Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

Business Contact Manager is a powerful contact and customer information management feature of Outlook.

The new version of Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook 2010 is far more powerful and flexible than BCM for Outlook 2007. Manage your business contacts, track opportunities through the sales cycle, send personalized marketing campaigns, and organize your business projects.

With this introductory post, the BCM team has started to write about the top features in their upcoming release for Office 2010:

  • A new user experience makes BCM very flexible and easy to use, and it offers effective visualization of your business data through charts and a customizable dashboard.
  • BCM also enhances the effectiveness of your sales management process. For example, the automatic lead scoring functionality will help you identify the most important leads and shrink the sales cycle.
  • Best of all, you can modify BCM to fit your business needs. Completely customize BCM forms using a new visual designer, create new record types, define custom relationships, and create custom reports.

There are many new and exciting features in BCM. Visit BCM Team Blog regularly to learn how BCM for Office 2010 can help grow your business.

When you try Office 2010 you can download BCM from the Microsoft Connect site.  Please try it out and send us your feedback!

Comments (68)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is what I got from my software supplier.

    "We are aware of the issue with the Business Contact Manager program that you have been sent.

    Microsoft are currently working on a resolution to this problem and we will be in touch within the next few weeks with the solution.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused."

  2. Anonymous says:


    I’m using BCM 2010 in a small business and for me it would be very valuable to select contacts based on information from their parent company..

    for instance..

    all contacts working for companies located in zip code XXXXXX

    our primary sales are B2B but the relations and the mails we want to send (using mass mailing) must be personal to the contacts.

    Is it somehow possible?

    Thanks from Denmark

  3. rickw says:

    Will this work with Public Contact folders or some other way for co-workers to share a common database? I do not think that 2003 would do this. Standalone only.

  4. mike brennan says:

    im still using bcm for outlook 2007 and have customised forms etc will i lose my customidsations when i migrate to 2010

  5. Tim D Coulter says:

    When will Outlook 2010 BCM be released?  I switched to other CRM software but now I am considering going back to BCM.  I am anxious to find out if some of the issues I had previously have been resolved.

    Thank you


  6. Joe says:

    Will BCM finally be able to be shared with MS Exchange or even sharepoint.  Our branches share our contacts and calendars.  BCM would be great if only it was brought up to speed with the way companies work today.  Heck BCM 2007 was so backward you couldn’t even properly sync it with blackberry.

  7. Alex Marikar says:

    We use BCM in small work groups, but what we really ant to do is have all users in the office and those accessing via Outlook Web access to see the latest notes and conversations that people are having with suppliers and customers – be that our receptionist, accounts staff, sales person or even just general managment.  Will that happen now?

  8. Nicolas Kolodenchuck says:

    I used BCM a few times but I could not stand the “double” contact list. Why does BCM can’t use Outlook contact list?

    Maybe 25% of my contact in Outlook are personal contact and also business contacts. So I could only use the contact in the BCM but then they would not get synchronized with my phone.

    Are you planning on merging the contacts all in one place and simply allow us to create groups?

  9. Ruediger Schwarz says:

    I just decided to quit ACT 11.0 and move back to Outlook BCM due to worse phone syncronization capabilities. I hope that BCM 2010 will perform windows mobile phone sync as well as Outlook 2007 does.

  10. David Mansfield says:

    Is there a way to only synch a subset of BCM contacts to my Local Outlook Constact and subsequently, my phone? We have thousands of BCM contacts and I would rather not have them all on my phone and Local Contacts.

    Possibly synch a category to local Outlook would work.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Richard Brabrook says:

    I note that the last few comments were concerning syncing with mobile phones. This has been a problem with BCM up to now. I have 2000 contacts on my business database and I would prefer to just have a subset on my phone, so endorse the comment from David Mansfield, above. When I used an early version of the Microsoft sync tool it converted my 2000 contacts to 6000 contacts as I had separate entries for each contact for phone, mobile, email etc. Is this still the case? For the last few years I have used Chapura Pocket Mirror which really is great (albeit slow sync), but they have now discontinued development of this on Windows platform, so I’m looking for something as good. Will the new software crack this problem? It strikes me that keeping copies of contacts on Phones is something all customer focussed people must do, but its an area which has not been properly addressed up to now.

  12. decatec says:

    I hoped MS would replace BCM with a “lite” version of Dynamics CRM ….

  13. nick says:

    I note there are no answers to any of the queries listed. hence are these questions just filling up a web page or being considered or answered?

  14. Mike Wenger says:

    For 7 years I have been waiting for BCM to sync with Exchange.  In fact I haven’t checked on 07 to see if it was possible because I gave up.  Does anyone know if 07 or 10 are implementing this function?  

  15. Anthony Uhrick says:

    I am running Win with Office 2010 Beta. I cannot load Business Contact Manager. Since previous is not compatible with Win 7, I really need to get this to work. The error has to do with SQL. I have followed suggestions to load/reload SQL. Done that, still does not install.  

    I appreciate your help.

  16. Michael P. says:

    Same as above plus I cannot find and sample data file to explore and practice BCM

  17. Mike Hammond says:

    I am running Win with Office 2010 Beta. I cannot load Business Contact Manager – is BCM Office 10 available?

    I use it for territory and account management because is is more convenient than our corporate SFA

    healthcare consulting services and tablet pc for ISVs

  18. Anderson Caldwell says:

    I am running Microsoft Office Suite 2007 that includes BCM.  I have never been able to get it configured properly to work.  I downloaded Microsoft Office Pro 2010 and BCM 2010 and will be using it on a stand alone PC.  I need help to configure it.  Can you provide advice on how to do this?

  19. Daniel Reynolds says:

    Syncing my BCM contacts with my Phone is a must! I hope this new software will integrate with my Black Berry. If not, what were they thinking? I have to use companionlink software to make this happen and the software is not that great. I can’t modify or change information in my BB and resync my PC to update my Outlook. Instead, I have to sync and erase all content on my phone each time.

    Come on Microsoft! Get it right this time.

  20. David says:

    I just love how MS interacts with their customers here.  NOT!  What a JOKE.

  21. Juan says:

    Perhaps if you all took the time to download MS office 2010 beta and MS Outlook BCM 2010 and read the documentation for both you would realize that this is available for free and works great.

    You can sync it with a mysql server, and have a whole office synced. What it can’t do is sync over the air or with your phone.

    For that, there’s microsoft dynamics online.

    For $44 a month per user, if you REALLY, and I mean REALLY, require on the go acess, and it REALLY provides that much value to your “supposedly” booming sales/marketing department, why not pay the $44 a month? I sure as heck think it’s worth it.

    Don’t you?

    Also, this was more of a press release.

    You are better of asking questions on the microsoft forums.

  22. Knowledge says:

    What if you just need a simple contact manager to keep track of a couple of thousand names and businesses? Which is the best Outlook 2010? Or ACT! 2009 which I’m currently usando?

    Email me at

    Live Strong and Prosper!

  23. Robo08 says:

    Hey Juan…

    Could you expand a little on that statement. Will you be able to sync BCM contacts to your windows phone so that you will have both private and business contacts on it in the same “phone folder”, enabling caller ID and all such?

    Could you give the specifics on how this is accomplished and how well it works? I think a lot of people in this forum would like to hear, since MS isn’t about to give any answers.

  24. yaan says:

    Cant install BCM 2010. Dialog box saying to reboot and after reboot nothing happens….and so on…. what should I do?


  25. Jeanie says:

    i am running ms office 2010 beta on windows 7 64 bit. i cannot get business contact manager 2010 beta to load correctly. in fact, it won’t load at all. any suggestions? i’ve scoured the blogs and can’t find any information.

  26. charlotte says:

    Have installed Office 2010 PPlus, then installed BCM. On reboot, BCM tries to reinstall; I let it do that a couple of times; then gave up and tried to open Outlook, which crashes. Did this 3 times, pretty much the same result. Even completely uninstalled and wiped PPLus install in between. What to do?

  27. Chris Kaastra says:

    Hi.  I am using the Opportunities to track invoices.  It allows me to enter in certain products and services that I create.  However, it won’t allow me to use a decimal when entering the quantity.  This is not useful as I invoice for a half hour worth of work, or half of a certain measurement.

    Any solutions out there?


  28. stan says:

    I have been desparately wanting a Windows Mobile Phone for our Business for years. We tried the Wing Mobile phone the day it came out and had to take it back. We bought the TouchPro2 the day it came out and had to take it back. I settled for a Google Android G1 for the past year and bought the HTC HD2 the day it came out on Wednesday. I have wasted another 5 days of my life trying to make it work. The lame BCM addon program does not work and CompanionLink crashes my Outlook after about 2 hours of gathering records then I have to restart my PC. I have purged and minimized my system all I can. I have done chats with Microsoft and CompanionLink, but there just doesn’t seem to be an answser. I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t see the problem with integrating BCM Contacts with a SmartPhone. It defeats the purpose when you can’t see who is calling and you don’t have your contacts to call or link to maps, etc. The problem is common sense if MS would just put themselves in a SmartPhone Business user’s position and try it. It doesn’t make any sense and they are missing out on the momentum Android is gaining. At least it worked to sync with Google Calendar, but I want the Windows environment for video, PDFs, etc. I hope someone from MS will take this seriously and do something! Or, someone give me venture capital and I will produce a program that works.

  29. pitber says:

    No chance to run BCM in cobination with Windows 7 x64.

    I’ve both 2007 and 2010 versions tryed many times to get them runnig – now i return back to winxp.

  30. Joe says:

    This whole MS company is can care less about any of us. 3 days ago I down loaded the Office 2010 beta and BCM and have not sleep now then 6 hours since the download. I have 4000 names in the DB and i get the same error when tring to install BCM 32, “MS SQL server 2008 express ( MSSMLBIZ)” This is all MS product and you can’t find or get an answer and that Smiley Face thing is a joke. Years ago I used ACT and switch to Outlook BCM to avoid the problems of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Bill Gates should stop worrying about how to give his money away and add some support personal. And now you know how I feel. Don’t load this 2010 Beta crap!

  31. Burak Ural says:

    Which version of Office 2010 will have Business Contact Manager.

    Currently, if I am not wrong, Office 2007 SBS has Business Contact Manager.

    I wonder if Office 2010 Home and Business Edition will have Business Contact Manager?

    Please reply…

  32. lisa says:

    I am so disappointed in MS.  However, now that I finally know what the problem is, I can move on to a new program.  I upgraded my Outlook to include BCM earlier this year.  It stopped syncing with my SmartPhone, and I thought it was the phone.  Today I purchased an iPhone thinking maybe that would do the sync trick, but it hasn’t, and now, after several hours trying to figure it all out, I found this blog.  I knew if I had to contact MS, I’d never get an answer.  So, I feel better, but not.  Do I just give up on the BCM syncing with my phone altogether?

  33. lynell b says:

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    Love it


  34. terry says:

    I am having a great deal of trouble installing the BCM for Outlook 2010 Beta. I have installed Outlook 2010 and it works perfectly. But when I try to install BCM it gives me the following error: "This version of Business Contact Manager is not compatible with the installed version of Outlook. Install the correct version of Business Contact Manager or Outlook"

  35. Duco Boer says:

    I try to install business contact manager 2010 on my notebook with office 2010 professional plus 32 bit on windows 7 and I get the installation error : this version is not compatible with tghe installed version of outlook.

  36. Ron Fleming says:

    Poor integration with Windows Mobile (or any other smartphone platform for that matter) is a deal breaker for me.  Like many professionals today, I don't spend a lot of time in an office – my job is to be out interacting with clients.  Not having basic access to my data at a minimum when my computer isn't handy just doesn't work for the way that I do business.  

  37. Frustated Outlook 2010 user says:

    MS wasted a lot of money in Office 2010 and 0 dollar in a poor support site.

  38. SDADELL says:

    Still does NOT work.  Cannot get it installed!

  39. Carlos De la Cruz says:

    BCM 2010, works with Office Accounting 2009?

  40. john page says:

    Bought Office 2010 pro plus, business contact manager (seperate disk) will not install, says its the wrong type, how do Iget a program that will install ?

    os windows 7

  41. Vicky says:

    I am having the same issues installing the BCM for Outlook 2010 Beta as Terry. I have installed Outlook 2010 and it works perfectly. But when I try to install BCM it gives me the following error: "This version of Business Contact Manager is not compatible with the installed version of Outlook. Install the correct version of Business Contact Manager or Outlook"

    Can anyone help!!!!

  42. Adrian says:

    I am having the same issues installing the BCM Beta version for Outlook 2010 as Terry and Vicky. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.  I have installed Outlook 2010 and it works perfectly. But when I try to install BCM Ihave tried the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions) the 64 bit version gives me the error message that I am running a 32 bit version of office and I nead to install a 32 bit version of BCM.  The 32 bit version gives me the following error: "This version of Business Contact Manager is not compatible with the installed version of Outlook. Install the correct version of Business Contact Manager or Outlook"

    Please, please, please, can anyone help!!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    (This comment has been deleted per user request)

  44. Jean Loyens says:

    Hi all, as I was looking myself for information on MS Outlook + BCM I found that only the MS Office 2010 Standard and the Professional Plus versions run with BCM.  So the other Office products will not run with BCM.

  45. Jean Loyens says:

    Users of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 may want to install BCM database on a remote server which isn't running Office 2010. This tool allows adminis to host BCM for Outlook 2010 database on a computer on which Office 2010 and BCM for Outlook 2010 aren't installed. Once installed on a server, will allow user to: Create and backup Business Contact Manager 2010 databases. To create a database, user must be local administrator; Restore databases from BCM for Outlook 2010 Beta, BCM for Outlook 2010 TP, BCM for Outlook 2007, BCM for Outlook 2003 and BCM for Outlook 2003 (Update), Share Business Contact Manager databases to other users on a local network. It'll ensure that necessary firewall ports are opened, that users are granted permission to database, and that SQL instance is configured to allow external connections. These operations will require user be a local admin. A supported version of SQL Server need to be present in order to use this tool. Currently, this tool supports both 2005 and 2008 versions of SQL Server.

    More Info: Download

  46. Bob Hyatt says:

    How do I get Business Contact manager if I have Outlook 2010 Professional

  47. Kinga says:

    Hi! I m Kinga and i am looking for a acting studio or a manager for about 4 5 months and icant find one.Would you be able to help me find one??

                  Thank you.Kinga

  48. Ron says:

    Trying to get BCM 2010 working but once installed I keep receiving the message that "cannot open this item error loading form".  Gave up!

  49. Mrs. N. says:

    How do I find and then backup Business Contact Manager in Access 2010

  50. rohan says:

    hey, just a question. Will this download work with Outlook available in Home and Business 2010 SKU??? can you help me with this information on

  51. getmp3s says:

    Could not find BCM on Microsoft Connect site – searched for it but does not exist.  

  52. John D says:

    I want to purchase Office 2010 and especially for Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager but I have been informed you can only purchase BCM on a licence for 5 computers?

    Is this true can you not purchase one single copy of BCM

  53. Kelley Trujillo says:

    I was told by microsoft that there is no upgrade to BCM 2010.  Can someone tell me where I can download BCM 2010?

  54. ML49448 says:

    Is there a link how to update BCM from 2007 to 2010? The Database is on a SQL Server, not on a Workstation. Any changes in the structure of the Database?

  55. Amy Mercer says:

    I have continually had problems with my Outlook 2010 with contact manager. Now when I enter a new project, I cannot add the business contacts associated with the project. When I click the "ADD Accounts and Business Contacts" all I see is the Accounts list, when the other options such as All Business Contact Types, Business Contacts, Leads, is empty so I cannot select any from the list (even though they really are there). Is there a solution to this problem.

  56. David Ong says:

    I have been using BCM 2010 for a week now. Its frustrating that it brokedown so soon with the error message whenever I try to add a new business contact.

    UPDATE permission denied on column 'important' of object 'ContactMainTable',database SmallBusiness',schema 'dbo'

    Any help would appreciate.

    Please help, anybody? THANKS!

  57. donna says:

    Would love to try BCM for 2010 but could not (4 tries) figure out how to download it.  Use and love BCM for 2007.

    Also, it's not indicated on the box which office 2010 comes with BCM.


  58. Greg Howard says:

    Tried it, loved it. And went out and bought Office 2010 Home and Business. Guess what? Got screwed. No BCM 2010. It's only available to businesses that buy volume licenses. Don't waste your money upgrading to Office 2010 unless you are large business going to take advantage of Professional Plus. The upgraded features in the core products are not worth it, and you'll have to go back to Outlook 2007 with BCM 2007.

  59. Christopher Young says:

    I have the old BCM and want to upgrade to 2010 however there doesn't seem to be a version of Office/Outlook I can actually buy which contains BCM. What gives???

  60. RalphdeG says:

    Yesterday I bought MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (SL) NL. I had 2007 and overwrote it.


    MS Word 2010

    MS Excel 2010

    MS Powerpoint 2010

    MS Outlook 2010

    MS Access 2010

    MS OneNote 2010

    MS Publisher 2010

    MS InfoPath 2010

    MS SharePoint Workspace 2010

    MS Communicator 2007 R2 (URL 2)

    MS Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010 (URL 3)

    Why is MS Business Contact Manager not working???

  61. Jim Schaefer says:

    We have successfully used BCM for years.  When I bought Office Professional 2010 I was expecting BCW would be included.  No so.  How do I purchase now that I have retail copies of Office Profesional?

  62. gheavens says:

    I have just purchased Office Home and Business 2010.  I thought that it would have come with BCM as it had outlook on it.  So what do I have to do to get the BCM?  Dow I have to re-purchase a whole new program or can Iupgrade to the BCM version.  Thanks for any help.

  63. Matt says:

    Warning!  When I installed Business contact manager on my computer it consolidated all my contact folders.  Now all my contacts have been merged with everyone else in my small business – disaster!  

  64. Jim Tucker says:

    How can MS only make BCM available to volume licenses and not to the individual small user when all of the videos on this point to helping us???

  65. Bob Hyatt says:

    you state above "When you try Office 2010 you can download BCM from the Microsoft Connect site".  I have scoured the connect site and cannot find it.  I have called microsft support and noone at your comapny can findit.  What's up!!!

  66. jim McGibney says:

    I just installed the (retail) version of Office 2010. Much improved over 2007. In 2007 I was just starting to use the BCM product– testing the water so to speak. It has now disappeared. Will I now need to re-purchase that product?  

  67. jim McGibney says:

    I just installed the (retail) version of Office 2010. Much improved over 2007. In 2007 I was just starting to use the BCM product– testing the water so to speak. It has now disappeared. Will I now need to re-purchase that product?  

  68. Jeff Utterback says:

    I was just informed that BCM is not available in the retail version of Office 2010.  As a beta user of BCM I was impressed with the improvements and implemented it in my business and those of my clients.

    I am now shocked and amazed that I can't get it in the release version.

    What's up with that?

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