Office 365 Labs webcasts coming in September

September will be very rich month in Office 365 Labs webcasts. We have planned and set up 8 different Office 365 Labs webcasts that will be delivered during September. Based on the received feedback we will conduct our webcasts in a fairly different way in comparison to the Office 365 Labs webcasts delivered this spring.

First of all, the September webcasts will be shorter, at around 1 hour. However, what we will do are only live demos, so we will use slides mostly for the intro.

These are the planned Office 365 Labs webcasts for September:

  1. Office 365 Labs – Using PowerShell to automate tasks

Description: Task automation is very important for CSPs and for in general when managing larger (or many) Office 365 environments. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will showcase the power of PowerShell when it comes to get things done in a very fast way. Specifically, we will demonstrate how fast we can create users using PowerShell, assigning licenses using different license options and perform different operations on Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online.

Registration link: click HERE

2. Office 365 Labs – Mastering Azure AD Connect

Description: Azure AD Connect is a wonderful tool that synchronizes AD objects to Azure AD. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will look deep into the secrets of Azure AD, we will show exactly how synchronization works and show how certain issues could be solved very fast. We will also look into Azure AD Connect filtering options, aiming to understand how Synchronization rules should work.

Registration link: click HERE

3. Office 365 Labs – Mail flow

Description: During this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will dive deeply into different mail flow scenarios, aiming to exactly understand the transport pipeline for each scenario. We will also look into NDRs, delivery reports and headers. Finally, we will demonstrate how to use the message trace features in Exchange Online to troubleshoot mail flow issues and much more.

Registration link: click HERE

4. Office 365 Labs – Getting the best out of Outlook and Exchange Online

Description: Outlook is a very popular e-mail client that works best with Exchange and Exchange Online. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will understand how Outlook connects to Exchange Online. We will look into Exchange Online Autodiscover and we will concentrate on how to troubleshoot Outlook connectivity issues.

Registration link: click HERE

5. Office 365 Labs – OneDrive Synchronization 101 

Description: During this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we look into OneDrive for Business synchronization process. We will talk about the Next Generation sync client and the older OneDrive Sync client. Finally, we show live how to troubleshoot OneDrive for Business synchronization issues.

Registration link: click HERE

6. Office 365 Labs - Sharing and collaboration with internal and external users in SharePoint Online

Collaboration is vital in today’s business. SharePoint Online comes with a huge set of collaboration features aimed for both internal and external users. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs Series will showcase these features. Finally, we will show how to troubleshoot sharing and collaboration issues in SharePoint Online.

Registration link: click HERE

7. Office 365 Labs – AD FS and multi-factor authentication explained

Description: Security is very important in a cloud world and that’s why ADFS and multi-factor authentication are strongly recommended when using Office 365 services. In this webcast of the Office 365 Labs series we will look under the hoods of ADFS, aiming to understand the authentication process. We will also show live how to troubleshoot ADFS issues and how to perform certain very important tasks, like authentication audits and IP address tracking.

Registration link: click HERE

8. Office 365 Labs – Exchange Online compliance features (In-Place Archive, In-Place Hold, eDiscovery)

Description: Compliance is a very important topic nowadays and that’s why in this specific webcast of the Office 365 series we will look into the Exchange Online compliance features. During this webcast we will demystify features like In-Place Archive, In-Place Hold, Litigation Hold and eDiscovery.

Registration link: click HERE

By clicking on the registration link for each webcast you will find out the exact date and time when we will deliver each webcast. However, all webcasts will be recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel.

In order to register for the webcasts, you need to provide a Microsoft account. Pay attention, because all the details and calendar invite will be sent to the mailbox that is associated with your Microsoft account. Make sure to check that mailbox once you have registered for the webcasts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.


Comments (13)

  1. Nikhita says:


    Is it possible to attend all of above session mentioned over here.


    1. Hi,
      Yes, it is possible. You have to register for each session separately.

  2. Chetan J says:

    Hi Team,

    By when , we will receive confirmation. I have registered using my company mail id and not using microsoft id. Will I get confirmation or not?

    1. Hello,

      you normally won’t receive any confirmation. However, after you register, you should have the option on the web page to download a calendar blocker for Outlook.
      Let me know if everything worked.

  3. aland17 says:

    How about recordings? Will they be available after if I missed webinar?

    1. Hi Andrey,

      Thanks for asking. All webcasts will be recorded and will be posted on this blog and uploaded on our YouTube Channel. It takes however 2,3 days until we process the recording. The first webcast just finished, so I think on Friday or Monday the latest we will be able to make the recording available. Please make sure that you re-check this blog.
      Have a nice day

  4. Ishan says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for giving opportunity to register for the session.Unfortunately i missed the first session

    Office 365 Labs – Using PowerShell to automate tasks
    06th September 2016, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT+1 (Europe/Berlin)

    Could you please let me know when can you take it next time.Or is it possible to see the recorded session?

    Please do needful.


    1. Hi,
      I am sorry you couldn’t attend the session. We will make the recording available in the coming days. You may subscribe to the RSS feed to know exactly when the video is posted. Or please check this blog in the coming days again.

      Have a nice day

      1. Ishan says:

        Thank you Dan. Will keep on following up this Blog and in the mean while subscribe to the RSS feed also.

  5. David says:


    where can we get the recordings ?
    The recordings that i found where deleted ?

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi David,
      On our YouTube Channel we have already 3 recording. Other 2 recordings will follow next week.

  6. Vinod says:

    Thanks Dan. Waiting on other recordings to be uploaded on Youtube Channel.

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