Minor latency when saving to OneDrive for Business from Office 2013

Scenario You experience a small amount of latency (usually 3-5 seconds) when saving to a local OneDrive for Business directory, but not other local directories. Cause In Office 2013, when saving to the local directory tied to your OneDrive for Business 2013 application (typically located at C:\users\%username%\<Example Folder Name>) Office will actually make two simultaneous…


"An unexpected error has occurred" when trying to view/editing PowerPoint in the browser.

SYMPTON:   Receive error message "An unexpected error has occurred" when trying to view/editing PowerPoint in the browser using Office Web Apps 2010.   *  Word and Excel files are displayed without an error.   CAUSE:   * The installation procedure for Office Web Apps did not complete successfully or an update was applied to the…


"Couldn't open https://<path>/_vti_history/Shared Documents/filename"

SYMPTION:   When opening Office files from the version history in SharePoint, users receive a message “Couldn't open https://<path>/_vti_history/Shared Documents/filename.    CAUSE:    The "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" was enabled in IE under the Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab or via Group Policy.       RESOLUTION:   Uncheck the "Do not…


Office 2013 Click To Run, links to InfoPath forms do not work in SharePoint 2007

Issue: You have Office 2013 Click To Run installed on a client computer, you have SharePoint 2007 lists that contain links to InfoPath forms.  When users click on the link to the InfoPath form, instead of InfoPath being started IE shows the document as XML in an IE window (see screen shot below). Cause: The Office…


Force Microsoft Word to open in edit mode from hyperlink in an email

Overview: By default Microsoft Word opens hyperlinks to documents as read only when the hyperlink is part of an emails contents. Many issues can arise when the document is opened read only.  This post shows a way to have Word open the document as read-write when the hyperlink to the document is in an email….


Office 2010 files are prompted for credentials when opening from SharePoint 2013

ISSUE:   When opening an Office 2010 file from a SharePoint 2013 site, users are prompted for credentials even though client integration is disabled in SharePoint Central Administration.    CAUSE:   There is an additional HEAD request which returns a 403 Forbidden response.    For example, if you take a network trace, you may see…


Office 365 Click to Run and App-V 5 SP2 "Edit Document requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application and web browser" error when opening documents from SharePoint

Issue:  (Updated 2/17/2016) Office 365 Click to Run and App-V 5 SP2 are installed on same computer. Users try to pick document menu item "Edit in Microsoft XXX" where XXX is an Office application name. Users get error "Edit Document requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application and web browser" Repair install of Office does…


Large Publisher 2013 files open as read only in SharePoint online

Issue: Large (50MB+) Publisher 2013 files only open as read only from SharePoint online or SharePoint 2013, user must save locally, then upload the file by hand.   Cause: Publisher relies on the "Web Client" local service, this service has a default limit of 50MB.   Workaround: Set the registry key value FileSizeLimitInBytes to a…


Word (and other Office apps) freeze when opening documents from SharePoint online (SPO)

Issue: Word and other Office apps appear to hang or freeze, just a blank nonfunctional grey screen is shown when opening files from SharePoint Online (SPO) in the rich client apps. Cause: The registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\SignIn DWORD value signinoptions  was set to a too restrictive option for your environment. The value of 0 is the…


Office 365 Click to Run install has issues with opening InfoPath Forms and Office documents from in house SharePoint 2007 and 2010 servers

Issue: When opening an InfoPath form from SharePoint 2007 or 2010 with Office 365 (2013) click to run installed the form opens in IE as XML not in the InfoPath client as it should. When opening Office documents from SharePoint 2007 or 2010 with Office 365 (2013) click to run installed the open click in IE results in…