No options to Sync a OneNote Notebook to an on-premises SharePoint Server


When Syncing OneNote 2013 notebooks to SharePoint Server for the first time you do not have the option to save these to an on-premises SharePoint Site.


You will need to first save to "My Computer" and input the SharePoint server URL. After this you will have a new location titled "Other Web Locations".

When you open OneNote 2013 for the first time it will prompt you to connect to the cloud. You can close this with the X in the corner if you do not want to connect to the cloud.

Select your update Settings.

When trying to open a Notebook from SharePoint Server you do not have any options for an on-premise site.  You only have SharePoint Online or OneDrive. 

This also happens when you attempt to create a new Notebook. You need to select "Computer", Type a name for your new Notebook and click on "Create in a different folder".

Type in the URL of your SharePoint Site.

Browse to the Document Library where you would like to store your new OneNote Notebook, give your Notebook a name and click "Create".

You now have a new option called "Other Web Locations" when attempting to open or create new Notebooks.

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  1. @ Azarro, I do not believe the free client is able to sync against SharePoint On Premises Servers

  2. briped says:

    David put it so eloquently that I’ll just add my +1 😉

  3. azarro says:

    Hi, is this possible to do with the free OneNote 2013 client? I´m trying to create a notebook in our on-premise Sharepoint 2010 but I only get an error (translated from Czech) "This version of OneNote only allows you to create notebooks in Microsoft OneDrive"

  4. Kevin Walters says:

    Hi, This is a critical feature that is missing in OneNote. Enterprises with on premise sharepoint that are trying to utilize the OneNote sharing, especially through Lync… absolutely require this button to always be available. Please Microsoft… issue
    a hotfix to this problem. It is ludicrous that you have to go through this procedure to enable it!

  5. Tim McGuire says:

    Damn Dave! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? 🙂

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