Top 10 Benefits of PowerPoint 2010

On the heels of our recent announcement that Office 2010 has released to manufacturing, many of the individual Office team blogs have posted similar announcements and deep summaries about their specific aspects of Office. Over the next few weeks we’ll link to many of these posts to give you an overview of all the great features Office 2010 has to offer. Or, if you can’t wait, you can use the links to the right to go directly to the team blogs.

First up is the PowerPoint team blog. They recently posted discussing the Top 10 benefits of PowerPoint 2010.

  1. Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentations.
  2. Work with others without having to wait your turn.
  3. Add a personalized video experience
  4. Imagine just-in-time show and tell.
  5. Access your presentations from more locations and on more devices.
  6. Create high-quality presentations with stunning graphics.
  7. Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations.
  8. Organize and print your slides more effectively.
  9. Get things done faster.
  10. Work on multiple presentations and multiple monitors.

If you’re interested in more detail and screenshots, click through and see the detailed, illustrated list.


Comments (7)

  1. pzstm says:

    Work with powerpoint 2010 more accurate! 🙂

    Open bigger pptx-s faster than anytime!

  2. Murray says:

    Ability to save presentation as a video file is excellent

  3. kas varkelqqq says:

    new company ild lime to use 2010

  4. says:

    por que lo necesito

  5. says:

    quiero tenerlo y poder usarlo en mi computadora

  6. Fareed says:

    Of cource peformance is not in the TOP 10, I think Microsoft has an obligation to Intel, why I keep thinking that this list was prepared by David Letterman 🙂

  7. Paulus says:

    Editing video right in PowerPoint is a time and life saver!…beat that OpenOffice / iWorks, etc…

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