"To export a list, you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application."


You receive message "To export a list, you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application"  when trying to export a list from SharePoint.


You have multiple versions of Office installed on your workstation (Office 2013 and Office 2010  or Office 2007).



  • Using Control Panel, Programs and Features window, locate existing instance of Office 2013 application, select it and click on  Change button.
  • In the “Change your installation of …” window, select the “Add or Remove Features” option and click Continue.
  • Expand the “Office Tools”, select “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support” and then select the “Not Available” option, Click  Continue.

  • Once the change process is complete, click the Office 2007 or Office 2010 instance and choose “Change”
  • In the “Change your installation of …” window, select the “Repair” option and click Continue.
  • Once Repair complete, Restart your computer

NOTE:  This solution doesn't apply to scenarios when the following 2013 applications are installed:  SharePoint Designer, OneNote or InfoPath

To  export a list from SharePoint when SharePoint Designer, OneNote or InfoPath is installed, go into the registry by typing regedit from the Run line and rename the SharePoint.OpenDocuments.5 key (ex. SharePoint.OpenDocuments.5.old) under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

** This key will be added back to the registry anytime you run a Repair/Update of the Office 2013 program and will be have to renamed/deleted again.


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  1. Michael Malloy says:

    Would you please be so kind as to provide an actual fix for this? We shouldn’t have to modify the registry in order to export to Excel. That’s what I call a horrible user experience. Have your User Experience manager give me a jingle @ michaelkmalloy@yahoo.com

  2. Sys Admin says:

    Please *actually* fix this.

  3. Duane Aho says:

    I found that this error occurred when using Google chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m. I also have Office 2013 installed including OneNote…attempted regedit, and it didn’t fix the problem. I attempted to test it in IE 11 and it worked fine..also note that
    I have Windows 8.1 64 bit. Removed the regedit that was recommended since it didin’t fix the problem with google chrome….guess I’ll just have to do this in IE from now on.

    1. Karen says:

      This fixed it for me.
      Thank you.

    2. Alex Oro says:

      Duane Aho, thank you!! IE11 worked.

  4. Duncan says:

    Awful this is why I am getting rid on Sharepoint have been using and supporting for years and its a real nasty product.

  5. John John says:

    And they say that the cigarette companies are the ones whose customers have heart attacks and die from using their products.

  6. Yogander Dwivedi says:

    Has this been fixed?

    This post is from February 2014, and I am getting this error today (11/19/2014). What is the status can someone please update? Thx!

  7. Scott A says:

    I too am getting this error on a users laptop. The funny thing is; he has not had an issue exporting lists from Sharepoint until today…

    As Yogander has asked, any update on a fix?

  8. Glen S. says:

    Article is published in Feb of 2014 and factually incorrect. I am wondering if MS is verifying published solutions at all. However, I am mostly wondering: almost 1 year after the issue is identified – do we have a fix for the issue?

  9. Mark H says:

    Have Office 2010 SP2 installed, removed SharePoint Foundation support from Lync 2013 Basic client and checked I have no SharePoint.OpenDocuments.5 key in my HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT but still get the same error. A real fix would be appreciated!

  10. TMiq says:

    Dear Microsoft, Please provide some sort of status on this issue. Our users/customers would really appreciate it.

    If anyone found out anything on this, please post it. We all will be grateful to you.

  11. William Summers says:

    None of these worked. Garbage. Just another in a long list of bad User Experience using MS products…

  12. William Summers says:

    UPDATE. So I am not certain what did it but this is what I did…. I did not find the key: SharePoint.OpenDocuments.5 key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT but I only found 1. I named it to SharePoint.OpenDocuments.5.old.

    Then, I went into SP designer because even though above it states that SP Designer 2013 has nothing to do with this it is the ONLY application I installed so I did the Control panel>programs>Designer 2013 and disabled it as stated above.

    Then I did a repair on office 2010.

    Then rebooted and excel exports as it should

    SIGH…but I cannot do anything with access yet so still looking into that. If you follow these instructions I would try to do one at a time and post what worked for you to save other users time and trouble. Also, MS get your act together…

  13. William Summers says:

    Sorry, I should have pointed out that I just did a search of the entire registry and I cannot remember which group I found it under but it wasn’t the one suggested in the article above.

  14. Dave C. says:

    Look at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTSharePoint.OpenDocumentsCurVer, to see which of the key’s is ‘active’. Mine said SharePoint.OpenDocuments.4 was current version, so that’s the one to rename.

  15. Kate Oakley says:

    FYI: I just received this error today. I was using Chrome. I tried it in Internet Explorer and it worked. Just wanted to let everyone know of this shortcut in the meantime while they try to find a fix for it!

  16. NW says:

    Thanks Ms. Oakley, it worked in IE!!

  17. Garry says:

    Yup, I got this as well, probably an incompatibility between the 64 bit and 32 bit versions of either SharePoint or MS Access. But you know what, I no longer care, I have wasted so much time on SharePoint and the incompatibilities and it not being a "real"
    database and it slowing down after a 1000 items in a list and and and and and and, time for my company to tap out, we are done. As an executive for another company and owning several of my own I can say that Microsoft has lost touch with what users want, it
    seems they assume either that all business people are IT professionals instead of business people, or they assume that this is just how software is supposed to be "developed", which I would argue. Not creating a robust stable platform that does not require
    the end user to spend more time trying to fix errors and figure out compatibility between MS’s own products than using the actual tool is just ludicrous and a recipe for disaster. Microsoft your Titanic corporation appears to be heading for an iceberg and
    you have lost your agility to avoid it. Let the MS alternatives analysis begin…

  18. Mike L. _ says:

    Why do we have to go through all of this when you can include the fix with one of your office updates!! I have tried both options and it didn’t work in our environment.

    Please fix this issue asap.

  19. Tarek says:

    Sp2 is installed on all our 290 computers, and the issue is still there. For the second solution, how are we suppose to apply it on all computers? Should we assign an IT person to go to each computer and manually apply the steps!! Microsoft, please provide
    a permanent fix. This is just ridiculous!

  20. Richard Knuckey says:

    Thanks Kate. Yes, for once IE works.

  21. nameGoesHere says:

    bullshit! i have not muliple but NO version of office installed, it’s a server, what would i want with office on that?

    fix your software instead of blaming the user.

  22. Katia Benedetti says:

    I opened in Internet Explorer browse and the problem solver to me.

  23. Wilson says:

    This is horrible support!!!!!

  24. Dan Israelson says:

    There’s a hotfix for this issue for both 32-bit and 64-bit Office 2010:


    Be sure that Office 2010 Service Pack 2 is installed first, and be sure to select the correct platform (32-bit/x86 or 64-bit/x64) depending on your copy of Office 2010.


  25. Dan Israelson says:

    I should specify that the above hotfix resolved the error with opening a SharePoint list in Access 2010 specifically. I can’t speak for any other Office 2010 products.

  26. Heidi Burrows says:

    From IE this has just worked fine, but Chrome disables lots of Sharepoint add in’s, need this in excel now haven’t got time to apply hot fixes now, will try later.

  27. DP says:

    I’m going to echo what other people are saying. I have a licensed copy of Excel and our company has a licensed copy of Sharepoint. Why can’t you just create the file and let me download it so that I can open it? The two don’t have to talk to each other…

  28. zachSounds says:

    Time and again I seem to be butting heads with the reality that SharePoint is a sprawling, bureaucratic mess.

    Service Packs, 32 vs 64 bit, registry keys, add/remove features… these are all UX abominations. Making me use IE? Also a joke. The new Edge browser jettisoned 220,000 lines of code from IE… that’s an indicator of some serious bloat. SharePoint as well may
    offer a billion features but they pretty much only ever work sometimes. Microsoft updates or changes to one feature break other features, which then need to be fixed and updated, which then again break other features… thus continuing the cycle of why bother.

    SharePoint is supposed to make work easier. But. It. Isn’t. Working.

  29. ants says:

    Sharepoint is meant to be browser agnostic. Why does this download not work in Chrome!

  30. ants says:

    I’ve only got one version of office. However I’ve used Chrome’s table capture extension to cut and paste into excel or directly into google sheets.

  31. Tesfaye1 says:

    This solution doesn’t work!! Do not waste your time folks..

  32. Adil Ansari says:

    Exprot to excel is working on IE but not working on chrome….!

  33. Jorge Contreras says:

    I was having the same issue, I realized that I was using Chrome instead of Internet explorer,

  34. Tyler says:

    Firefox v 41.0.1 worked for me as well as IE to export to Excel 2013. Still no good in Chrome though.

  35. Anand Shelke says:

    I had the same issue with Google Chrome. Registry update did not work. Tried the same with IE 11 and it works fine.

  36. sharepoint new user says:

    It worked on Firefox as well.

  37. Kaustubh says:

    This is horrible user experience! I heard that Microsoft is focusing its strategy on enterprise! Oh my, is this your way of integrating enterprise applications!

  38. Dave B says:

    @Kate Oakley. Thank you. this was the quick fix. Just using IE

  39. Ishan Maish says:

    i already have SP 2 & tried the solution no 2 but it is not working

  40. Valynda Brooks says:

    I am having the issue and have tried the fixes to no avail. This really should be resolved ASAP..

  41. Bethany Hall says:

    Opening it up in IE did the trick for me.

    1. Ment Reaves says:

      Thank you!!

  42. Shakeel Usmani says:

    Thanks, this was very helpful

  43. My customer has the SharePoint Design 2013, InfoPath 2013 and Office 2016.
    can you confirm this is one of the reasons why we get this error message?

    is it also something that doesn’t work in the SharePoint library views?

    1. Ment Reaves says:

      As it was mentioned in an earlier post, I opened SharePoint up in Excel and it worked just fine. Hope that helps!

  44. Richie says:

    I suggest using IE to export the files, I first tried Chrome and got this error then someone suggested IE, worked fine…

  45. hasan says:

    issues facing with Excel 2013 to SharePoint 2013,Unable to find export option.

  46. Carmi Abramowitz says:

    Very simple solution using IE and downloading as a .iqy file – from ACUMEN Computing: :

    After downloading the .iqy, open it in Excel and SaveAs .xlsx.

    (I tried ALL of the above steps, and none of them worked. Hooray for Acumen Consulting !)

  47. Eunisse says:

    Perfect piece of work you have done, this website is really cool with fantastic information.

  48. Dave says:

    Sry I don’t typically post just to complain but…really? Something as simple as downloading a list into a spreadsheet is causing this much trouble. FFS In every web app I write I just download as csv and then in opens in whatever spreadsheet the client uses. Ok benefit of the doubt that your not selling people lock-in-ware but want them to enjoy all the benefits of xls. Then just convert the list to xls on the server and download it as an attachment. But making people go and find 32 bit versions of IE, or download news ones for such a basic feature? What the hell would anyone ever use sharepoint if they were not forced to?

  49. in my case i found that i have Office 2016 and project 2013, once i uninstall Project 2013 the export to excel function worked fine

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