Help and Training for Office 2010 and Office 2007

With the launch of Office 2010, we are producing another wave of great help and training content. The new Office 2010 website ( delivers articles and demos that will quickly get you up to speed on the new features and functionality in Office.


There are two key ways to get access to this great help and training content from right within Office 2010. When working on your document (or spreadsheet, etc.), you can click the Question Mark icon in the upper right hand corner of the application and go straight to in-app help browser. In addition, the Backstage view in Office 2010 has a section called help that gives you direct links to Microsoft Office Help and Getting Started information. The Getting Started link launches a web site full of excellent tools for users new to Office 2010. Some of the tools include command maps and interactive guides that show you where commands from Office 2003 are in Office 2010. Additional articles highlight the some of the new features in Office 2010 and provide tips on basic tasks.


For those of you who are still using Office 2007 and are looking for direct access to help and training, we also created an add-in that surfaces great resources and tools for you by adding a Help Tab to the Ribbon. The Microsoft Office 2007 Help Tab, which can be added to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, is tailored to users who are transitioning from Office 2003 to Office 2007.


The key features of this add-in are direct help database search from the Ribbon, Command finders to help you find commands from Office 2003 in the new Office 2007 UI and Online Tips which provides links to key articles and training that users found useful as they began to take advantage of Office’s broad variety of features. To learn more and download this add-in click here.

We hope these new resources for Office 2010 and Office 2007 help you get your work done faster and more easily. Let us know what you’d like to see in the future by using the comments below.

Comments (14)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am absolutely new to Office and have just downloaded the 2010 Beta verson for home use. Where can I find basic, and I mean basic training on “what application does what” and how to start. I would like to make inventory lists, catalogue my library, keep track of my selling on eBay etc. Is there any where to receive step-by-step training or to purchase training manuals? Thanks in advance for reading this and any help.

  2. Office Team says:

    @DoctorDave — Thanks for pointing that out.  Our mistake.  The newsgroups are available at:,office2007deployment.

  3. Office Team says:

    Hi folks — you can obtain general technical support and provide feedback on general issues via the TechNet newsgroups for Office 2010.  You can find the newsgroups at:


  4. joesixgig says:

    Just made the switch from 2007 to 2010, and it’s a great update. Still, like many new users I have a few questions. Is there a new MS forum for general users of Office 2010 (non-beta) and/or for the separate components?

  5. anony.muos says:

    I still miss the powerful context-sensitive help/What’s this help you removed going from Office XP to Office 2003 transition. That was the best help experience when looking up about a particular feature and then quickly dismissing help. Please reconsider it for future versions.

  6. Christine Szych says:

    I have Outlook 2007 with Professional edition 2007 and I am interested in sending video email attachments on outlook.  Is this poosible with the current system?

    Also would 2010 Visual Studio facilitate thie?

    Why is it not easily available to send video email on Outlook ( as for an attachment)?

    Thank you.

  7. sam says:

    “Command finders to help you find commands from Office 2003 in the new Office 2007 UI” – Are you guys not ashamed of yourselves…

  8. prashant says:

    Hi Outlook Team,

                     I recently purchased Outlook 2007 along with Home and Student Edition 2007.I find that there are some really good improvements in this version but one thing that is bugging me a lot and  which i think has got less attention is the Desktop Alerts issue with Outlook Sp2 especially when i use it sync my gmail via IMAP.The Desktop alerts do not appear anymore unless i choose to preview the Alert everytime i restart Outlook.I am pretty sure this must be a bug in Outlook 2007 SP2 since Outlook 2003 SP3 had no such problems.Also i am guessing Outlook 2007 must also have had no problems until SP2 came along.I hope the ever innovative Outlook team at Microsoft will fix this issue ASAP since it has been there for quite sometime and very soon you will releasing Office 2010 which i will not upgrade to anytime soon.

  9. Gary Netherton says:

    Can I install Office 2010 Beta alongside Office 2007?  I want to test drive Office 2010 but do not want to ditch my 2007 install.

  10. DoctorDave says:

    “Hi folks — you can obtain general technical support and provide feedback on general issues via the TechNet newsgroups for Office 2010.  You can find the newsgroups at:”

    In Excel, they call this a circular reference.

  11. Joesixgig says:

    Thanks for the pointer to the technet forum, but pretty much every section on there is labeled ‘to be retired’. Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to have an active well organized Office 2010 section on there right around now?

  12. madzebra says:

    I still have office mates using 2003 — I know it is crazy — but they wouldn’t buy or bite into 2007…

    any thoughts?

  13. dlr says:

    In previous versions of windows I could high lite a group of files, right

    click and choose print.

  14. stephen says:

    I have found computers a real drain on time and frankly I made a alot more money selling face to face in London than I did 10 years in an office running a company being a slave to software I had to employ arseholes to opporate, can anyone tell me why Office 2010 email does not have a tools button, 2003 was simple to set up a new email, Tools, E-Mail Accounts but why follow a pattern when you can control peoples lives by changing things and then sell them courses to use them, its like drugs, their feeders and we think we cant live without them. any help sorry about the rant!!!

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