Disappearing Comments?

Weve recently heard that over the past several weeks many of you have tried to post comments on this blog that never appeared.  Were working hard with support folks to track down why this is happening. 


In the meantime if you make a comment and it doesnt appear within 24 hours, use the e-mail link at the top of this page to let us know!  Please include when you commented and on which post; we'll follow up directly with you to troubleshoot the problem.



Comments (4)

  1. Office Team says:

    We’re not sure at this time exactly what’s occuring, but we’re working on it.  Glad to see that it looks like your comment correctly came through.  Thanks again for giving it a shot!

    Larry Waldman

    Program Manager

    Microsoft Office

  2. Ragnar Percy Bell says:

    I’ll give it a test to try it out. Are the comments being inserted into the database but not showing on the site?

  3. Ganesh Anand says:


    Am reposting this comment, just to make sure it’s heard and passed on to the right team – the UI!

    I was just searching the web to see if people had similar thoughts.

    I request the UI Design Team to “PLEASE” read the article in the link below to see where you are heading. I STRONGLY feel, the UI team needs to give some strong thoughts as to what’s being changed. I feel the Orb button is something that can be “refined” like, say, adding a small text that reads “Actions” or a tooltip that reads “File”.


    For instance, in Windows 95 till XP we had the “Start” text in the Task Bar’s Start Button. Now that it’s become easier for people to recognize where the Start button is, you have removed the text and just put an Orb in the Task Bar of Windows Vista and Windows 7. That’s acceptable and is welcome. But the Orb feature in Office 2007 was a real cool thing – that it’s such a bad idea to remove that idea and go back to history!

    May be you want to try binging what feature went wrong in Office 2010 – and there you go: UI – The Orb and the Ribbon Everywhere!!!

    Team – Hope you hear us and do something! At least a customizable option to choose what the user Likes to See can save the ideas!

  4. Calvin Moye says:

    We are strong users of Excel and Word (Vista 2007).  We tie Excel tables to Word with special paste and auto update.  In 2007, the links will not stay if the Excel and Word documents are copied to a different folder, even if the workbook and Word Doc are named the same.  We need this function and it seemed to work in 2003. There is discussion of this issue on the web, so it seems to be a problem for everyone.

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