Advancing Multilingual Collaboration with Office 2010

Hello, my name is Jesus Barrera-Ramos and I'm the Senior Program Manager Lead for Multilingual Solutions in the Office Global Experience Platform (GXP) team.

Distributed collaboration is crucial in the fast and connected world of today. Companies bring teams together across different locations to solve tough problems and require the best productivity and collaboration tools to help them bridge language and cultural barriers. Research shows that 45% of Information Workers use a secondary language in their daily work. This creates a series of challenges for our customers.

Today, we have the privilege to launch Office to our business partners around the world. Starting today, business customers will be able to enjoy the rich set of features that GXP has included in this new version to enable key multilingual scenarios such as:.

  • Authoring in another language within a collaborative environment.
  • Personalization of the Office Client environment to the customer's language and culture.

We've included features like the Mini Translator, which provides on-the-fly translation as users hover over a selected word or phrase. Mini Translator also has the capability to Speak the selected text using Microsoft's Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine. This offers a dynamic way of reading a document in a foreign language and a fun way to learn a new language if you'd like to know how a word or phrase is spoken. If you need to translate a full document in Word or even a full e-mail message in Outlook, it's possible to do this easily from the Ribbon.

Enhanced language tools simplify the multilingual experience by separating ScreenTip, Help and Display language settings, allowing our customers to customize the Office environment to their language and culture preferences. Users can now easily see what they have installed for multilingual support and even access the operating system Keyboard Layout dialog and Office Online tools from within the dialog. Additionally, alternate Outlook calendars, complex scripts capabilities in SharePoint Workspace, Bidirectional text in Word, East Asian layout features, and many others make Office 2010 an amazing product for customers worldwide.

I'm excited about the functionality we've included in this release. It represents a stepping stone in bringing our customers richer tools to collaborate and communicate across locations, cultures and languages. Install Office 2010 and tell us what you think.

Jesus Barrera-Ramos

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