Office 2010 Reaches RTM!

I am very excited to share some great news with you. Earlier today we reached the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) milestone for Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010!

RTM is the final engineering milestone of a product release and our engineering team has poured their heart and soul into reaching this milestone. It is also an appropriate time to re-emphasize our sincere gratitude to the more than 5,000 organizations and partners who have worked with us on rapid deployment and testing of the products. Since the start of our public beta in November 2009, we’ve had more than 7.5 million people download the beta version – that’s more than 3 times the number of 2007 beta downloads! The feedback that we’ve received from all these programs has shaped the set of products we’re excited about, and that I’m sure will delight our customers.

Our Volume License customers with active Software Assurance (SA) on these products will be one of the first to receive the 2010 set of products. They will be able to download the products in English via the Volume Licensing Service Center starting April 27. Customers without SA will be able to purchase the new products through Volume Licensing from Microsoft partners starting May 1. 

Earlier this year we announced that we will officially launch Office 2010 to our business customers on May 12 with Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft’s Business Division, delivering a keynote as part of our virtual launch. Our virtual launch will allow people from around the globe to participate in our launch by going to The virtual launch site will showcase product demos, customer and partner testimonials, and interviews with product managers and executives, and we hope this will give you another great way to explore, learn, and get excited about the 2010 releases.

Office 2010 will first become available in retail stores in June in the US, and customers can pre-order these retail versions of Office 2010 at today to receive Office when it becomes available.

On behalf of the Office team, I want to thank all of the customers and partners who have helped us reach this milestone. We look forward to continue learning from you and all the great things you will do with our products!

-- Takeshi Numoto

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office

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  1. XaMaLa says:

    Same info in french : go to the Backstage 2010 blog…

  2. permb says:

    Is there any way to get the RTM version of the Office 2010 Data Connectivity Components so that we can test compatibility, e.g. from 64-bit processes?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is great to see that almost everything of 2010 RTM is already available. When will we have Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Server and Project Server 2010 Language Packs available for MSDN subscribers?

  4. PJ Mistry says:

    Great news! Look forward to downloading this.


    PJ Mistry


  5. Anonymous says:

    Any idea when (or if at all) we will see a key for volume activation so I can install this on remote desktop services?  Just trying to plan my test deployment with sharepoint 2010 as well!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! This is the best Office ever. Any idea when it will be available on Technet?

  7. XaMaLa says:

    Informations en français :

    And one news specific to FRANCE : in France, the Microsoft Store partnered with the HP Store, ENI, Vodeclic and to offer advantages to first Office 2010 users (large screen PC to benefit from the power of video in PowerPoint 2010, free Office 2010 training, discount on Office 2010 books…). See the details at

  8. Greg Smith says:

    When is it going to be available to MSDN subscribers?

  9. Peter Anker says:

    A big big big congratulations on a job very well done to Microsoft and the entire Microsoft Office product group!!!!

  10. Tom Warren says:

    When will MSDN and TechNet customers get the final bits?

  11. Greg Palmes says:

    Sounds good. Where’s the MSDN downloads 🙂

  12. tom says:

    When will Office 2010 be available to MSDN subscribers?

  13. Kenneth Myhre says:

    Looking forward to Office 2010, very good news, and very good work from all of you in the Office 2010 team.


  14. Robin says:

    Congratulations guys! Have fun celebrating 🙂

  15. Omega says:


    great job microsoft for rtm 🙂

    i tried the beta, like the new features.



  16. Praveen Modi says:

    Congrats guys! It a great achievement. I tested out some beta versions and office products rocks.

    Eagerly waiting for the SharePoint 2010 release.


  17. melted says:

    congrats to u all!!!! One question..When will the bits be up on MSDN & TECHNET?????

  18. Baraah Omari says:


    I love OFFICE 2010

  19. kiwi says:

    Congratulations, I’m enjoying the beta.

  20. Cosmin Tataru says:

    Congratulations on a very well done product.

  21. James Savage says:

    Congratulations to the Microsoft engineering teams, along with partners and customers who have worked diligently on the rapid deployment and testing of these exciting new products.

  22. tom says:

    It will be on MSDN / Technet on April 22.

  23. Misaki Ki says:

    Very nice! Congratulations to the team!

  24. senteder says:

    You did not mention about TechNet customers? When will it be available? I just checked and its not there.

  25. laogeng says:

    Congratulations guys! Good job!

  26. boe says:

    I hope they consider adding more than 3 exchange syncs although that is a HUGE step forward.

    Export to PST was a devil to find in 2010.

    Looking forward to it being on technet.

  27. 均瑶 says:

    good product

  28. hushijin says:

    我们网站团队小组需要这个办公软件,希望能够得到office 2010 RTM办公软件啊,谢谢你们开发出这样的办公软件出来啊!

  29. John Chapman says:

    What’s the final build number?

  30. WarNov says:

    congrats to u all!!!! One question..When will the bits be up on MSDN & TECHNET?????

  31. will says:

    Can anyone confirm RTM build #: 14.0.4737.1000

  32. anony.muos says:

    What is a build number and where can I see a list of any features removed from Office 2007 to Office 2010? MS should document these on MSDN.

  33. Anonymuos says:

    No free copy for testers? At least technical beta?

  34. jayyoung1 says:

    That’s cool!

  35. Matthew says:

    Hey, feel free to release the Tech Guarantee downloads before Office 2010 is in retail stores! 😉  Can’t wait to get the RTM!

  36. zhangrumin says:

    I need it!

  37. Castle says:

    We got Office Ultimate 2007 in the beginning of this month as we need InfoPath but after purchasing it realized that the tech guarantee would only enable us to upgrade to 2010 Professional. Don’t you think Ultimate customers should be eligible to get Professional Plus?

  38. Liang Li says:

    So cool! We are waiting for this day.

    BTW, is the final build# 4763?

  39. Anonymous says:

    What improvments were made to MUI packs and proofing tools in Office 2010? Will we finally get all proofing tools features (thesaurus, translation, transliteration) for all Indic languages?

  40. Johny Bravo says:

    Can’t but say bravo to the team.. Been speculating Office 2010’s release since late 2008.. Visited backstage often and read many articles.. seems now its time to out it all on the line.. and I’m pretty sure.. Microsoft Office 2010 will spare me any disappointment.. Congrats again <3 !! Keep up team 😉

  41. Oliver says:

    final build number is 14.0.4763.1000

  42. dbh says:

    Great news, cant wait to get my hands on the real thing!

  43. Prakash Ramachandran says:

    Congrats Office Team! This is really a great milestone! I love to work with Office 2010 RTM.

  44. dbh says:

    Will Office 2010 be available through the Ultimate Steal Website?  If so what version?  Will it have Access?

  45. hello says:

    Great news, cant wait to get my hands on the real thing!

  46. Aditya says:

    O14 is super…simply love it…Awesome work folks…

  47. twitter@zhangsong08 says:

    i am expecting the coming day

    the day full of excitings

    the day office 2010  rtm coming

  48. Phil says:

    Still can’t password protect an entire notebook section in OneNote… after 7 years.  Idiots.

  49. says:

    Who needs Microsoft Office when there’s for free? For the average home user is more than enough. Such users really don’t need Microsoft Office.

  50. ChrisG says:

    OpenOffice is good if you don’t need decent scheduling / synced contacts / fast interfaces in your software. I am mostly a “home” user, but with 2 kids playing hockey, my wife and I having jobs and after-work responsibilities, and a variety of other family activities, Outlook is darn near mandatory in our house!

  51. Ed says: I run both, however I prefer Office just my preference.

  52. 晖凡 says:

       嗯,office2010的确有很大创新 ,   堪称和Windows7完美搭配,期待RTM版。。。

  53. Nathan says:

    OpenOffice is not a solution for many businesses, especially if your users require features that are not available in OpenOffice.

    We make extensive use of SharePoint at my company, and it is unfortunate that most non-IT people never get a chance to understand how that integration works.

    OpenOffice may work for some home users, but please remember that many businesses rely on Microsoft Office, and as a result, home users tend to purchase the same software they use at work because they are familiar and comfortable with it.

  54. Mort3ZA says:

    where can i see the list of changes and screenshots?

  55. from China says:

    不错,so good!

  56. chenshouhui says:

    Great news, cant wait to get my hands on the real thing!

  57. leonshaw says:


  58. Dimitar says:

    Just tried it… and I hate it!!!

    Just spent 30 minutes repairing the damage Word 2010 did on tables in my school paper!

    The history:

    First the “In line with text” Wrap Text doesn’t work properly when inserting a graph. Instead of moving the line of text that the graph/picture is, the graph/picture is hidden under the text: See this!

    So in order to be able to display the graph properly I had to chose “Square” Wrap Text. After a few seconds struggling to fit the graph on the proper place, I decided to place it as near to the bottom of the table as possible, but Word thought that I want to place it in the table. No visual warning was shown that the graph will be inserted in 1 of the cells of the table! So it screw my table:

    Even if I made an undo (ctrl+z) the table remained messed up! I had to manually fix every cell, border etc…

    Just find the differences between the “same” graph in screen shot 1 and 3! Which one looks better!

  59. Dimitar says:

    Ops forgot to add the 3rd and most important screenshot:

  60. David says:

    Will it be only in English on April 22 for MSDN subscribers ?

  61. MSO Forever says:

    Who needs slow and ugly when there’s fast and handy Microsoft Office? Worked with OpenOffice for 3 years and very happy that I finally can buy Microsoft Office 2010.

  62. John says:


    Really looking forward to it, the beta was very nice!

  63. Mark says:

    Any word on Microsoft Partner downloads?

  64. John! says:

    I can’t wait for it. I don’t know why puts comments on this page. Whatever, I love Officce 2010.

  65. DellTeam says:

    Congratulations team. I can’t wait to get this on to my shiny new Windows 7 laptop.

  66. Mohammed says:

    Great just when i begin to understand the 2007, (I’m very new to the Sharepoint 😉 )

  67. Gerald says:


    Such great products in such a short time.

    And of course I’m also looking forward to get it on 27th of April 🙂

    best regards


  68. Valery Kurtilin says:

    My congratulations to the team of developers, testers and users of Microsoft Office. Great day!

  69. AnyBody2 says:

    Sad that Outlook still doesn’t properly display even basic HTML mails 🙁

    I really had hoped that they would fix this before RTM, but that was probably too much to ask.

    After all, a HTML compliant mail client in the year 2010, that’s really a lot to ask.

  70. FPGN says:


  71. Mandible Chi says:

    Great job guys, I can’t imagine the scope it took to develop this.

    I don’t quite understand the misguided attempts by users here to point out competing products, especially those targeted at completely different demographics.

    I’m sure the finished product is terrific.  Sit back, enjoy a beer or two, and start working on 2012. 😉

  72. mcd says:

    When will it be available for Gold cert. partners?

  73. Omar Meer says:

    Has the Sync bug between Outlook 2010 x64, Windows 7 x64, WMDC x64, and Windows Mobile been resolved?

  74. Chris says:

    So all those send a frowns finally paid off

  75. Jon Rambo says:

    "Still can’t password protect an entire notebook section in OneNote… after 7 years.  Idiots."

    "Sad that Outlook still doesn’t properly display even basic HTML mails 🙁

    I really had hoped that they would fix this before RTM, but that was probably too much to ask.

    After all, a HTML compliant mail client in the year 2010, that’s really a lot to ask.



  76. Freddy says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! se super buenoo00000 lo0 esperare!!! 😀

  77. rahul says:

    Great job guys !!!!!

  78. Paul Caldwell says:

    Why won’t they definitively state when this will be available to Technet subscribers?

  79. Coby Sun says:

    Sure, I am going to buy it when it officially release in Chinese Market! Congratulations!

  80. anony.muos says:

    Ah finally found all that’s changed and removed at: Good job of documenting stuff team. But really, why don’t you reply to comments?

  81. rolf says:

    The 2010 version of the frontend with the deep integration of Exchange, SharePoint and OCS as well as RMS makes it unbeatable. Open Office is like a modell train compared to the real railway in the 2010 versions. You can have fun with the modell but if you want to travel, you better choose the real thing.

    And for the guys not able to format a page: remember: If a farmer can not swim the speedo is always responsible for it!

  82. Eddy te Boekhorst says:

    Great day congratulations to the team of developers, testers and users of Microsoft Office!!! Can’t wait to use it!

  83. ben roethlisberger says:

    When will the OEM version pre-installed and pre-activated from system venders be available?

    What is the deployment cost for Office 2010? We would rather have it re-installed and activated with a new desktop or laptop purchase.

  84. cosas curiosas says:

    Excelente, ya lo esperabamos este office 2010

  85. End User says:

    i how do try the office starter (base or RTM)?

    i no find this in download site ….

  86. kooorosh bizhani says:

    Congratulations, I’m enjoying the beta.

  87. abeer says:

    I can’t wait for it. I don’t know why puts comments on this page. Whatever, I love Officce 2010.

  88. Segawa says:

    Great news, ahead of schedule!

    When will we have the language packs for servers and localized desktop versions on MSDN?

  89. Chris says:

    Hey everyone – sorry for the delay in providing a response, but the 2010 set of products will be available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers tomorrow (April 22)

  90. Marvin Häuser says:

    The beta testers (on Microsoft Connect) don´t get a free copy of Office 2010 (Said one of the Microsoft Office Pre-Release Team guys), but it was a good “Office 2010 Technical Beta” test. Congratulations to Release Office 2010 To Manufacturing! I´ll buy Office 2010 Professional Academic!

  91. aper says:

    It’s not there yet (MSDN, TechNet)

  92. aper says:

    As of 7:30 AM EST the the MSDN still doen’tnhave new links to Officce 2010 RTM published,The Betas are still there. Any chance we can see those today?

    Great job on Beta!, but it’s time to replace it with production version to go with VS 2010!

  93. Gourmet India says:

    fantastic , waiting for it on MSDN. – India’s social media network on food and drink

  94. BG says:

    Logged on this morning to Technet, only the beta is up

  95. Brian says:

    Still not there, prob. after Noon Eastern time.

  96. deno says:

    Checked MSDN 10:30am central time no 2010 bits. Is there an update on what day it will hit MSDN?

  97. Steve Jones says:

    Yep- Still betas on MSDN and Technet…

    I never dealt well with waiting for Christmas presents/birthday presents/software releases 🙂

  98. Milan says:

    Maybe will be online later today ? here in Europe it is 18:02, still only Beta visible.

    And compared to torrents where it can be illegaly downloaded days ago.

  99. brad says:

    The individual applications are slowly being posted today in MSDN (as far as I can tell).  I would wait for the entire package to become available, or you will have the fun time of downloading each application.

  100. brad says:

    After making my last post, I see that the eagle has landed.  Cheers everyone!

  101. It is out on the Subscribers Downloads now! 🙂

  102. peter_parker says:

    available on technet only office 2010 pro plus for the moment 🙂

  103. Banners says:

    STILL no WMDC x64 support?!


  104. kclawrence says:

    Logged in Technet and Office 2010 RTM is up.

  105. Wow, we’re looking for it.


  106. Tim Droz says:

    I see all of the 2010 RTM bits on MSDN (thanks!!!).  However, where is Project Server 2010?

  107. Steven says:

    It’s now available on MSDN, on the "New Downloads" section.

  108. TazDevil says:

    Have TechNet Plus subscription (and software assurance on Office 2007) but dont see the download in Technet Downloads.  Did find the MAK Key uunder licensing…

    Any hints on where they hid it??

  109. anony.muos says:

    I don’t understand. I thought Professional Plus was only going to be released in Volume License form and Professional in Retail. How/why am I seeing Professional Plus (Retail) in my MSDN? Do I activate it using KMS/MAK or regular retail phone/internet activation?

  110. mike says:

    When will the official Office 2010 App-v Deployment Kit be available.

    I tried to sequence office with the beta deployment kit but it is not compatible.

    thx in advance.

  111. fred says:

    Please, when will the 2010 language pack be available on MSDN?

  112. Dan Adams says:

    The Online Archive is not showing up in Outlook 2010 RTM. It was there when I had Beta installed. I uninstalled Beat and installed RTM and now it’s gone.

    Anyone else having this issue???

  113. Joe L. says:

    I noticed there’s only a Professional Plus Edition.  Looks like it is equivalent to the 2007 Enterprise Edition.

    Will there be a 2010 Enterprise Edition coming out?

  114. DeDub says:

    I can’t find the download either.  Is MS only releasing it to certain subscribers?

  115. Luke H says:

    Nice!  Getting used to the new look.

    Couple of bugs:

    -Upgrade from 2007 to 2010 leaves a *ton* of "legacy" registry stuff behind, lots of erroneous pointers & references to the old Office12 directory.

    -Also, there’s a strange whitespace (linefeed or something) character in between the words "Office" and "Source" in the "Office Source Engine" service name.

  116. Jonty Collins says:

    I have downloaded bucket loads of 2010 Software from the MSDN download site today – it is all as awesome as the Beta showed it would be BUT the Business Contact Manager is still Beta – when with this be released – I reformated my Laptop today, installed everything and then the last was BCM and AAAAHHHH couldn’t install as it is not the same version as the RTM – this is business critical for us – when will it be available

  117. @Jonty

    I just ran into the same thing. Got Office 2010 installed, but now can’t get to my business contacts.

  118. Paul Caldwell says:

    Which SKUs will be available on TechNet?

    If it’s only Pro Plus, will we get more than 10 activation keys?

  119. Scout2 says:

    I will upgtade when you update the current Search Commands addin from Office Labs to work with 2010 and also update it for ribbons in other apps like Publisher, OneNote and Visio.

  120. Anonymous Computer User says:

    I checked the TechNet site today (2 days after the RTM should be on there) and all I found was the 2010 Professional Plus Beta. Maybe DeDub was right: only specific people will be allowed to download the RTM. Well, I better go check MSDN now.

  121. Roberto M. says:

    I really like Office 2010. But I am sorry to say that it still does not work with EndNote X, X1, X2, or X3 – MS Word crashes as soon as you start it. This is a deal breaker for me, as I rely heavily on EndNote to manage all my references. I’ll wait until Thompson Reuters fixes the problem.

  122. Steve C. says:

    Hi Guys,

      Congrads on getting the software out. When are the language packs going to be available? Sooner rather than later I hope….

    Thanks, Steve

  123. Ben Isaacs says:

    Will Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview and Stater beta testers receive a free copy of Office 2010 similar to what the Windows team do?

    Office 2010 is a fantastic product 🙂

  124. Ben Isaacs says:

    will connect testers get a free copy of pro plus

  125. What is the status of BCM 2010 for Outlook 2010 – has it RTM’d yet?  

  126. anonymous says:

    Hey please post the RTM versions of other downloads on the Download Center like Access 2010 Runtime and Developer Extensions, Excel 2010 XLL SDK docs, Producer for PowerPoint 2010, Outlook Hotmail Connector, Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2010, Office Viewers, Filter Pack RTM versions, Primary Interop Assemblies, Compatibility Inspector and OEAT, Resource Kit CHMs, GPO Admin Templates. Why must we always wait long time after RTM to get these? And please please please update the Search Commands addin from Office labs for all the apps that carry the Ribbon. Search Commands was the killer feature like Windows’ Start Search.

  127. Foolproof says:

    Hey I just installed Proofing Tools from a mounted ISO image from the network and look how the setup finished screen is showing:

  128. Chris Heydemann [MSFT] says:

    Robert H: Yes, BCM 2010 has RTM’ed, and will be available in Office Professional Plus.

  129. Nathan says:

    Search Commands is a MUST HAVE.  Please comment on its status!!

  130. Tim says:

    When will Microsoft start to sponsor space travel?  I want to take beta program and get off this rock for a while…..

  131. gerard says:

    Why is the RTM of the Volume License version still not available from the Microsoft Partner Network with a MAK/KMS key for our "Internal Use" licenses?

    Some of our employees are participating in a local launch event next week. Do we seriously have to use the MSDN Retail version and keys to be able to the put the RTM on their notebooks?

    Come on Microsoft, why do you always make your Partners wait so long before they can deploy RTM releases in their organizations. 🙁

  132. Anon says:


    Too right. Wheres the partner licenses? Makes us look like second class citizens.

    Pull your finger out Microsoft.

  133. Stephen Samuel Netto says:

    Congrats to all my friends at Microsoft office who have worked tirelessly to produce this splendid product.Office 2010 rocks. I just want to know its build string, you know, like the beta which was 14.0.4536.1000

    Again congrats to Microsoft for their wonderful work. I got windows 7 rtm when it released on June 22, 2009 and I hope that i will successfully get my hands on Office 2010 rtm.

  134. Derek John says:

    Thats Awesome that you finished office 2010. I love office 2010. THE BEST.

    Nothing goes over than office 2010.


  135. Marvin Häuser says:


    Someone asked again, ´Get the Technical Preview/Beta Testers a free copy of Microsoft Office 2010?´ One of the people in the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Beta team answerd me,


    Hi Marvin,

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately there will be no plans on releasing the final version of Microsoft Office 2010 to the Technical Beta participants.

    My apologies!


    I think, ´NO´



  136. Marvin Häuser says:

    Hi Stephen.

    <quote>I just want to know its build string, you know, like the beta which was 14.0.4536.1000</quote>

    The official RTM Build string is 14.0.4760.1000.

    The official RTM Setup Build string is 14.0.4755.1000.

    The latest official RTM Build string (only OneNote) is 14.0.4763.1000.

    I hope that answer your question.



  137. Roger says:

    I have office 2010 and it is very impressive, but I have tried to change the default font for all document but once out and reopening it goes back to the original why??? can you help.

  138. <a href="" target="_blank">motobineu says:

    where can i download the MSDN?

  139. jasmine says:

    i'm from Indonesia and i love Microsoft Office 2010,yeah congrats guys

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