Learn more about Office Global Experience Platform


Learn more about Office Global Experience Platform


Hey Everybody!!

We’re really excited to tell you some great news! 

Yea!  We’re famous!  There’s a movie about us at www.office2010themovie.com!

Now dear, the movie is not about us, but about the team we work with and what they do.

And through a wave of my wand, this has come to be.

Oh really?  Well, it’s actually about the digitizing of images and such that you would do well to learn about if you were a student of mine.

Silly earthlings, always behind the times, on my planet – things are much more advanced.

Now, now, dearies – let’s quit squabbling and just tell everyone about this great news!  There is a movie on the internet where you can learn about the Office Global Experience team and the impact their work has on millions of customers around the world.  Just click on this link http://www.office2010themovie.com/ - and then look for the video “The Global Experience Platform”.  Be sure and leave a comment of what you thought.

Hey – and also mention in the comment that we sent you!

And as a good student – you should also watch the other movies available out there and be sure and let us know if you have any questions!

            Come back and visit us soon, we have many more articles soon to publish!

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(The Professor, Scenari, The Wizard, The Twins, The Martian)

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