V 5 SP3?

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