Introduction to Word 2010

On this blog we've already started discussing many of the new features (like the Microsoft Office Backstage) which span across all of the Office 2010 applications.  In addition to many continuing posts about these features, we'll also frequently highlight other product features or team blog posts you might be interested in. 

We're really excited about the new improvements coming in Word 2010. From providing the familiarity of Word in new contexts such as the server, the mobile phone, and the browser, to providing cutting edge co-authoring, document navigation, graphics, and typographical effects, Word 2010 will enable you to create rich documents, alone or collaboratively, easier than ever before.

To learn more about Word 2010 check-out Scott and Jonathan's intro posts on the Word Team Blog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you folks are continuing to blog about the new features in Office 2010, like you did for Office 2007.

    I’m a software engineer, and I’m responsible for implementing the Ribbon in our commercial application. So I am very interested in hearing about the changes that you’re making to the Fluent UI (Ribbon, Mini Toolbars, Galleries, customization, etc) for Office 2010. I would imagine the changes you are making will be filtering down into the Fluent UI Design Guidelines that we licensed. So I would like to get an idea of the kinds of user interface improvements and changes you are making, so I can start thinking about how that might impact our application.

    One area we are particularly interested in is customization. We’ve had customers who are interested in greater levels of customization – for example, being able to add controls to the Mini Toolbar. So we’re naturally curious if there are any customization refinements that Microsoft has made in Office 2010 (in addition to whatever else you have changed).

    On a personal note, I’m hoping Word 2010 will finally allow me to add the Underline button to the Mini Toolbar!  🙂

    Thanks again! I look forward to reading your posts in the coming months!

  2. mrblue says:


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