Office 365 Service Descriptions : Your questions answered

95% of feature/function questions we get are answered in the service descriptions here If you are evaluating Office365 you need to review these 🙂  I send the link to these out at least twice every day, realy really useful information.

Go large with Sharepoint Online : 25TB for 24 cents per GB

Have you been waiting for enterprise cloud services to evolve so that you can put large ammounts of data in the cloud?  Wait no longer, as we’ve reduced the price of Sharepoint storage by 92% whilst increasing the maximum storage per tenant to 25TB.  Go large!!!

Suffering from PST HELL?

Check out the new archiving capabilies in Exchange Online and Office 365 to give your users bottomless inboxes and never deal with a corrupted PST again!  If you need above and beyond what is included, check out our archiving partner LiveOffice for their certified solution for Office 365 –


Worried about bandwidth?

Looking into the cloud and worried about bandwidth planning with all the traffic going outside your networks?  Check out the latest beta2 of the Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator –


If you use a free or consumer grade service, are you the customer or the product?

For many free services (and this includes enterprise services that are thinly rebranded consumer offerings), I would argue that you are the product…or more accurately the information you input to that service is the product.  Would you give that information away normally?  What is the value of that information to you and your organsiation?  Wouldn’t…