Word (and other Office apps) freeze when opening documents from SharePoint online (SPO)


Word and other Office apps appear to hang or freeze, just a blank nonfunctional grey screen is shown when opening files from SharePoint Online (SPO) in the rich client apps.


The registry key:


DWORD value signinoptions 

was set to a too restrictive option for your environment.

The value of 0 is the least restrictive and can be used if you are having this problem.

0 - Don't block any sign in UI.

1 - Allow Live ID sign in UI only.

2 - Allow Org ID sign in UI. 

3 - Block all sign in UI. only.

4- Allow both Org and Live



Set the "signinoptions" registry value to 0.

Comments (1)

  1. Dennis says:

    The SignIn DWORD value is not present in my registry. Should it be created? Using Office 2013 ProPlus.

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