New Ways to Try and Buy Microsoft Office 2010

We’re thrilled about the growing number of people who are using Microsoft Office every day to get things done at work, at home, at school and on the go. For instance:

  • 500 million people worldwide use Microsoft Office
  • From July, 2008 through June, 2009 – Office 2007 experienced 92% year over year growth in trials, equating to 23 million trial downloads
  • Office 2007 Home and Student edition has been the top selling PC software title at US retail for the last two years

On the heels of such positive momentum, we’re excited to talk about big improvements in the way we’ll deliver the next version of Office to consumers.

Along with the great product innovations we’re delivering in Office 2010, we’re introducing even more choice and flexibility for consumers in how they can try, buy and experience Office 2010 on new and existing PCs. This includes:


Product Key Card and Microsoft Office Starter 2010

clip_image002For consumers who purchase a new PC, Microsoft is working with major PC manufacturers and our retail partners to make it simpler than ever to try and buy Office 2010.

Through our retail partners, Microsoft is introducing an all-new Product Key Card to help consumers more easily access and experience Office 2010 on new PCs that have been pre-loaded with Office 2010. The Product Key Card is a single license card (with no DVD media) that will be sold at major electronic retail outlets.

An added bonus: The card’s packaging is smaller than the full package (DVD) product, and is eco/retail-friendly. The key number contained on the card will unlock Office 2010 software that has been pre-loaded by the PC manufacturers on their PCs, and enables a simpler and faster path for consumers to begin using any one of three full versions of Microsoft Office – Office Home & Student 2010, Office Home & Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010.


As part of Office 2010 software that will be pre-loaded by the PC manufacturers on their PCs, we’re introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010. Office Starter 2010 is a reduced-functionality, advertising-supported version of Office 2010, available exclusively on new PCs. Office Starter 2010 will provide new PC owners with immediate exposure to the Office 2010 experience on new PCs right out of the box.

Office Starter 2010 will include Office Word Starter 2010 and Office Excel Starter 2010, with the basic functionality for creating, viewing and editing documents. Office Starter 2010 will replace Microsoft Works, offering a consistent Office user experience, such as the Ribbon, with a simple path to upgrade to a fully-featured version of Office 2010 directly from within the product.

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Click-To-Run technology for downloading trial and purchasing Office 2010

For people who want to try or buy Office 2010 on existing PCs, Microsoft is unveiling Click-to-Run, a new and enhanced download experience for consumers. Click-to-Run makes it easier than ever for customers to try or buy Office digitally by significantly reducing the time and effort required to download Office 2010 over the Internet. Click-to-Run automatically downloads and installs any software patches when connected to the Internet, helping people maintain and keep their Office software up-to-date. Click-to-Run uses virtualization technology so it allows customers to maintain multiple versions of Office. This enables them to try Office 2010 side-by-side with the existing version of Office.

We will have the broad beta of Office 2010 later this year and invite people to become familiar with Office 2010, in the way that works best for them, and then easily upgrade to a full version of Office Home and Student 2010, Office Home and Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010 when they’re ready to buy. To find out more information about Office 2010 visit

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Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President, Office

Comments (97)
  1. John says:

    Sweeeeet!  Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. grdh20 says:

    Will technet subscribers get access to this beta anytime soon?

  3. Paul Fawcett says:

    I’d like to know if it would be possible to download the trial version of Office 2010, then if I decided to upgrade to the full version instead of having to buy the full DVD or purchase online would I be able to buy a Product Keycard from a store instead. Alternitavly buy the Keycard from a store and then download the program.

  4. Bryan says:

    Office 2010 Starter doesn’t sound that great at all.


    The fact that it is ad-supported puts me off from using it whatsoever, I know some people that share this opinion as well.

    BUT, It’s nice that they have a chance to get familiar with MS Office if they haven’t already done so.

    Balances out everything else.

  5. maguay says:

    I noticed that the Product Key card says that it is only for use on one computer; this to me is a step backward, unless it will be cheaper than the traditional boxed version of Office 2010 Home and Student.  Office 2007 Home and Student allows you to install the copy onto 3 computers in the same household, and this has made it possiable for many families to switch to Office from a free competator since the cost per computer worked out to be so cheap.  Please do not change this with Office 2010 … keep letting Home and Student run on 3 computers!

    Also, I think you should reconsider and let Office Starter be a free (or cheap) download from Microsoft.  If it is advertising supported then you will still make money from it, and many people (especially in Asia) still buy custom-built computers that are not bundled with software.  If they can download this, it will get them started using Office for free, and they are much more likely to buy the full version (I’ve sold friends on Office 2007 just by them watching me use it … if the interface is the same nice, consistant one from Office, it will catch them the same!).  Also, users of older versions of Office could download this, use it and see if they like the new interface without the time-limits of a trial, and then upgrade into full Office.  If you make it an absolutely free download, I think it will all-in-all increase your marketshare and help (rather than cut into) your revenue.  Please consider doing this!

    Thanks, and thanks for amazing products!  Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. P says:

    And regardless of whether you use it or want it, it’ll be loaded and bloated up on the computer.

    Hey Microsoft, I own my own house, but could you please let me buy a key to the third bedroom?  Second thought, you just keep my third bedroom.  I don’t need it.  

  7. Anthony Sullivan says:

    What about those not buying new PC-will Works still be offered?

    As they will not be able to get the “starter” version of Office 2010

    At least a portfolip

  8. Miss says:

    How about hackers unlocking the preloaded version. Has Microsoft addressed this issue. You lose out sooo much on pirated copies.

  9. Windows Boy says:

    Good. Looking forward to install Office 2010 beta.

  10. Jeff Weinstein says:

    Looks great! I can’t wait to play with it. 🙂

  11. Christopher Estep says:

    While Office Starter *will* replace Works (for obvious reasons) on new computers, there will also be Office Home and Business (for both new and existing computers) based on the same technology (C2R), Office Web Applications (an online-only, and absolutely free, version of the core Office applications) and traditional versions of Office Home and Business, Office Professional, and Office Mondo (which replaces both Office Ultimate and Office Enterprise).  Non-C2R versions will include both x32 and x64 (the x64 is new in the case of Office), and the C2R versions will run on both x32 and x64 versions of Windows (except XP64).

  12. thom says:

    1) The Product Key Card is not a new concept. Office 2007 had Medialess License Keys (MLKs) which were exactly the same thing. These were slightly cheaper than the full retail package.

    2) Click to Run, in my experience, has always been slow to start whatever the application, even if just a small app, nevermind the Office beasts. I’d be interested to see what the user experience is like for that

    3)Wouldn’t it be of benefit to offer Office Starter as a free download rather than only for OEMs? It could be downloaded as part of the Windows Live package or maybe even through the new Office Web apps

  13. Used Bucket Truck says:

    I love Microsoft Office. It is very useful. Thanks for sharing this new information.

  14. Dam6 says:

    FAO: P

    “And regardless of whether you use it or want it, it’ll be loaded and bloated up on the computer”

    Click Start, Control panel, Programs and Features. Un-install Office.

    Glad to help.

    I’ve been using the Beta of 2010 (Pro) for two months and it’s a really, really nice package with great additions, mainly Outlook.  I’ll try and probably run the free version at home. Thanks MS

  15. The Office Starter Team says:

    Hello everyone – thanks so much for your comments, it’s great to see all this interest and discussion about our new Office Starter offering. I’d like to take a quick second here to address a couple of the questions and comments above. First, the Office Trial program will still exist as a download option for people who have existing PCs that want to try out Office 2010 before purchasing. You will be able to activate directly from the trial.

    We are discontinuing the Works product with the launch of Office 2010. There are a number of new Office products that will be available, including Office Home and Student.

    Thanks again for your feedback, you can catch a glimpse of Office Starter (and the built in advertising) in the video posted above.

    Brian Albrecht

    Group Program Manager – Office Starter

  16. Abdeldayem says:

    Super, what will be in the next edition after that one 2010, I think you reached the end?? who knows!!

  17. John Cz says:

    I posted my comments regarding Starter and Click-to-Run on Channel9 blog posts.

    @Abedeldayem-“reached the end?”, I think the future for Office looks brighter than ever.  There is so much work ahead to tie Office to the web.  For example, Outlook Business Contact Manager should be hosted/synced with Office Live Small Business.  Not doing so is limiting its potential.  MS Excel could use better web extraction capabilties than it currently has. MS SharePoint needs some serious enhancements.  Right now, I use DotNetNuke because skinning is more difficult that it needs to be with SharePoint.  Its also easier to build forms, collect and store data in SQL Server database using DotNetNuke.  It would be great to see SharePoint be able to serve up Microsoft Access databases, forms and reports.  That would give MS Access a reason to live on.  MS Office Communication Server needs an edition geared toward small businesses or at least find a way for Office Communicator to be utilized with 3rd party SIP servers.  InfoPath could/should be available on Office Live where more consumers can be exposed to it.  Microsoft Math probably should be included in the Office Student and Home edition.  Microsoft is doing quite a good job with collaboration and I think we’ll see that evolve.  MS Office apps could do a better job of utilizing multiple displays.  An example, with a dual montor config it would be nice if Excel would let you view two worksheets at the same time (sort of a double maximize capability).  I could go on and on…but you get the point.

  18. Seth Technet says:

    Works was simpler and faster than Office, but the different file formats have always been a pain. Windows 7 Wordpad finally has Word compatibility, so what are the advantages of Word 2010 Starter over Wordpad 7?

  19. piyush kant says:

    May be you keep the default extension as .doc .ppt .xls

    because it pains a lot to reconvert it into it’s compatible mode using it’s older versions.

    hoping for the best…

  20. John says:

    What’s going to happen if there is no internet connectivity to update the ads?

  21. Al Romanosky says:

    Starter advertising – ALA NetZero, Juno and so forth – not very thoughtful, however major comment concerns absence of replacemengt for Works database

    Membership in several computer clubs has shown that tghe dagtabase is of major importance to average user.

  22. Oamey says:

    I hear the word “upgrade later” and “limited functionality” and I am immediately put off. After paying $200 every other year for a new operating system all your software should come with it. Durrr. I don’t want any of this “limited functionality” crap. This is why I encourage software piracy. It’s the only way I can get what I paid for, instead of being nickeled and dimed every three seconds. Microsoft, I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time, but I’m sick of having to upgrade things! If I pay for the software, the upgrades should be “freeeeee.” Or at least cheaper. I bought Vista a year ago and now I have to pay another hundred+ bucks to upgrade that? I think not. Torrentsearch here I come.

  23. tom says:

    Why is everyone paying this crap? are all people using windows stupid?

  24. Mark Y. says:

    I was expecting that, I believe most of the software will be free in the future and companies will get revenue through ads, services, and consulting. Google leading this industry right now. On the other hand, cellphone companies will offer FREE services with ads pop up on your screen.

  25. newscientist2000 says:

    The keycard idea is good, although it depends on its price compared to the number of installs.  Office 2007 came with 3 installs per household and could be bought for as little as $99 – $149, that means an install price of $33-$50 for one machine.  If thats still the price then this deal could work out, and may tempt the average non committed user.

    Yeah pricing is a big issue.

  26. Леди ГаГа - дура, если по-русски... says:

    Может вы сделаете для Мака это ваше новое чудо полностью функциональным для Великого Русского языка… Надоело покупать эти language packs  для Русского в Windows!…. Но для Мака даже этой возможности никогда не было! Стыдно, микрософтовцы, стыдно!!! – при вашей успешности на рынке быть такими жадными!!! ПРОИГРАЕТЕ…!  УСТУПИТЕ ПОЗИЦИИ OPEN OFFICE ИЗ-ЗА ВАШЕЙ ЖАДНОСТИ И НАДМЕННОСТИ!!!…

  27. Jed says:

    The writing is on the wall for Microsoft – you can exist with all software for free and once that concept is packaged and marketed properly so the average user can user it MS will struggle to sell software. All software is eventually going to exist in the cloud with just a basic OS in the hardware and we’ll be connected permanently on all devices types.

  28. Kathy Brumley says:

    I’m a 47yers. new first time college student that does on-line schooling I feel this 2010 would benifit me greatly with my studies

  29. BoltBait says:

    Can we get a screenshot of what the ads will look like?

  30. dbh says:

    Well the adverts in Office 2010 Starter Edition don’t look that bad at all they’re functional but not in your face distracting:

    That would definitely make me want to try it out.  Certainly this is a great idea for cash conscious users who only want some of the basic functionality of Excel and Word.  Which might include me on any additional Windows partitions when I dual or triple boot.

    The question then is how frequently people use the other Office applications?

    Obviously Outlook is not going to have an ad supported version anytime soon.  There is no real obvious competitor, and this will make sure Business customers keep buying the full version at least in the short term which is Microsoft’s main source of Office revenue.

    But how many people use PowerPoint regularly?  I’m guessing most people use PowerPoint to view presentations but not many will actually get around to editing them on a regular basis.  In that case I would hope that a PowerPoint viewer is integrated into the Office 2010 Starter edition.

    The risk for Microsoft is that people would just download Open Office Impress in those rare cases when they needed a basic PowerPoint editor, which isn’t bad in itself unless the user downloads the whole Open Office suite with Impress.  This could destroy the ad driven model of Office 2010 Starter.

    This point of course may be less of an issue if the Office 2007 file formats (*.docx, *.xlsx) are pushed as defaults in Office 2010 Starter as Open Office is not that reliable with these newer file formats which may keep these users loyal.  Users could also be kept loyal if there was an online version of PowerPoint for those rare times when a PowerPoint editor is needed.

    It’ s going to be interesting to see if this carrot be used to get people to use other Microsoft Live services, and generate larger profits going forward.  Office 2010 Starter Edition is certainly going to be an interesting move for Microsoft.

  31. Steve says:

    Word Starter has only the menus: Home, Insert, Page Layout and Mailings!

    No use to anyone who knows Word. Nothing TOC and Index!

    Is for those people that formats the page with the enter key and the spacebar!

  32. Tracy says:

    will office starter 2010 also be available for purchase like works is, which also comes pre-installed on new computers? thank you.

  33. Murali says:


  34. Pherun says:


  35. Dieting says:

    will office starter 2010 also be available for purchase like works is, which also comes pre-installed on new computers? thank you.

  36. mustafa says:

    It would be greatly helpful to see a feature comparison between the editions.

    Also, are there any compatabilty issues between Office 2010 starter edition and Office 2007?

  37. Joe says:

    What features of Excel and Word (if any) will be disabled for the starter edition?

    Great change of business model to start this new scheme.

  38. Ishar says:

    Yep, waiting to download office 2010 beta. Anyway I heard some people get early version of Office 2010 beta which come with a USB pen drive. humm how it could be?

  39. 家高 詳冶 says:



  40. 家高 詳冶 says:

    good news

  41. asif says:

    very good for this

  42. Mirosław says:


  43. raghu says:

    ms office 2010 product key

  44. Keith says:

    And what will replace the Access database that I have been using for years? Office Starter team?? Do I have to migrate to Access which overwhelms me?

  45. J says:

    Ideas Stolen from Linspire/Xandros CNR

  46. gurvinder says:

    Good we will I get it

  47. Dilawar Ali says:

    what i have to do to buy it online?

  48. Online Pharmacy says:

    I am want to buy it

  49. kampanya says:

    Thank you very much for the excellent and useful subject.

  50. says:

    It is wery good!

    But I want freeware MS Word only (program with minimal capabilities)

  51. Vasya says:

    New Office (2007-2010) coming with absolutely stupid interface for lamer only. Pls return back classical interface.

  52. zail lalaraa says:

    chi bol … za sda

  53. murray says:

    cool like it. But most of all like the product keys you can buy without having to have the disc. Because i already had microsoft ofiice 2007 already on my pc and all i needed was a product key, but now you can just buy a product key without the disc.

  54. MS DIVA HEZZA says:

    1. So these “Pre-installed” need key card will be treated like an OEM version of the software? Motherboard failure and you have to buy the License all over again?

    2. Does Office Std and Pro Plus on  Volume Licensing still support 1 PC and 1 laptop by the same user?

    3. “Office Home and Student boxed product is available in a Family Pack, allowing usage on three PCs in one house” – is this more expensive than the $149 Boxed product? Or did they mean “avaliable AS A family pack”?

    4. What happened to the 1Q of 2010??!!! 😛

  55. Timothy Mitchell says:

    If my PC did not come with it installed, may I just download it from the web or install it from someone else’s disk and then buy the genuine Product Key Card to lock it?

  56. bahruzi says:

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    i am sure, iam can not built web in good

    i am from indonesa

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    ok thank

  57. Antonia R says:

    I just bought a new laptop PC and need MS Office Home and Student installed on it, mostly for word processing and viewing PowerPoint presentations.  My old laptop had my own 2003 version, then a friend upgraded that laptop with his 2007 3-PC license version, so I really have no compatible-with-Windows 7-Office software to load onto my new computer.  I don’t want to purchase an  Office H&S 2007 version now and then have to pay more money in six months for an upgrade. Since Office Home and Student 2010 is coming out in June and a free download beta version is available now, should I download the free 2010 beta and use it temporarily until the full version becomes available for sale?

  58. Doug Shannon says:

    looks good

  59. karin says:

    Is there any plan for a flat file database on the order of Works database?  That is the only component of Works that I use.  Access is overkill for most of my projects.  I like Works database and have been using it for years.  (I think my favorite version is Works 4 for Macs.  Currently using 9 on Vista)

    Anyway, is there a comparable program available to replace Works database?  Something inexpensive and simple?  I know open office has a program similar to Access but is there anything similar to the simpler Works database?

  60. umat akhir zaman says:

    allhamdullillah, yaa Allah SWT engkau telah berikan sebagian kecil dari kekuasaan-MU dimuka bumi ini.

  61. 电磁铁 says:

    thanks for shariing

  62. sato travel says:

    get free information and give me view

  63. Stationery Direct says:

    Thanks for sharing i will get back to u..

  64. bongo says:

    if you really want office 2010, download the beta for free. its available with a free licence until august/september 2010. get it from microsoft

  65. Ben du N It B4 There was MS says:

    How many new ways can u do a spreadsheet? a word Processor? I remember the original Word for Windows – it was the only reason I started using the Windows OS, it was that good.

    But I do not know if office 2007 or 2010 are worth the money. Vista is a dog. So I have been unwilling to take time to do office 2007.

    The reason for MS to make new versions is obvious. BG needs more $ 2 save the world. (PROFIT) not a dirty word but I think we are paying for "innovation" we do not need. Open Office has been on most of my computers since I got choked by Vista. I have gone back to XP to get some speed and performance.

    Of course the problem with Open Office is the opposite of MS Office. Lack of profit motive reduces incentive for spinning out new versions and reduces innovation. Will we wind up living in the clouds? Who knows? New ways to buy and try how about going back to upgrade pricing breaks?

  66. Joaquim Lopes says:

    Its very good

  67. Chemist says:

    i think we all should look forward to buy new Microsoft edition or atleast buy it rather then using pirated ones 🙂

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  70. ЯЯЯ says:

    Да ладно! Все кто ведется не интерфейс новый и удобный – не перейдет на open office!

  71. guest says:

    Haha in 2nd video he says "empire straight building"

  72. sundeep says:

    hi guys….can anyone mail me the product key for MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010(beta)…unless it i cant install the damn thing in my sys….my mail ID


    thank u in advance

  73. Garry Trinder says:

    Hmmm, wonder what’s in this “freebie” it for Msft. IMO it’s not just to address the marketing concepts of Open Office or Google Docs… gotta be something having to do with PRIVACY, e.g., Internet usaage tracking etc. The ads are not just a step backwards, they are a step into the popup mentality/disrespect of ppl that has become a certain “corporate” value system I don’t want to invite into my offices.

  74. Dale says:

    I would like to use the office 2010 key card versions but I am not buying a new PC.  And even when I do buy a new pc, the first thing I do is wipe it clean of crapware and install a clean copy of Windows.  Since that would wipe out my pre-loaded OEM copy of Office 2010, and I refuse to reload the OEM disk installing all that crapware againe, I guess I will stick with open office.

    I have an MSDN subscription that gives me one installation free (or at least included in the MSDN price) and I still use open office since Office 2007 came out.  Actually, I have two free Office 2007s.  I also got one at an Office 2007 launch event.  So with two free copies, I still choose open office.  Wonder why that is.

    But the key card install issues is still legitimate for me; I bought Office 2007 Home and Student for each of my kids for use at their homes.  It doesn’t sound like I will be doing that with Office 2010 if I can’t get it as a download.  Granted, I bought retail CDs for 2007 but now I look at the price difference for 2010 in key card versus CD and I refuse to pay the CD premium just because of a silly licensing scheme for OEMs.

  75. Nehad says:

    I am Nehad from Palestine, I am undergraduate student in IT program, I would like to thank the Microsoft company about help me in my final project by using office 2010 and visual studio 2005.


  76. Eric says:

    You're now paying 3x times the prices for your home and student edition of 2010 since they don't really tell you that you can install or upgrade all 3 users you previously have or now want.

  77. RIHATUM says:

    Thanks for a informative post, can we convert the Office 2010 trial we download from Microsoft into a full functional software by purchasing the retail product key card (with our required version in mind ofcourse).

    I want to use Outlook 2010 at home, so I guess home business version ?

    Also, when I purchase the retail license does that make me eligible to use it on my desktop and my laptop too ?

    Will be greatful for your reply on this.

    Kind regards

  78. karen says:

    Help please, the nice store known as Currys! sold me a laptop and a product key for Office Home and Student 2010 telling me it was preloaded on my new laptop…… wrong it had 2007 on it, they don't seem to want to know so no i have the key how do i download the product ?

  79. Arlene Furnier says:

    I definitively think this version is going to be an easier way for people in general or with no experience at all in Microsoft Office software. I believe to be extremely user friendly. Very self explanatory for easier understanding. Excellent.

  80. student says:

    wie immer beim Microsoft eine verarschung

  81. SSVH says:

    I bought MS Home and Business 2010 from Sams Club. MS web server and instructions are incomplete. Finally got through to their website as instucted, got a "key" (number) and then a blank screen. I sit in front of my brand new HP computer and don't know how to get MS H and Office installed.

  82. Thomas Bell says:

    Tried it and it sucks!

  83. Thomas Bell says:

    6 hours and  6 nationalities with difficult accents to negotiate to get this into the computer then a 2.5 download time. While the ingredients are fine, getting them into the computer was painful and a waste of 8 hours. never agin Microsoft.

  84. rcmz says:

    Hi,you can try this one:

  85. CAL4 says:

    I bought it, now how in the hell do I get it to download without paying for it again?

  86. Kim2theKiko says:

    You can purchase a digital copy of MS Office Pro Plus 2010 from this very cool website: wwwDOTsoftwareonlinesellerDOTcom/office-2010-c-10DOThtml

    But read the FAQ first, you can only download it on 1 computer : /

  87. rcmz says:

    a kind of password finder named Password Geniu supports Windows products.

    just google it.

  88. Frustrated says:

    Although the idea is good, this product creates far too much hassle.

    I'm not going to regurgitate the problems that i have had like other users here. But suffice to say i'm about ready to take my own with a blunt, rusty spoon.

    Thanks Microsoft.

  89. Robert Saxton says:

    I purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, installed it in a computer that I had to exchange. Now that I have my new computer it does not seem to recognise my product key. What should I do to get this software loaded>

  90. pwet says:

    this site is trouble j3j3mon

  91. Sewak Ram says:

    Please show help me to test trial version of office 2010

  92. markh says:

    This click-to-run should be an "option" shown right up front when people download "any" of the Office 2010 suites.  It is creating a lot of headaches for people who are using software that integrates with Office, where as soon as they upgrade to Office 2010, these other applications break when trying to interface with Office products.  So us developers, have to tell users that they need to uninstall Office 2010, log into the site where they purchased it, enter their Live ID, and hunt for the Advanced option to download the full MSI version.  Come on, MS, don't you realize that a lot of people use Office for the fact that their other software integrates with it?  Don't shoot your developers in the foot.  Show the download options right up front when users download any of the Office 2010 suites.  And include a blurb about possible considerations.  (such as: Do you use other software that integrates with Office products?).  Thank you.

  93. Jørgen Skydstofte - says:

    There came a failure under the konfiguration of 'click to run' – what a I going to do?  

  94. Anonymous says:

    When the office updates were released last patch Tuesday, there were a couple of issues of mine that

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