Microsoft Office 2010 File Compatibility

Have you been looking for a tool to help you assess compatibility of your existing Office files and macros as you prepare to deploy Microsoft Office 2010?  We have recently released the tool to help you identify potential concerns before you migrate. The Office Migration Planning Manager 2010, referred to as OMPM, has been released to help you assess and migrate documents for Office 2010. 

Download OMPM 2010 from the Microsoft download center, and yes it’s free.

The OMPM tool has been created to assist IT Professionals looking after Office deployments. This tool can help you discover and assess compatibility of existing Office documents for migration from the binary document formats (Office 97-2003: .doc, .xls, etc.) to Open XML formats (Office 2007 and beyond: .docx, .xlsx, etc.).  Additionally OMPM 2010 adds features to assess macro compatibility with Office 2010 and 64 bit Office compatibility.  The toolkit also contains the Office File Converter (OFC) which enables bulk document conversions from binary to Open XML formats.

The OMPM tool was first released with Microsoft Office 2007, so some of you might be aware of its prior features. The following highlights the improvements the team focused on delivering with OMPM 2010:

  • Bulk Macro Compatibility Scanning – incorporates logic from Office Code Compatibility Inspector (OCCI) tool to produce count of potential number of VBA issues due to changes in object model.  A new option in the offscan.ini file enables activation of this scan.
  • Bulk 64-bit compatibility scanning - incorporates logic from OCCI tool to produce count of potential number of 64-bit (declare) VBA issues due use of 64-bit Office.  A new option in the offscan.ini file enables activation of this scan.
  • Pre-defined date filtering for scans – new configuration options are available in the Offscan.ini file to allow exclusion of files based on last accessed or last modified dates.  Files which are skipped are logged.
  • SQL 2008/SQL 2008 R2 support – Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 has been enabled, remains compatible with SQL 2005.
  • Various bug fixes – several existing OMPM and OFC bugs have been included for correction in this release.  A partial list includes: old create date files failing on import, OFC conversion does not complete, etc. Of course – you should expect it to work!

The core new feature was incorporating the macro VBA code scanning function you have seen featured in the OCCI tool in a bulk scanning approach. A new view has been added to the OMPM 2010 reporting database providing a quick view of the files containing macros which have potential macro compatibility issues resulting either from changes in the object model or compatibility with 64-bit Office 2010. You have ability to configure which of the macro scan types you want the OMPM scanner to execute when you configure the scanner. The following figure shows the new Macro Summary view available in the OMPM 2010 Office 2010 Compatibility Report.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Office Migration Planning _Manger_ 2010 should be Manager.

  2. Vaibhav Garg says:

    I'm really not sure if this is the right place to ask this,but an issue has been troubling me wrt office 2010 and SharePoint integration.

    I have observed that several files in my document library, when opened, generate a prompt saying "There was unrecoverable content, try to recover?". ( Sorry, can't repro now to give you the exact prompt). Opens ok in office 2007, and even in 2010 once opened in 2007.

    I am yet to see this behaviour on a file stored on the local HDD.

  3. thenonhacker says:

    Spelling correction: "Manager 2010" instead of "Manger 2010"

  4. Reenz says:

    Can you please include the Macro Summary view screenshot figure mentioned in the blog. Thanks,

  5. duwa says:


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