[Video] Office 365 Labs – Mastering Azure AD Connect

Azure AD Connect is a wonderful tool that synchronizes AD objects to Azure AD. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will look deep into the secrets of Azure AD, we will show exactly how synchronization works and show how certain issues could be solved very fast. We will also look into Azure AD Connect filtering options, aiming to understand how Synchronization rules should work.

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  1. Vinod says:

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi,
      We had to delete them from YouTube last Thursday due to some very serious reasons that we can’t disclose. However, we will record the contents again and upload them again to the channel. I think by the end of the day we will have at least 3 videos.

      I am really sorry for the inconvenience


    2. The PowerShell webcast was now uploaded to YouTube. Till the end of the day we will also have the Azure AD Connect Webcast.

  2. YouTube video is available again.

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