How does usage data improve the Office User Experience?

Hello, my name is Tim Briggs – I am a user experience (UX) Researcher in the Office Design Group (ODG). Usage data is one of the important feedback mechanisms we look at to understand how Office is being used in the real world. Answering questions like “how frequently is a command used?” and “how many…


UX Design Tools & Techniques

Hello, I’m Jeffrey Dunn (User Experience Designer) with the Office Design Group (ODG). As Shawn mentioned in his “Designing with Customer in Mind” post, ODG includes UX Designers who work to create compelling software. I’d like to share with you a little bit of the design work that went into Office 2010. I hope to…


Data Driven Engineering: Tracking Usage to Make Decisions

Hello, my name is Peter and I work in the Office Trustworthy Computing (TWC) team. One of my team’s areas of focus is collecting data on how various applications are being used so we can make informed decisions. You’ve probably seen, and based on the comments received to date, have used our Send-a-Smile feedback tool….


UX Research Tools and Techniques

Hi, let us introduce ourselves. I’m Tim Weber (UX Researcher) and I’m Tricia Fejfar (UX Research Manager) in the Office Design Group (ODG). As Shawn indicated in his “Designing with Customers in Mind” post, ODG includes UX Researchers who work to understand user needs and to integrate user feedback into our software design process.  We…


Designing With Customers in Mind

Office 2010 User Research & Design My name is Shawn Lipstein and I work in Microsoft’s Office Design Group (ODG) as a User Experience Research Lead. I wanted to take the opportunity in today’s post to both introduce ODG and share a bit about what we do. I’ll also give you a peek at future…