Announcing Office 2010 Beta Availability

Today is an exciting day! At PDC we announced the availability of the public betas of Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Visio 2010, Project 2010 and Office Web Apps for business customers. If you’d like to be one of the millions of people who try, test and give feedback on the latest and greatest, you can download the betas at

We also announced that Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 beta is available now too, and you can download it through the Windows Mobile Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

The final release of Office 2010 will debut next year, but we’re excited to allow everyone to start using the new features and tools that will help you collaborate, connect and work better together with others across the PC, mobile phone and browser.

The betas released today include everything we’ve talked about so far on this Blog and much more. In addition, today we announced several new facets of Office 2010 that you can check out when you download the beta:

  • The New Outlook Social Connector brings your communications history, business and social networking feeds right into Outlook, helping you quickly keep track of conversations and stay up-to-date with co-workers, friends and family without switching programs or changing your routine. Today’s beta supports SharePoint social networking and will support Windows Live when Office launches. The business networking site LinkedIn will be the first to provide a connector for the Outlook Social Connector early next year.  Read more about the Social Connector on the Outlook Team’s blog post!

  • For developers and partners, SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 2010 will combine with Visio 2010 using the tools you know and love, and have new rich APIs and support for industry standards to quickly build content and collaboration applications on the SharePoint and Office platform. We’re also releasing Outlook Social Connector SDK, available for download on MSDN, so developers can build connectors to third-party social networks. Start testing and building solutions for your customers today!

  • imageA new look.  The Microsoft Office brand will sport a new look next year, reflecting technology innovations in Office 2010. The re-design includes an updated Office logo, a new orange color palette for the Microsoft Office brand, and updated icons for Office 2010 applications that make it easier to quickly identify the Office products you work in.

image image image image image image image image

  • Finally, in partnership with SAP, we’re also announcing Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP. This new product jointly developed with SAP increases the interoperability of SAP applications with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 to provide complete flexibility and extensibility to compose solutions that blend the worlds of process and collaboration. Complete with pre-packaged integration templates and the building blocks needed for additional applications, IT organizations and partners will be able to compose context from SAP with SharePoint and Office content and collaboration. Duet Enterprise is expected for release in the second half of 2010.

The announcements and releases today reflect years of work for the Office team here at Microsoft – head on over to, download the Beta, and let us know what you think!

Comments (156)

  1. Skeezix says:

    I installed the beta version, 64 bit and had it up an running in short order. Ran so well I began using it on “important stuff”.  Fast…..

    Ran into an insidious and minor problem in excel in that a simple sort of a column of data was not correct. Repeated the error any number of times. Loaded the file back into Excel 2007 and it was fine…I suspected my own data since MS never makes mistakes.

    This was a bug, I reported it but, if you are using 2010 beware the minor bugs…I almost missed this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Installed fine on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and activated fine.

    Win XP Pro, SP3 32 bit, installed fine, but when trying to activate, it pops up almost immediately with “an unspecified error has ocurred.  Your request cannot be processed at this time.  Please try again later. (0x80070001)”

    I have tried it on a Formatted drive with a fresh install of XP Pro SP3 with the same results.

    I also see no network activity with MS Network Monitor 3.3 when it tries to activate (Yet internet access works, firewall turned off, no proxy)

    even with the network cable removed it also never gives me the option of telephone activation… it’s greyed out.

  3. Office Team says:

    Folks, please remember that while we monitor this blog for comments and feedback (and do our best to provide tips where possible), the appropriate place for technical support questions is on the TechNet newsgroups for Office 2010.  There you can post issues
    and engage in discussion with members of the community, and also look for existing solutions.

    As mentioned above in the comments, you’ll find the newsgroups at:,office2007deployment


  4. frankf says:

    I am, like others, also getting the “setup controller” issue, but none of the solutions above worked.  Here are the error messages I received in the temp folder:

    Setup COM Server Session: ConfigureOption.

    Error: No ARP entry found for this product ‘{20140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}’ Type: 33::InvalidData.

    Setup COM Server Session: CollectUserInfo.

    Error: No ARP entry found for this product ” Type: 33::InvalidData.

    Showing parent-less message Title: ‘Setup Error’, Message: ‘The setup controller has encountered a problem during install.  Please review the log files for further information on the error.’

    Message returned: 1

    Error attaching to OSE, error 0x81000005

    Error stopping OSE, error 0x81000001

    Catalyst execution finished: 11/20/2009 22:41:10.  Return code: 0.

    PERF: TickCount=119028419 Name=RunSetup Description=End function

    While I can open the beta, there is a red bar at the top that says that there is an error in activating.  However, I can’t use the suggestions above to enter the product key (during installation, it never once asked me for this key) and I can’t uninstall the programme as it does not appear in my list of installed programmes.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Umm… no 64 bit XP support isn’t just office…  That’s why after trying to load 64 bit XP a year or so ago, I went back to 32 bit, then upgraded to 64 bit vista ultimate…

    there is no support for 64 bit XP for ANYTHING

  6. Anonymous says:

    In 2010 Beta Word, the envelope printing is the same as before.  The default, delivery-address font selection only lasts for one envelope; then you have to re-enter the format.

    My bigest gripe, however, is that as soon as you click the print button, the envelope option closes.  Why can’t you leave it open?  And why can’t you allow us to enter several addresses at one time and then print them all at once?  Come on, this is 2010.

  7. Office Team says:

    Thanks for all of the comments and information folks.  My colleague Ted Way mentioned some possible activation solutions in the comments above.  In addition, we’re looking into the setup issues you all have reported and will post back to the comments if
    there are general solutions you can take advantage of.

    In the interim, for setup issues (or any other general thoughts), please feel free to go to navigate over to the TechNet newsgroups for Office 2010.  You’ll be able to look for other solutions and/or post issues that members of the community can also help

    You’ll find the newsgroups at,office2007deployment.

    Thanks again,

    Larry Waldman, Program Manager, Microsoft Office

  8. Trevor Williamson says:

    How do we get rid of all of the Office 2010 Tech Preview bits so we can install the beta? I’m stalled and have removed anything even vaguely resembling Office 2010 code from my machine…

  9. dbh says:

    Great news, I’m downloading Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta and the Project 2010 Beta right now so I can test them out.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Jack Taylor says:

    Hi there, I have just downloaded and installed the Office 2010 Beta. It looks amazing, but unfortunately I’m having a problem which I think is going to stop me from using the software altogether. I do as the instructions tell me to do for activation: open Word 2010, File, Help, Change Product Key. Unfortunately, clicking that brings up a window saying:

    “The setup controller has encountered a problem during install. Please review the log files for further information on the error.”

    So, basically, it’s not letting me active the Office 2010 Beta. For reference, in case it matters, I chose to keep my Office 2007 programs on my machine in case something like this happened – I need Office to always be available to me. That said, in case this is causing the issue, I’m going to uninstall it and try Office 2010 again.

    Other than this, might anyone have any idea as to what’s causing this?

    Thanks for your help, I’d really appreciate it.

  11. Rick says:

    The Release Notes here are still for the Tech Preview….

  12. dbh says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Im not sure why your install isn’t working, mine worked fine.  

    Only things I can think of is to make sure that you reboot after uninstalling the Technical Preview, prior to installing the beta.

    Also make sure you are trying to install the correct version of Office 2010 32bit or 64bit.

    Sometimes third party security applications can stop programs from installing properly, so maybe that is causing you problems?

    I just installed the 32bit versions of Office 2010 and Project 2010 Beta on my test machine, both of them installed fine.

    Although to be fair the Activation was kinda longwinded. The product key had to be entered after the install, and then after the key was entered I had to click install again to install the key, then I had to activate online.  Bottom line way there were way to many clicks for activating a product.

    Having said that this is a only a Beta, and its free to test, hopefully the final version will have friendlier activation system.

    The applications seem to launch a little faster than the Technical Preview, and I like the blue and black color schemes in Word 2010 that were not in the initial Technical Preview.

    The question is how long will these betas run before going into reduced functionality mode?

  13. 7flavor says:

    I got a PC in mid-2006 preloaded with XP Professional x64. I am not in a position to upgrade to Windows 7. Please support Office 2010 native 64-bit on XP Professional x64 Edition. I don’t want to remain on Office 2007 32-bit.

  14. Ted Way [MSFT] says:

    @Trevor Williamson

    You might still have Send-A-Smile on your machine.  SAS does not get uninstalled when you uninstall Office 2010 TP (it’s been fixed for Beta).  You’ll need to uninstall SAS first.  Reboot your computer after uninstalling.

    @Jack Taylor

    This is a known issue when going from the TP build to the Beta build.  Please go to Start Menu –> Control Panel –> Programs and Features.  Click on Office 2010, then Change on the bar on top.  Select the option to “Enter a Product Key” and enter it there.

    Thanks for using Office 2010!

  15. Jack Taylor says:

    Regarding my last comment – problem has been fixed. Am now a very happy bunny who’s loving the new beta – fantastic stuff.

  16. Ted Way [MSFT] says:

    @ Des

    If you’ve downloaded the Professional Plus volume edition of Office 2010 (check File tab | Help), then you will not go into RFM.  However, the Beta build will not work after October 2010.

  17. Chris says:

    Since Office 2007 Excel is awfully slow as a COM-server. While with Excel before version 2007 it was quite fast to write into a worksheet and use that data to feed a diagram and update it “on the fly” (the data source is set to the columns containing the new data), Excel literally crawls forward with not even a tenth of its former performance. Quite annoying that that is still the case!

  18. lyster says:

    If you’re having problems changing the product key go to: “C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE14Office Setup Controller” and run the “setup” file as an Administrator.

  19. João Morgado says:


    I had the same problem Jack Taylor had but now it’s fixed.

    Thank you!

    This new office is awesome! Good job!

    BTW is there any chance in participating in the official beta program? I was part of WIndows 7 BETA and while I enjoyed it a lot I could also help microsoft in providing a very nice OS. I would like to be able to participate in this office beta so I can help you improve this product as much as possible!

    Best Regards,

  20. Alexey says:

    “We also announced that Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 beta is available now too, and you can download it through the Windows Mobile Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.”

    I don’t see how. It is not listed there.

  21. Rick Wilson says:

    Thanks for the SPECTACULAR release of Office 2010 beta!  You guys in Redmond are doing such an AWESOME job at this release of Office 2010!!!!

  22. S!ick says:

    I tried to install it on Vista, but it can’t get past: “error 2203…windowsinstallerdab8a.ipi -2147287035”

  23. Keith says:

    Please I use Win XP 64-bits too. Why can’t I try Office 2010?

  24. Ray Savoie says:

    I’m running a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit Ultimate – no Office version has ever been installed on this machine.  Downloaded the 64-bit English installer and tried to run it – failed.  Then I tried downloading the 32-bit version; it also fails to install.  Finally, I tried running the 64-bit installer as ‘Administrator’, also fails.  In each case I get something like the following:

    Error 2203: An Internal Error has occurred. (blah blah blah)  

    Here is a snippit of the error window:

    Please advise.



  25. ignou says:

    Last time I checked Windows XP Professional x64 was supported for the same lifecycle as Windows XP 32-bit (April 2014). Just because the target users are less, you are abandoning that platform? Please don’t. Or else I’ll have to move to other Office suites.

  26. Rob says:

    I received a *strange* error with Outlook stating “Not Implemented” when trying to Send/Receive (that I managed to find a workaround for) that I’ve documented in my blog, the URL for which is the clickthrough on my name.

    I’ve had a look around on Connect, but couldn’t see an O2k10 program there to join, so have done a “Send a Smile” and mentioned it here (and the Outlook 2010) incase it helps anyone else who encounters the problem.

  27. Rob says:


    Is this only available in the US, because I only get aas far as the product key page and when i choose English 32 bit, nothing happens when I hit the download button. Hovering the mouse over the button shows no link in the Status Bar.


  28. shannon says:

    Can the Outlook 2010 beta run against an Exchange 2007 mailbox?


  29. nick says:

    I am unable to open any of the programs from Office 2010 Professional Plus and when I try to uninstall and do a new installation of the product I get “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system.” But I installed in English and I cannot “Uninstall” or “Change” due to this error message.

    Get the same message when I try to open Word. Others, such as Excel, won’t even try to open.


  30. Bob Ricca says:

    Just curious… when it comes to HTML in email. How does Outlook 2010 render compared to 2007? Is it still going to use word to interpret html, stripping out background images and things of that sort?

  31. Jordan says:

    I have installed, uninstalled and then installed again.

    Outlook keeps on crashing,  like every few minutes.

    Background is:

    Have win 7

    Had office 2010 tech review

    uninstalled prior to installing beta.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance.


  32. Ted Way [MSFT] says:

    @7flavor @ignou @Keith

    Unfortunately, there is no support of Office 2010 on 64-bit Windows XP.  One reason we don’t is the precense of MSOLAP, which exists in 64b Vista, but it’s an older version in XP 64b, and this affects Access and Excel.  There are other reasons, including product lifecycle and supportability.  Not the answer you’re looking for, I’m sure…

  33. Andrew-7 says:

    Hi, I’m from Venezuela, i’m having some activation problems.

    Have the same problem that Jack Taylor, do that Ted Way [MSFT] said, but when i go to help tab, it says that activation product required. Ok, click that, click internet activation, waiting, and then says something like “i exceed the activation limit of product key”.

    need help please!


  34. Max says:

    I think the web apps with skyDrive storage is a great idea. It gives me (a highly mobile oriented college student) access to enough productivity software and cloud storage for free. I can run Windows, Linux, or Mac and still be able to get to my work wherever I want. I’m cheap and on the move all the time and a solution like this will be great for me and others like me.

  35. Søren Hartmann Kristensen says:

    I get Error 2203 as well. On Win 7. Tried a couple of times even with redownload. No good, still error 2203. 🙁

  36. Marc says:


    Install worked great, all seems to work fine. I am impressed at the quality of the software, the quality programs MS has set up seem to be working.

    One question though: How would you like to receive feedback? There is no option (I could find) to send feedback on the Beta (I already have a few improvement requests, like having your templates in direct access within the New section of backstage).



  37. Phil says:

    will an Outlook 2010 PST file work in Outlook 2007?

  38. Tom Mertz says:

    The subject line says it all. I am unable to uninstall this thing.

    Googling the issues seemed to indicate that it was because a setup.xml was missing in;

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE14Office Setup ControllerGroove.en-us

    Well, it’s not missing, it’s right there.

    Sorry to sound a negative, and I know it’s Beta – but for goodness sakes, not being able to uninstall an app suite isn’t good.

    I don’t suppose anyone has a one-shot “do this and it’s g.o.n.e.” solution?

  39. timo says:

    I also received an error of 2203 on my system. I have Windows Vista Ultimate; I kept my 2007 version of Office Ultimate I own, and did a custom load of 2010 into a folder called Office 2010 to test the beta out. Took quite a few hours to install only to arrive at this error at the very end.

    Big waste of time; what is the fix for this?

  40. Dov Gilberd says:

    Every one including me seem to be having a problem activating the beta version. This is what needs to be done. Go to this directory: C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE14Office Setup Controller and inside find the setup file and run it as an administrator. Once you do that a window pops up and ask for the serial or key you just obtained from Microsoft. Put your key and continue. Don’t panic, the window will appear to you as if it was installing the software again. After it concludes, start any of the applications of the suite. After you do that a window will pop up that tells you to activate your beta online. Choose activate and waaala. Exit the application and restart it again. Look at the top bar and it will say office is activated and then it will desapear.For any questions please contact me at ps: do not ask me where to find a crack as i respect the laws and hope you do too. Furthermore, it is not appropiate. It is bests to test the beta and then when the software is officially released purchase a legal copy as i do.

  41. Sudhindra Kovalam says:

    I am not able to use Outlook 2010 beta

    rest all software start.

    I was able activate word too!!!

  42. Haeja says:

    I have installed Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus beta but I cannot use Word.  Whenever I open it, it asks if I want to load the Normal template because there have been changes made to it then it crashes, whether I choose yes or no or exit.  I can’t use the Word app at all.  Second, Excel always says “oftab.ocx” missing or invalid but I can still use the application.  Everything else works.  Please help me!


  43. timo says:

    Having posted the comment above, I now find that my original Office ultimate of 2007 is messed up. As I ran each package the first time it had to “reinstall” the software. Worse, my Outlook comes up with an error indicating a file called mspst.dll may not have services running for it. So I did a search of the entire hard drive for the file and it does not exist. Next I inserted my original Office Ultimate disk and did a repair but it will not complete…have the same error of 2203. So now I cannot fix my original install of Office 2007…even with the original setup DVD.

    So what is the issue with:

    1. mspst.dll

    2. The 2203 error in BOTH versions of office (2007 and 2010)


  44. Keith says:

    @Ted Way [MSFT], but this affects 32-bit XP too right? but you are supporting it due to the extremely large marketshare? Product support lifecycle and supportability of XP x64 is the same as 32-bit XP (April 2014 when extended support ends). XP x64 became available in April 2005 (as opposed to 32-bit XP which became available in October 2001). You are saying its customers will never get a native 64-bit version of Office? Plus like Office 2007, not even the 32-bit version of 2010 runs on it? Surely not the answer I’m looking for, I’m so disappointed. Windows 7 has JUST launched, otherwise XP 64 would be just 1 release behind. If you can support 32-bit XP, why not 64-bit XP (although I’m aware its based on Server 2003). Sadly, I will migrate to OpenOffice since the ribbon in 2007 is not customizable and I was looking forward to this on XP 64. Obviously, Microsoft does not think it’s worth testing 2010 and bearing support costs for a small set of XP 64 customers.

  45. Madhu Kris says:

    I found the fix to the 2203 error while installing Office 2010 Beta on Windows 7. I first started Windows Installer Services. You can do that by

    1/ Click Start and type services.msc and ENTER

    2/ Find Windows Installer amongst the list of services and make sure it is set to Manual

    3/ Now click on Start to start Installer services

    Secondly I did the below steps

    1/ Went to C:/Config.Msi

    2/ Right Clicked and chose Properties

    3/ Unchecked Read Only (click on the Green button, if you see it)

    After the above steps I ran Office 2010 Beta setup as an Administrator and the 2203 error disappeared!

    I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate (Genuine MS Software)

  46. Steve Whitehead says:

    Many thanks to Lyster for solution to activation problems.

  47. alex says:

    Windows Mobile Device Center WMDC does not work with the Beta of Outlook 2010 64bit! No Sync possible with my Windows Mobile 6.5 PDA.

  48. Christian Espinoza says:

    To see the Office 2010 installation errors, look for the “SetupExe…” log file(s) found in your Temp directory.  My Windows 7 temp folder was here:


    Mine said:

    Catalyst beta product conflict check failed. Office Beta product conflict is detected on the computer, productcode={15140000-0048-0409-1000-0000000FF1CE}

    So I went to the Registry Editor and removed all keys referencing that product code.  I noticed Office Connector also had that key registered, so I uninstalled it.  The next time I ran the setup, I got the EULA and was able to continue.

  49. Max says:

    It would be really nice if new Office had an option to switch to Office 2000/2003 look & feel. Please 🙂

  50. jan says:

    I would also like to have the ability to switch to the look and feel of Office 2007 or 2003. The 2010 UI is much too pale.

    It would also be very helpful if the text on this webpage was darker. The UI of this page makes the text difficult to read, especially the light orange, and in some areas is almost illegible, given the pale ‘cloud’ effect of the webpage itself. I have to copy the text from this page into notepad or Word in order to be able to read it without straining my eyes.  

  51. Dilly says:

    I have a different experience all together. I installed the beta at work and it installed and activated fine. Only a couple of add-ons failed on Outlook but so far nothing major to report.

    But installing at home didn’t go so smoothly. The first time it took forever to complete setup (rebooted PC and reran setup). The second time the installation was succesful, all the programs load. But when I try to activate it, I get the following error:

    “A communcation error has occured. Please verify that you have connectivity to the internet and try again. (0x80072EE2)”

    Anyone else got that? How did you work around?

  52. Jo says:

    Hey I got the Office Starter 2010 invite but there’s no replacement for the Works Database?? WHY again Microsoft? Access is too overwhelming. Please develop an Access Express for Office Starter. Have you taken a look at Bento (FileMaker product)? We want something like that. I’ll continue to use Works till a replacement for the Works database is made.

  53. timo says:

    Thanks to Madhu Kris above I’ve gotten beyond the 2203 error (be sure to follow the complete instuctions); but now, right at the end of the Office 2007 repair I am getting a bootstrap error.

    Remember, I have:

    1. Vista Ultimate

    2. Office 20907 Ultimate

    3. I am still trying to repair the damage done from the beta install of 2010 to get my outlook running again from the mspst.dll error.

    Any ideas?

  54. frtundra says:

    I’ve been trying to download the beta through Download Manager, but it’s now failed three times, always stopping at 99%.  The title bar says Download Manager – Integrity Check (99%).  Any thoughts?

  55. arolgnr says:

    I’ve the same problem that Dilly to trying activate Office 2010 (0x80072EE2).please help me

  56. MarcBW - UK says:

    I have installed the Beta onto my Win7 box – It was an UPGRADE from 2007.  

    Outlook will not run – it crashed every time i try an open it … and it just won’t let me in.

    Sent a couple fo Frowns and screen schots.

  57. Madhu Kris says:


    Ideally, if you had chosen to ‘Upgarde’ to Office 2010 Beta while installing the first time (when you encountered the 2203 error), you must have no longer seen any of the apps.

    I got around the 2203 error by following steps posted previously and chose New Installation and it all went through okay.

    Please note, you will not lose any of the Outlook data files even if you aren’t able to see the app – just go ahead and install Office 2010 Beta as a new installation and let us know what happens.

  58. Ajeet Bharti says:

    I have downloaded and installed MS Office 2010 beta. I use word,excel and PowerPoint generally. I have tested the software an believe it’s just great.

    First time during installation I encountered a problem but the next time I was successful. I have used all the above said software. There is a review about the newer innovations in the bunch 2010. You can read it at

  59. timo says:

    @Madku Kris

    No, I chose to custom install Office 2010 to a different directory (C:programsoutlook2010) to not (theoretically) disrupt my “working well” copy of Office Ultimate 2007 and Outlook 2007.

    I received the 2203 error at the very end of the 2010 install, which then stated it was “rolling back” changes (which also took a very long time).

    Unfortunately, when I did attempt to enter ANY Office 2007 product, they all had to reinstall themselves; worse Outlook 2007 had the mspst.dll error which I still can’t get around (which I use daily and all day for my small business). I did use your step by step procedures above, which seemed to get past the 2203 error, but it then brought me to a bootstrap error.

    Even using the Original DVD of my Office 2007 Ultimate does not “repair” my outlook…as it ends up with either a 2203 error again or the bootstrap error.

    Also, the file it complains about does not seem to exist on my system (mspst.dll).

    Obviously, the 2010 beta did not leave my 2007 install alone; worse, it removed files my Outlook 2007 required to run.

    I think the frustrating part of this is I’ve tested many betas from programmers who obviously are one person shows…who run flawlessly on systems and don’t affect any other product. Yet, Microsoft, whom I have supported for decades…can’t even get a beta installed without messing up a system…using their operating system…and their software. Do no harm…! The statement “Well…that’s why they call it a beta”…simple doesn’t work with an “installation”. You expect issues with the “operation” of a package in a beta…not the disruption of other packages, systems and services. That’s year one, class one of basic programming ethics.

    Sorry for the vent…VERY frustrating!

  60. Madhur says:

    Please support Office 2010 on 64-bit XP.

  61. badams says:

    Installed 2010 Pro, Project, and Visio on Vista Enterprise x64. Installed the 32bit versions. No installation errors, no issues with activation, BUT…

    Outlook lost it’s ability to provide email notifications. No sound, no desktop notification, no email icon in the tray. Also, no way to "de-select" the "empty trash" notification upon exit.

    I know this sounds like trivial issues, but it is basic functionality for Office users. By all means, increase the ability of applications, but why take away what we already have and love?? I have sent several "frowns" to MSFT, but have not had any responses. It’s posted all over the forums, everyone is having problems with this, but MSFT is silent.

    Will there be hotfixes for this beta to address these issues, or a "beta-2" release for further bug check?

    Oh, and to answer a post above: 2010 WILL overwrite your PST files, so rolling back to 2007 will give you error messages when you try to start Outlook again. It will work, but you will see "this file created using a newer version…"etc. etc. each time you start it up.

  62. pwned says:

    I’ve got the same problem as frankf. It was simply because I’ve lost electricity during the installation. Any ideas how to solve it?

  63. timo says:


    I learned years ago in “Customer Service 101” that once you give something to a customer, you can never take it away (i.e. your comment on Outlooks apparent lost abilities). You can give your customer choice (to turn on or off a feature)…but never take something back. It actually comes across as being worse than not introducing a desired option/feature to begin with.

    Worse, you never know if that was the selling feature that sold the customer in the first place.

    MS has been notorious for this in the past…and obviously hasn’t learned anything.

  64. somhay says:

    I had Office 2010 Tech up and running.  I uninstalled it and installed Office 2010 Beta.  I also installed the compatibility program for Outlook.  It has worked for a few days but now Outlook has siezed up and stopped downloading my 22nd message.  I tried several times to cancel send/recieve but could not get passed message 22.  I closed Outlook and now it won’t re-start.  Any ideas?

  65. agus subandi, says:

    sesuatu yang baru belum tentu menjadi pilihan masyarakat. butuh penyesuaian agar masyarakat merasakan adanya kemanfaatan dari teknologi tersebut, bila saja teknologi yang baru mampu menyediakan layanan yang cepat dan dapat dinikmati masyarakat, maka tanpa banyak iklan dengan sendirinya akan dicari dan terus disenangi yang kemudian dicintai. akankah mampu menjaga kualitas menjadi yang tercepat didalam mengakses permintaaan pengguna teknologi ini ! sebuah tantangan yang terus harus dikaji dan disempurnakan. selamat bekerja.

  66. Steve says:

    Hi, I like some of the new features very much, e.g. new searching and Insert/Screenshot. But is there any technical reason why inserting screenshots is not available within documents in compatibility mode?

  67. willchangetoanothermailclient says:

    Same problem with outlook 2007 and the mspst.dll here!

    i appreciate any help. system restore failed.

  68. badams says:


    Here is what I had to do to roll back to 2007 and remove the error message:

    1. Export your folders (i.e. Personal Folders) to a new PST file from the 2007 client. Name it something you’ll remember and put it in the default folder.

    2. Go to >tools >account settings, select the “data files” tab.

    3. Click “Add”, and select the first option (Outlook PST file).

    4. Navigate to your newly created PST file and select “OK”. It will take you back to the Data Files screen. Click on the new file and then select “Set as Default”.

    5. You can try to remove the other file, but you’ll get an error message telling you that the two files are syncing. Give it a few minutes (depending on the size of your file), then go back and it will let you remove it.

    6. You should now have all of your settings, folders, contacts, etc., and won’t see the error message since the new PST file was created with 2007.

    MSFT might have some sort of cleanup tool to use instead, but danged if I could find it. This worked for me, I’m using 2007 on my primary PC and evaluating 2010 on a virtual Windows 7 client.

    Good luck!

  69. cyano says:

    I agree with all above requests that Office 2010 should be installable on Windows XP Professional x64 bit edition.

  70. Seiji says:


    I have encounterd exactly the same situation as n5xmt wrote above.

    Only one difference is that I am using a Japanese version of Win XP Pro, SP3 32 bit.

    Office 2010 was installed fine, but when trying to activate, it pops up almost immediately with a message written in Japanese. The meaning of the message is the same as what n5xmt wrote, “an unspecified error has ocurred.  Your request cannot be processed at this time.  Please try again later. (0x80070001)”.

    I have tried install Office-2010 onto different PCs (all running Japanese version of Vista or XP-pro), for all them, I have succeeded.

    I would like to know how I can activate this pc, on which I can not activate.

  71. James Bannan says:

    Yes please support WinXP 64 for 2010. Is MS listening?

  72. badams says:

    Is MS listening? Of course not. They have made their statement above, they won’t support XP x64, and they aren’t interested in what we think. Funny, the commercials all say “I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was MY idea”. Well, 2010 was NOT my idea, worst bag of code I’ve seen since ME came out.

    Here’s s different line of thought: I’m an IT guy, very involved in what products we introduce into the enterprise. There are far too many options out there now for MSFT to play “our way or no way”.

    Hey MSFT: here’s an idea, why not actually ask people what they want, put your money into coding a good product, then you won’t have to put so much money into commercials trying to convince everyone how good your product is. Make sense? Sure. Will they do it? No, they never have and never will.

    I won’t be impressed until they actually develop code according to standards: you ask what is needed (requirements), code accordingly, test, test, test, beta release, test more, 2nd beta, actually listen to input, then, only when you are certain it meets requirements, it’s a RC.

  73. dunce says:

    Three things I am totally unhappy about in Office 2010 is no 64-bit XP support, no ISO Open XML for earlier versions and no equivalent for OneNote or Works database in Starter.

  74. Keith says:

    But Office 2007 was supported. Not even the 32-bit version is supported. As of today, XP 64 is only 4 years old whereas Vista is 3 years old. 32 bit XP is 8 years old. This is an injustice to customers who purchased 64-bit XP back then in 2005. With such a short lifecycle, we are being forced to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7. Why is MS tying Office versions to Windows? Isn’t a Pentium 4 with EM64T perfectly capable of running a program like Office? Why am I being made to upgrade my Windows for which I will have to change my hardware too?

  75. timo says:

    The worse thing about this page, created by Microsoft Engineering ostensibly to monitor our pro’s and con’s concerning the new beta, is that when there is an obvious issue, and we have taken the time to comment on the issue, there is NO feedback, NO support, NO help from Microsoft in any way that I have seen that’s truly been constructive.

    My case of the failed 2010 install (into a different directory than my 2007 install), and then its failed rollback which has made it impossible to launch Outlook 2007 due to a Mspst.dll error, is now over three (3) weeks old. Googling online has led to no solution for either the beta error I incurred or a solution to put my system back to the way it was before the test.

    It’s not like there are thousands of posts on this page; with MS’s manpower there should have been at least some response, especially for those customers who wanted to try the new product.

    In any case, I have been an advocate of Microsoft and their products for decades…with this issue and another issue I’ve been fighting Microsoft on (their obsolete hosting services for our website) for many months, we’ve come to the conclusion that obviously they are not a company of either integrity or customer satisfaction driven purpose. I know some of you will wonder if that was ever the case; I’ll affirm it was.

    But it’s certainly changed a lot, even through our perspective, the last few years.

    @badams said it right above.

    In any case, you should really look at these posts Microsoft…and respond. The people who make these posts are not “just” complainers. Truly, they are the Gold you should be looking for.

    We are active users of the internet, we are social networkers, we are tweeters, we are of this computer AGE…we are users of your product. We are fathers, mothers, employees and business people. We are the ones who have built you by buying that product over the course of your history, and we will be the ones who continue to do so…or not, in the future.

    Sadly, I see most posters on this web page have posted nothing since December 1st…I take that as sign of giving up to ears that don’t seem to hear. That should be a hint of a potential nightmare to come.

    Come on Micrsoft…step up to the plate.

    Do the right thing.

  76. badams says:

    @TIMO, I actually stood up and applauded your post (and now my wife is certain that I’ve lost it).

    You are absolutely correct. I am an infrastructure architect, and I’ve worked with and recommended MSFT products time and time again, worked with our TAM on issues that shouldn’t even BE issues, and still get the feeling that I’m just another cog in the giant wheel.

    This is truly getting old. I’ve posted on the other page, sent frown after frown, and haven’t received a single response from MSFT. (One of the most amazing posts I have seen on the other site is where someone said “I sent a frown and got a response from the tech team”. All of the other posters were stunned! That is one out of how many thousands of users?)

    But just wait: the new Office 2010 commercials will tell everyone how wonderful everything is, and like 7, will claim that they finally listened to everyone.

    As for me, I’ve been exploring Google Business Apps. I’ve been down this rabbit hole too many times.

  77. Cormac says:

    Excel just keeps crashing! At this stage, I’m not even able to keep a document open for 5 seconds and it crashes!

  78. keerthanan says:

    den er god

  79. PRzit says:

    Outlook 2010(Beta)(x64) did’t Sync through Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 with my Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone. It just erase my Contakts and dont wont to sync them back. Please help! I cant make my Outlook default mail, calendar and contacts programm. Use default checkbox in parameters marked. Contacts checkbox Mobile Device Center is available.

  80. honey says:

    I can’t installed office 2010 because my computer announce “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system”

    Help me urgent

  81. Nicomo says:

    Office 2010-64bit Enterprise Edition – doesn’t install

    (on Win7-64-UltimateRC1)

    Downloads fine – but the install fails consistently.

    Will try a fresh download – would appreciate a troubleshooting link to try out.

    All Hardware is capabale and software is within the requirements so I truly don’t know why it doesn’t work.

  82. Curt Jr says:

    Do you suppose that issues posted on this blog are what is causing so many people to switch to the other operating systems?  No names mentioned, but one other operating system has recently been gaining a lot of converted users.

  83. rod says:

    I was going to install 2010 Office Beta, but after seeing all the problems, I wont.

    Install problems need someone more knowledgable than me to work on them.

    I drive a car but am not a mechanic…So, if the average USER cant use the system, it’s best I wait til the errors go away.   I wouldnt drive a new car with known bugs, just to start the ignition.

    Looking forward to Office 2014.

  84. miriam says:

    @TED WAY: You write to somebodoy that SAS should be installed with the technical preview. so it was, but as i installed the beta it asked to uninstall older versions… so I uninstalled all I find incl. SAS…

    what can I do?

  85. Dan_IT says:

    When I first downloaded Office 2010 I was quite impressed by Outlook. It really developed a lot. The Outlook Social Connector is a feature I’ll definitely use in Outlook very often. Therefore I can accept that the search is still not good enough to cope with all my incoming messages, thanks to lookeen this isn’t really a problem.

  86. Lizzie says:

    I got the download for Home office, but when I install I get this “A file required to set up Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (Beta) is corrupted. Try running Setup again. If the problem continues, contact your computer manufacturer for support.” Can someone help tell me what I need to do?

    Thanks, Lizzi

  87. David says:

    Unnoticed Outlook Problems

    1. when creating a form, your logos arrive as attachments because of a glitch in the “automatic image compression”, when you compose an email without turning off automatica image compression, it also arrives as embarrassing attachments. meaning, that the problem lies in the way outlook stores forms, somehow reverting to a default format,

    and that form, once created, can never be adjusted with image compression on or off to solve th problem, and the form becomes forever useless. Unless you possibly go through the procedure of selecting each image in the form and turning off compression, which defeats the purpose of using forms

    Solution: give a tools menu option to permanently disable “automatic compression”, which also re-establishes/remembers the similar function and setting in the Forms creator / developer / manager

    2. Signature files do not include a text-wrapping option. I understand you did this because of the “buggy” behavior of the signature file, but when editing the signatures .htm file in the signatures folder with MS Word’s WYSIWYG editor you can achieve text wrapping effect, giving the logo to the right of several lines of text, which an overwhelming majority of corporate logos and signatures require, but is not doable in Outlook 2007s signature tool. many people are even coding the breaks into the html

    Solution: Add the single “text wrapping’ “Through” function in the signature editor in Outlook, and disable “image compression” for images and logos used in signatures to prevent them from arriving as attachments

    3. the html format is word is not “email safe”, meaning alot of the format disappears in web-based email, though it looks great in Outlook. The HTML editor is too complex / rich and needs to be modified for outlook to keep to standard browser widths, and use only objects that can show through and work with all web-based email clients.

    forget about those code-nuts who want to spread spyware and malicious viruses on outr comuters with CSS

    and focus on Outlooks features being on standard width, and with standard funtions that work with web-based email clients, as opposed to matching browser standards the radical developers are demanding

    Solution: make the Outlook Email editer less powerful than Word’s, and limit margins and functions of objects and layout and formatting which doesnt work with main email services such as Gmail

    and #4.

    Add a tools menu function to make all carriage returns behave as shift + enter, so that those of us who properly compose our emails don’t get them double and tripls and quadruple spaced on the web-based email’s client server

    editing the signature .htm file also requires the use of shift+enter to even make a new line, just hitting enter skips an entire page.

    the signature editor should have only shift+enter carriage return function for all ‘enter’s

    a proper email is composed double spaced, much as I am composing this post

    this is standard email format, especially in international business communications where separating lines really helps to clarify the message and divide the points, and avoid costly mistakes and serious errors

    and when we compose the email like this in Word, in proper format, it is recieved in other email clients





    and #5.

    when importing your contacts from an excel database, all Chinese formatting is lost, and shows up as little square boxes

    I must first import my excel database into access, and then save it, and then import the access database into outlook, that is the only way I can read Chinese Charaters on an English windows XP and English Outlook.

    Solution: fix outlooks encoding issues.. or is it excels?  

    and #6

    it would be nice if we could instantly add skype, twitter, facebook, blogspot, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, etc to our signature in the signature editer

    such as a little icon developer, where you browse for the icon, and select the function, or have them all ready made.

    but alot if different countries have very different messengers/ blogs, so it would be much more useful to have an icon developer / editer

    and #7-10

    7. Adding a date for sent messages sitting in your outbox or ‘future outbox’ folder to send to specific dates weeks or even months away

    currently you only give us several hours to delay, we really need a calendar to appear, and select the date and time manually

    and that should even be built into the Mail merge steps, so this mail merge sent out today, the next mail merge sent out next friday, etc…

    8. Mail-merges currently do not have an option to add custom fields to the body of the email if the mailmerge is sent as an attachment, which completely defeats the purpose of having a mail merge with attachments sent to 30 people.

    If you cant even add their name to the body of the text, why would you want to add their name to the atttachment? there needs to be th ability to do both, or the Mailmerge remains sort of ‘broken’

    9. Mail merges currently cannot send to multiple email address fields for contacts, such as a spouse email/ comapnay / email etc., other than distribution lists, which dont even have enough data for a mail merge. the only way around this is to mail merge directly from an excel database, and sen to email 1 first, then do another email merge to the email 2 fields.

    i, for one, do not write 2 email addresses for one person unless each email address serves a different function.

    10. Email accounts and outlook account selection should be built directly into outlook, and not only achieved through the windows control panel.

    I used to have 3000 different contacts on my PDA phone that would sync to my windowns mobile 6 pda no matter what I did, until i created a new account for business contacts and another account for personal contacts, which made my life extrmely miserable.

  88. johann4 says:


    I recently bought a new laptop with Windows 7 32-bit and have been using the pre-installed trial version of Office 2007. Today, I downloaded and installed Office 2010 beta 32-bit. No errors occurred during the installation; I restarted my computer; then started Word 2010 and opened a DOCX-file, I changed something, then pressed “save”, then Word froze. I restarted Word 2010, repeated what I’d been doing, Word froze again. I opened a different document; Word froze again. I opened a blank document then clicked on the exit X in the top-right corner, Word froze again. and so on.

    Word basically froze within a few clicks no matter what I did.

    Any thoughts on this? What’s the problem? Somehow I didn’t have to enter the key that I received when I downloaded the file from the Microsoft website – could this be the problem?

  89. Jolahola says:

    I cannot download the file !

    The downloadmanager just does what he has to do, until the end: at 99%, it says: fatal error, file corrupt. He has downloaded then 648.47 MB of 648.48, but i have only the option to restart the download, or cancel. Since we have downloadlimits here in Belgium, i can’t afford to me to have several times the same problem – this is why I cancelled the download.

    This all happened 2 times (last days of december, and today). I’m working with windows7, and IE 8.0.

    any suggestions to solve this ?


  90. Mary Paddock says:

    I would trade anyone’s install problems for my uninstall problems. I’m a long time user of Microsoft Office Products, and have beta tested for them for years (mostly for the fun of it). I don’t like 2010. It insists on installing from the internet every time I use it and I don’t want to wait around on it.

    This morning I set about uninstalling it and have continued to suffer from one error message after another. First it says there’s a problem with the One click App. Then when I set about uninstalling the One Clip App it says the action can’t be completed. I’ve done a restart, shut off everything running in the background to no avail. If this is the future of this particular incarnation, I think I’ll wait for the next one.

  91. johann4 says:

    I made a post 3 days ago about my problem with Word, which I have solved in the meantime: Apparently, the EndNote add-on caused this problem. I un-installed Office 2010, deactivated Endnote under Word 2007, then re-installed Office 2010. Now everything works fine.

  92. outlook says:

    My outlook 2007 does not work after the 2010 uninstall.

  93. sam says:

    Is it possible to get a new key for the Beta if you happened to “misplace” your original?

  94. cheap computers says:

    The applications seem to launch a little faster than the Technical Preview, and I like the blue and black color schemes in Word 2010 that were not in the initial Technical Preview.

  95. Mir Mudasir says:

    I tried to install Office 2010, It is showing

    the installation of this package failed

  96. Orion says:

    I have istalled Office 2010 on all six of my computers and it appears to work fine.  Now I have two of the computers begin to get hung up in sending messages using Outlook.  I get a “Not responding” in OutLook.  I have reloaded Office 2010, tried to fix it and nothing seems to work

  97. news says:

    i installed 2010 and i now want to get rid of it cos it is rubbish. Every time i go into add or remove programs and click remove it restarts my computer! Also my 07 outlook has dissappeared. I NEED HELP!!!

  98. ThomasInParis says:

    I had a little trouble loading the Beta but finally got it to work, from info I got off the Internet that did not come with the Beta download or subsequent emails from MS.

    I had more trouble with Outlook 2010.  It runs fine and is generally nice, but I could not find any way to reliably sync it with my Windows Phone running WM6.5.  So, I performed a rollback, which was easy … except my copy of Outlook 2007 got deleted.  No biggie, I reinstalled it from my Office Ultimate 2007 DVDs.

    I had the ultimate problem (well, it is Office Ultimate, right?).  Outlook 2007 refuses to function.  I have the same problem as many above, that the mspst.dll is missing, etc.  Problem is, I tried two of the fixes mentioned above and none works.  So, I have an unsynced phone with outdated info, Google Sync which doesn’t work with Office 2010 with outdated info, and can’t run Outlook 2007.

    One more thing:  I chose to have the Beta installed ALONGSIDE my Office 2007, and it STILL obliterated Outlook 2007.

    Don’t install this Beta if you depend on Outlook in any way!

  99. Volker says:

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    ______( ô ô )______


    Ich möchte einen netten Gruß hinterlassen

    und ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie auf

    meiner Homepage auch einmal

    vorbei schauen würden!

  100. Firnaz says:


    I got the download for Home office, but when I install I get this "A file required to set up Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (Beta) is corrupted. Try running Setup again. If the problem continues, contact your computer manufacturer for support."
    Can someone help tell me what I need to do?

    Thanks, Lizzi


    Install service pack 3. it will work

  101. cheap computers says:

    This post was very helpful for me to look at the big picture. I often get lost in the small details and forget about the long-term plan. Thanks for the info! I’d like to recommend it with reference to my website

  102. Leonard Leedy says:

    I installed the beta and really like Excel Outlook is giving me problems. every time I start Outlook It reinstalls the software. I am also getting an error when I click Send/Receive “Not Implemented”

    Anyone know of a fix?

    If I can’t get it fixed and uninstall outlook will the modifications of the mailbox work with 2007?


  103. Raju' says:

    Hi Guys,

    Still I couldn’t activate my Office 2010. Kindly suggest some way out….


  104. Sudhanshu sekhar Sahoo says:

    If problem arises when you try to change the product key.

    Then there is a way out you can still fix this problem.

    Go to the Location “C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE14Office Setup Controller”

    and run the “Setup” with administrator privilage.

    Your product will be activated

  105. Deepak says:

    Hey wen i try to install te office beta2010, it will start to install n te second sep i got a error message like TP Error te message is tat exception in the download thread. can anyone help me to solve this problem. thanks.

  106. küchen freiburg says:

    grüße aus freiburg

  107. Gabi says:

    "I got the download for Home office, but when I install I get this "A file required to set up Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (Beta) is corrupted. Try running Setup again. If the problem continues, contact your computer manufacturer for support." Can someone help tell me what I need to do?"

    Same problem with my computer, and installing SP3 is irrelevant as I use win 7 (X64.

    any suggestions on how to download a workung installation file??

  108. amccum02 says:

    I downloaded the Microsoft Beta but it keeps popping up with a message saying “Microsoft Office may appear unresponsice temporarily as the required files are downloaded.” Appearing unresponsive is not the word for it, I can open it and maybe a file but then that is as far as it lets me go. This message bubble has been popping up for 24 hrs now and I’m wondering if it will ever finish doing what it needs to do. Is there anything I can do to move this along?

  109. Ferienwohnung Ostsee Schönberger-Strand says:

    I wasn’t happy with 2007. Waiting for 2010.



  110. Wasserbetten Freiburg says:

    Good Site.


  111. About MySpace and Facebook integration in Microsoft Outlook says:

    Good to see outlook getting ribbon however, why do they leave the UI white i mean why is it so hard to make ribbon either unified with windows colours or leave a colour choice as in office 2007 :S why do they seem to always go against the grain with each other one takes a step forward improving interface then other takes a step backwards. This is what i mean by they need to make a unified OS interface very similar to the principles to osx and leopards interface, and by no means am i an apple or mac fan boy far from i just respect and appreciate their focus, unification and quality approach to UI OS wide.

  112. Chris Petty says:

    The Mailing feature for WORD Beta is the same old hassle. You can only print one envelope at a time and then the address box closes. And a lot of the time, the defaut fonts I set for the addresses disappear.

    What’s with that?  Why can’t you leave the address box open so, if you have several envelopes going to different people at the same address, all you need to do is change the name of the recipient?

    Also a nice feature would be to have Spell-Check for state abbreviations.

    PLEASE! PLEASE!  Upgrade Mailing

  113. Ferienwohnung Kluntjes Greetsiel says:

    Viele Grüße aus dem schönen Fischerdorf Greetsiel

  114. Matratzen Freiburg says:

    I have no problems.

  115. Urban Classics says:

    Wow…this is great.  I can (likely) get rid of Xobni which I have been using as an Outlook AddOn.  The only reason that I might keep it is because it has LinkedIN and Facebook data already.

    Hey…doesn’t MS own some of Facebook?  Hint…hint  🙂

  116. sms freak says:

    Nice article!

    i love Office xD … Microsoft rulezzzzz!


  117. I ran 2010 TP for a very long time, upgrade to BETA is NOT installing says:

    I ran 2010 TP for a very long time, upgrade to BETA is NOT installing

    Even with Run as Administrator (best advice from msdn technet)


  118. marilyn says:

    I have a Windows7 Ultimate 64 bit system and I tried to set up my download of MSOffice Prof 2010 but I’m getting this error message, please help!!!!!! 🙂  

    Setup did not complete successfully. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Problem signature:

     Problem Event Name: Office12Setup

     Problem Signature 01: {10140000-0F00-0000-0000–0000000FF1CE}

     Problem Signature 02: 14.0.4514.1004

     Problem Signature 03: X

     Problem Signature 04: 1603

     Problem Signature 05: Word.en-ussetup.xml

     Problem Signature 06: X

     Problem Signature 07: X

     OS Version: 6.1.7600.

     Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:

     LCID: 1033

    I really need help ASAP, my other office is gone and I need to work today 3/10/2010

  119. Mike Gaccioli says:

    How long will we be able to use MS Proj 2010 Beta?

  120. Günter Hogrefe says:

    Bei mir läuft alles rund, keine Probleme.

  121. carsten schmidt says:

    yes very usefull 😉

  122. Matt Ebbighausen says:

    I have received an error installing 2010 beta.

    It says "There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office.  Try running set up again.  IF the problem continues, contact Microsoft Product Support"

    I have tried downloading the program probably 5 times today and I am running Windows 7.

  123. ML49448 says:

    Ich finde das neue Office deutlich Benutzerfreundlicher.


  124. Andy E2 says:

    Dov Gilberd = 🙂

    Thanks for the help!

  125. says:

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  126. Trauringe says:

    Ich gratuliere zur informativen Seite. Schön, dass es noch Leute mit Ideen gibt. Liebe Grüsse, Mikail

  127. paul says:

    I had more trouble with Outlook 2010.  It runs fine and is generally nice, but I could not find any way to reliably sync it with my Windows Phone running WM6.

    WMDC gives me Support code 0x80072EE2.When i try x64 version i have another error "Either these is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client"

  128. paul says:

    Thank You for the 2203 fix for Win7 and Office 2010. I wish my girlfriend could make everything as hard as Microsoft always does.

  129. jay says:

    I installed 2010.  Now while everything else works, I cannot enter my calendar without and error.   Help!

  130. Shamess says:

    Installed Office 2010 Beta last week.  Everything is great except Outlook gives error "connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable…" when I attempt to access my GAL.  Everything else in outlook is operating correctly. Using Exchange 2007 and it was fine before upgrading from Office 2007 to 2010 Beta.

  131. Santo1 says:

    i am not a tech person,

    i downloaded 2010 beta it wont install nor when i try to uninstall it i get a this language does not communicate with my system. i an idiot for even attempting this – my office 2007 was working fine now i can do nothing :((((

  132. Santo1 says:

    i am not a technical person.

    i installed  and it gives me an error 2033 – i am trying to uninstall and it wont let me says my language is wrong…WTF….i am held hostage , for i cannot use office now for anything- im screwed, i should have never attempted this. things were working fine with MS 2007

  133. Seebär says:

    I installed Microsoft Office 2010 Beta last week.

    Thx for your information mate, very interesting.

  134. para imprimir says:

    al poner vista preliminar en excel las celdas aparecen incompletas

  135. pp03 says:

    hey, i have the same problem like deepak, there is tp error : exception in download thread, how can i fix it? os: win 7 professional x86

  136. Daniel says:

    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt was sich Microsoft für das neue Office alles einfallen lässt.

    Weiter so ..

  137. Dürrschnabel says:

    Danke für die hilfreichen Tips

  138. davetattch says:


    I’ve managed to lose the product key that I was sent for my beta install. where can I find it?

  139. charlie says:

    Couldn’t download beta. TP error, exception in download thread. I quit after five attempts.

  140. Bernie says:

    I uninstalled the beta and now I can’t get rid or outlook always saying:

    Either there is no default client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messing request.  Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client.

    Can anyone help me on this?

  141. Andrei ene says:

    About the same as charlie: Couldn’t download beta. TP error, exception in download thread. I quit after five attempts. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  142. Jason says:

    The new office seems innovative however my company and many other organizations cannot use it because of the product activation. With office 2003 and even 07 you could use the software without it. I hope that part gets removed before the final release otherwise it looks like OpenOffice is our new suite of choice.

  143. Ranjeet V Jose says:

    Error code: 0x8007232B

    I faced problems activating the copy of office 2010 beta 32bit version. While clicking on the "change product key" button in kept telling me that "The setup controller has encountered a problem during install. Please review the log files for further information on the error."

    I tried to activate it form the help screen, but found no luck. I uninstalled SAS and restarted the system and even then it said the same.

    The solution i found was to open control panel>programs and features>professional plus 2010 and click on the change option.

    In the change option you have the option to enter a product key, i tried this and it worked. There is a restart necessary after this step and after the restart we will again have to activate the product by following the simple steps, this happens once you open any app like word or excel.

    Good luck and I’m on my way testing the new package.

  144. mike says:

    Anyone got the solution to the "TP Error – Exception in the download thread" ?????


  145. Ranjeet V Jose says:

    used the OSC and its fine with linked-in, except that I’m unable to get the friends list up when in the reading page, i tried to select the different options on the reading layout , turn on/off people pane but not bale to figure it out..

  146. kl says:

    Come on Microsoft. Stop ignoring all these people asking you about the Exception in Download Thread error. They’re testing your software for you. The least you could do is reply.

  147. ddx says:

    Dialog box pops up with title of TP Error. Single line message is Exception in Download thread. Went to above cited forums, tried search on the very first page. 2 hits and no answers, yet several of us on this page alone with the error. Somewhat ironically, may I suggest that anyone trying to download a 2 minute Office installer is not going to want to take the time to post a support request and wait for a response about a common issue repeated in this thread. Perhaps it is a server issue you may want to look in to…

  148. kl says:

    The difficulty with that, offTeam, is that the Microsoft Office Beta Newsgroup is set to "archive" status and is being retired.

  149. Heiko says:

    Bin mal gespannt wie diese onlinegeschichte funktioniert und was es kann.

  150. Bertron says:

    Hi Office 2010 people,

    I have a strange problem: after installing office 2010 beta and using it without flaws for a while, the setup of office 2007 automatically ran and installed office 2007 again. Now all office files are opened with office 2007 unless I open 2010 first. Could it be related to some add-ins I installed for Excel ('solver' and 'data analysis')?


  151. Flores says:

    I like this Office 2010 beta. What I would like to know is: how long we may test this office or when its testing period will be expired?

  152. I install on windows 7 64 bit but it not open says:

    When I install office 2010 it is working.  And office 2007 is also working. After restart the computer it is not open only one circle is come with mouse then there no screen has been come. What is exact problem? I Need to install again?

  153. Arthur says:

    Hi guys. I need your help. I tried to install the Beta Version of Office Professional 2010. Unfortunately, I accidentally cancelled it and the installation stopped. Now, when I tried to re install it, it always comes up with a set up error. I tried to restart my PC and its the same. I also tried to unistall the Office 2010 but it doesnt install and it says Set Up Error, the language of this installation package is not supported by your system. I am using Wndows 7 already. I cant use all my office now including Outlook, Excel and Word.  Please help!

  154. morgan bennett says:

    it really good

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