Office 2010 Application Compatibility Sweepstakes

Since announcing our public Beta, many folks on the Office team have been hard at work engaging with pre-release testers to find and fix any potential deployment issues IT departments may face with existing Office solutions once Office 2010 is released.  In addition to engaging on specific developer features like UI extensibility, we also started the Office 2010 Application Compatibility Program – here are excerpts from this blog post:

With the great value Office 2010 brings for end users, IT Professionals and Developers, we are also investing heavily in making deployment of the new version of Office easier. As part of our focus on deployment, we have renewed priority on helping ensure applications and Add-ins for existing installations of Office continue to work without hangs, crashed or performance degradation when interfacing with Office 2010.

…The compatibility program will provide tools for environment assessment, code scanning and remediation assistance, and an update to the document conversion tools introduced with Office 2007. The tools, guidance and services we are delivering will be the most comprehensive we have provided to date for a new release of Office.

Now that we are getting closer to release, we wanted to double down and keep the great feedback coming, so we’ve started the Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Bug Hunt, with prizes for those who help us find bugs.  Official rules and all the details in the linked post, but here’s a quick excerpt:

To win the prizes, all you need to do is to download beta of the Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT) and beta of the Office 2010 Code Compatibility Inspector, run them and report any bugs you discover to before April 9th. If we are able to reproduce your bug or you can help us identify a defect in the tools, that becomes your sweepstakes entry. From the submitted and approved bugs, we will randomly select winners after April 9th.

Happy Hunting!

Comments (10)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I Will try to find Bugs

  2. Keith Spencer says:


    Spencer Cool Buttins


    FROME Keith Spencer

  3. Jean Manthei says:

    I’ve been giving quite a bit of feedback to you on Smile and Frown sends–is it okay to repeat those comments at the email link?  

  4. Michael Kiselman [MSFT] says:

    @Jean We are looking for bugs and feedback on the application compatibility tools – Office Environment Assessment Tool and Compatibility Inspector. These tools are not a part of the Smile and Frown program.

  5. gooseisland says:

    I’ll try to find out some bugs…….because i Love microsoft….



  7. anony.muos says:

    Do these tools work with the Release Candidate or only with the beta?

  8. Michael V. says:

    Why does the title (value) “Access 2007” show up in Access 2010 Toolbar area? The title “Access 2007” shows up no matter what db version you have open or create in Access 2010.

    Is this as designed, or is this a beta thing?



  9. Orlando says:

    Chart in macrosheet with hidden rows and columns is not print. Please, see this example:

  10. Orlando says:

    XLM OPEN command is ok in Excel 2010, but with some macrosheets the rows and the shapes heights are sized to max. Please, see a reproduction:

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