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Hi, my name is Javier Larrinaga and I run the Program Management for the Global Experience Platform Team (GXP). The purpose of this post is to introduce you to our team and the role we play within the Microsoft Office organization.

The current reality of collaboration pushes language, cultural and local requirements to new levels. In this new environment, for Office 2010, we are increasing our investments on World-Readiness and Global Experience to enable our customers to be successful. GXP contributes to this strategy by providing a platform that enables the Office organization to deliver an optimal Global User Experience across the Office System. Our team executes this mission in three ways:   

  • Develop standard components that are used by the Office applications, servers, and services to provide language and/or culture-appropriate features.
  • Enhance and unify the user experience for language and/or culture-dependent components (Language Settings/Workflow, Calendars, Text processing, Font technologies, Machine Translation, etc.).
  • Provide internal engineering tools and processes to ensure that Office is World-Ready, i.e. that the features can be used in any culture and can be localized for any locale/language in a simple and cost-effective way without modifying the underlying code.

So how is this accomplished in an organization the size of Office? Well, you need a great team that is well plugged in to the Office organization and that can see Office as one system. You need people that live their jobs as the global customer's advocates and really want to make a difference for all customers throughout the world. This is exactly what the GXP team is about; a team of developers, testers and program managers that came from all over the world to create a product that any information worker or consumer can use regardless of their language, culture or location. We have people from Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, etc. And of course, since we are all about diversity we also have some people from the United States (8-).

On behalf of the GXP team, I want to thank you for your interest in Office and its Global support. We look forward to your comments and to sharing more about the release in the coming weeks.

To learn more about our Global features in Office 2010, please visit

Javier Larrinaga, Group Program Manager, GXP.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    how come the viso save dialog is different than the other office 2010 apps?  there is no default file location.

  2. I have a tiny but quite slick suggestion which I feel the Office team might consider. Can you include an off by default but tiny setting that allows us to switch ribbon tabs upon *mouseover* instead of upon mouse click? I know that the scroll wheel can swirl thru the ribbon tabs but how about a tweak/option that allow switching the ribbon tab upon mouse over instead of mouse click? That would give back the feel of menus to the ribbon for users who still can’t get accustomed to it.

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