Office 2010 and AppV 4.6

Today, over on the MDOP BLOG, we announced the release of the next version of Microsoft Application Virtualization (4.6) as part of MDOP 2010 (Microsoft Deployment Optimization Pack).  From Takeshi Numoto, Corporate VP in Office:

“App-V 4.6 provides Office customers with a robust set of features to tackle core challenges including application upgrade, application coexistence, and user readiness. It’s an exciting, powerful new way for IT to deliver Office 2010 quickly without impacting user productivity.”

We are particularly excited about the announcement because a huge portion of the work that was done to make this great release is going to go a long way towards simplifying the deployment and management of Office 2010. If you are new to application virtualization you can get background and quick how to guidance here.

The release fixes a lot of the key issues customers ran into when sequencing such as:

  • MAPI proxies and Outlook,
  • Integration with desktop search,
  • A number of SharePoint integration issues.  

In the next few weeks we will have a more detailed post on how to sequence 2010, benefits of AppV and more but in the meantime check out this detailed post on Office 2010 and AppV 4.6 from some of our awesome virtualization MVPs.  For those of you that have already tried sequencing the beta (or older versions) we would love to get your feedback and thoughts.

-Reed Shaffner, Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Office

Comments (9)

  1. harata says:

    Microsoft Office Professional plus2010Betaのダウンロードの作成接続設定-2010年2月23日

  2. XP64 says:

    Is App-V 4.6 supported on Windows XP Professional x64? If yes then I would be able to run Office 2010 32 or 64-bit on App-V 4.6 on XP x64 if not natively.

  3. jose mario mauricio regalado says:

    Mi 2010 beta descargado no se instala

    Que hacer?

  4. shiyab says:

    i heard about this version so this is very useful for up coming studens

  5. VirtDeployer says:

    Virtualization will be critical to a sucessful deployment of Office 2010 in our environment.  Typically Office deployments only occur during a desktop refresh.  A virtualized Office suite (with the full functionality of a locally installed Office) will streamline deployment and position delivery of Office in this way going forward in the future.  This is the right way to deploy Office!

  6. Fergie says:

    Are there plans for when the Microsoft office deployment kit for app-v will be released that works with the RTM office 2010 media?

  7. Ed says:

    The beta office 2010 deployment kit doesn’t work with the RTM version of office 2010.

    Do I need a deployment kit for the RTM and if so when will it be released?

  8. Jesus says:


  9. Damian says:

    Ditto to Ed and others – is, (or when will) there an AppVKit that works with the full Office 2010 release?

    Alternatively, has anyone found a work-around to suppress whatever Launch Condition (or similar) is causing the SETUP.EXE to terminate?

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