Q & A How to turn on/off Mini Translator in Office 2010

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How to turn on/off Mini Translator in Office 2010


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Question: How do I turn on / off the Mini Translator feature in Office 2010?


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1. Click on the Review tab, and then the Translate Button.


2. The Mini Translator is turned on and off by simply clicking Mini Translator.

If Mini Translator icon is highlighted, it is turned on. And it will also show the translation language.


If Mini Translator is not highlighted, it is turned off. (The translation language will still show even though it’s off.)


3. Now if you have Mini Translator turned on – when you select text you want to translate and hover over it, the Mini Translator will appear with a translation or bi-lingual dictionary based on your settings. If the Mini Translator is turned off – you will not have any pop-up when you select/hover over text.


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--Oh! I almost forgot! I have to thank Sandy Rivas for her help with answering this question!--

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-- Anyhow, Sandy is a Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft with the Office Global Experience Platform team.  Sandy is originally from Ohio in the United States - but she and her team work in Redmond, Washington, USA.  It is her team that is responsible for designing, developing and testing everything to do with MiniTranslator – isn’t that cool? --

Totally cool!

-- Oh hey - Wirote Petchdenlarp also assisted Sandy! --


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Comments (18)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just select some text and right-click >> Translate. You will get a translation pane right side. Click translation options inside the pane, it will open a dialog. Uncheck the “Use online translation…”
    That’s all…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The “off” answers don’t work for me either!! The translator appears on every document on which I am working which is irritating. It appears often as a “ghost” or less often wanting to translate words or phrases I do not want translated. What do I do to prevent this?

  3. shane says:

    Yeah, that doesn't seem to turn it off.

  4. fart knocker says:

    Does not turn off wise guys.  Try again….

  5. Annoyed says:

    Turns it off in Word.  But how the **** do you turn it off in outlook?

  6. frogwoman5 says:

    It worked but I had to turn off the track changes first!

  7. Keith says:

    Thank you.  This was driving me crazy

  8. Sharon says:

    So, maybe the question should be "How did it get turned on?"   The off answers still don't work for me!

  9. CL says:

    For some reasons, the mini translator only works on translatiing a sentence insead of a word, is there a setup setting? 2010 MS Word.


  10. Jakazar says:

    Did not work for me (the first suggestion).. I’m not at work now, will try some of the other options tomorrow. But really, should it be that hard? Huh, Microsoft? Should it be that hard?

  11. Bob Jones says:

    try alt shift

  12. Bruce says:

    I turned it off in Word and the closed Word and Outlook. Looks like it’s now turned off for both. I’m with Jakazar, why make this so hard, Microsoft?

  13. asif says:

    nice good one and amicable.

  14. vej says:

    nice article….
    nice commentators …
    keep good TROLL people..

  15. rod says:

    worked, thanks!

  16. ricbird says:

    tnx so much,it works!

  17. Gaddi says:

    Thanks really

    ,twas all up in my document

  18. JenniW says:

    I was able to turn it off in both Word and Outlook by clicking to see that MiniTranslate was on (highlighted) and turning it off (unhighlight). In Word the control for it ison the Review Tab in the Languages group and in Outlook it has a little icon of
    its own on the toolbar. For extra surety I closed both and reopened… voila! No More MiniTranslator! Annoying little thing – I agree, the most annoying since the paperclip.

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