Office 2010 Application Security

Hello, my name is Brad and I work on the Office security team; we focus on a couple of key areas: building security features that improve the Office product line and driving the security engineering process across the division as part of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). I would like to start with a high-level…


Microsoft Office Backstage (Part 1 – Backstory)

Hi, I’m Clay Satterfield and I’m a Senior Program Manager on the Office User Experience team.  Within the first few hours or so of using the Office 2010 Technical Preview, it’s pretty likely that you’ll eventually need to “Save As” or “Print” or do something else with your file.  When you finally do click on…


Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

Using Office 2010, have something you want to tell Office?  Maybe you’re having trouble finding something in the UI or have a specific suggestion on how we can improve a feature.  Or, maybe there’s something you love and you want to make sure we know about it so that we keep it in the product….


Welcome to the Office 2010 Engineering blog

    This week, we announced the availability of the Office2010 Technical Preview for limited testing. Over the coming months, we hope to learn a lot from our Technical Preview customers about Office2010 and at the same time, we will use this blog to highlight some of the new capabilities that we have added to…


Leaked build and Staying Safe

I wanted to post quickly to acknowledge the information that you have seen today around bits of Office 2010 being leaked.  While all of us here are happy to see the incredible excitement and engagement (and are absolutely chomping at the bit to reach the July milestone) we aren’t quite ready to release the technical…


Confirm or Deny

First, thanks to everyone for the support and excitement.  I promise there is a lot more on the way.  With that being said, I did want to acknowledge two things that you may have read about: 1. Groove becomes SharePoint Workspace.  This is true. Please read the Groove SharePoint Workspace team blog here for the scoop. …


Office 2010, Hello World

Today, at our annual TechEd event held in the US we are announcing that attendees will make up the first segment of our limited Technical Preview program that will kick off in July.  We have some additional content we will be releasing going into this milestone so keep checking back (check out as well).   So while we…


Kicking it off

This blog is being created by the Office team to help our IT professionals and enthusiasts get a better idea of what we are building with Office 2010 and discuss the key issues that matter to you.  We are all incredibly excited to start talking about the new version of Office and hope you will…