Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

Using Office 2010, have something you want to tell Office?  Maybe you're having trouble finding something in the UI or have a specific suggestion on how we can improve a feature.  Or, maybe there's something you love and you want to make sure we know about it so that we keep it in the product. The best tool to use to give us feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) is called Send-a-Smile.

Hello and welcome to Office 2010!  My name is Amanda and I am a Program Manager in Office, on my team we build Feedback tools, including Send-a-Smile.  My job is to ensure the Office user has the opportunity to provide feedback (likes and dislikes) about their Office 2010 experience and then route this information to the right people on the Office teams.  The teams use this information to make decisions regarding feature designs and to help prioritize bug fixes.

Where can I get Send-a-Smile?  Send-a-Smile automatically installs with Office 2010, you’ll see two icons added to the notifications area of the taskbar over by the clock: a Smile to click when you want to give us positive feedback and a Frown to click when there's something you don’t like.  On Win7, you may need to go specifically add them to the list of icons you want to see in the taskbar.

Send A Smile in Windows Taskbar

Do we actually read the comments?  Absolutely!  In fact we’ve already taken fixes to the product, which future downloaders of the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) will benefit from.  Let me walk you through the process from sending a comment to someone on the Office team reviewing the comment.

How does one submit a comment?  As previously noted, the Send-a-Smile tool installs along with the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  After the installation is complete, you will see the Smile and Frown icons in the taskbar.

Clicking on the Smile or Frown will launch the Send-a-Smile tool.

Send A Smile Tool

There is a text box to type your comment, and optionally you can include a picture of your screen and your e-mail address (so that we can contact you if necessary.)  The screenshot is a really interesting and useful part of the feedback... especially where the UI is concerned.  But, of course, you can just send the text if you'd rather.  After you click “Submit”, off your feedback goes to Microsoft...

Where does the Smile or Frown go after you click submit and see the envelope fly away?  Who reads my Smile or Frown comment?

The comment goes into a database here at Microsoft.  Based on the comment text, we automatically group “tag” the comments by team and by feature.  This helps get your comment to the appropriate team as quickly as possible. 

An internal website has been created specifically for these comments.  The Office teams use the website to review all the comments “tagged” to their team and features.  While reviewing the comments, the teams have the option to give the comment a status to help categorize and later follow up on specific comments. 

Office Feedback Portal

This feedback mechanism has already had a big impact on the product.  Bugs have been identified and fixed.  And of course, the many positive comments we receive help us not to tinker with the things that it seems we've gotten right.

We cannot guarantee that we'll act on every comment (which would be impossible anyway since many of the comments directly contradict other comments), but we can promise that we read them, consider them, and use them to help make decisions about the product.

The long and short of it all this, when you have feedback please click on the Smile and Frown icons...we are listening and love to receive feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  This is the most direct way for anyone in the world to get their feedback heard by the right person, with none of the barriers usually associated with trying to give feedback to a big company (phone trees, "customer service representatives", etc.)

Comments (111)
  1. techiebird says:

    I’m on the click-to-run (virtual) version and there’s no sign of Send-A-Smile anywhere.  Am I meant to have it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I installed the beta yesterday, and so far I really love it. It was a clean, fast install. The only glitch I seen so far is with Outlook. I didn’t know what the send a smile was prior to this, so I shut it down and I got an error on Outlook where it couldn’t hit the hotmail server through connector.

    I can’t remember what the error is now, something to do with a misplaced data file. I just created a new one, and everything seems fine for now. It happens every now and then, so next time it happens at least I know to use the send a smile option when it does.

    So far I like the 2010 build, and if it keeps going the way it is, I’ll definitely buy a copy once it becomes live.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On multi-monitor screens you should only capture the main monitor. And is there any chance to give real feedback?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We love to hear what’s working for you and what’s not, so keep it coming. A few follow ups and questions.

    maleckie – If you’ve go to the connect site through the invite you should be set. What program are you in?

    chsword – The best to get an answer is to post a specific question in one of the connect newsgroups (e.g., for a particular client application).

    Michael – Thanks for the suggestion. During the design phase it proved hard to determine what the "main monitor" is since Send-a-Smile (SAS) is a standalone application and currently not tightly integrated with applications. Comments are routed to the product teams and we look closely at all the feedback.

    dpalmerston – SAS is currently a tool that we only use during previews. It’s not included in the final (RTM) version, but that’s an interesting suggestion.

    debshinder – It should have been in the notification customization options. Which versions (e.g., 64 bit, standalones, Office suite) did you install?


  5. Anonymous says:

    How to use

    in Office 2010?

  6. WindersMan says:

    Drag and drop editing may be easier when editing the Quick Access Toolbar, please consider adding this option.



  7. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded Office 2010 Beta to try and the dots between the words in Word drove me crazy so I deleted the 2010 Beta version but the dots are still there. How do I get rid of them??? Help!!

  8. anony.muos says:

    I’m happy with the 2010 release. After 2003 RTMed, I’d given feedback that I’d like to see better graphs in Office, overhauled equations, typography in Word and Publisher and graphically improved transitions in PowerPoint and got them (first two in 2007) and rest in 2010. I wish Office (Word especially) had a more standards-compliant web layout engine that would generate more pure (X)HTML. I’d also like to see the return of some very useful and well-loved Office features like Save and Restore Office settings wizard, real slipstreaming service packs into Setup and the powerful context-sensitive (What’s this) help system last seen in Office XP.

  9. Normajm says:

    Using the 32-bit Click-to-Run version of Home and Business 2010 beta.  Outlook keeps losing internet connectivity so had to stop testing.  Word and Excel are fine. Send-a-Smile not available.

    Welcome back "File" and the ability to customize Ribbon Bar.  Would like to see "Export to Excel" for Word tables.

  10. anony.muos says:

    The improved splash screen that shows the progress of loading addins is alone for me to upgrade to 2010. Awesome work Microsoft. Helps me exactly locate which addin is causing an Office app to load slowly or stop responding.

  11. Anonymous says:


    I’m not sure that this is the right place for such kind of questions, so please redirect me to proper forum or blog or documentation.

    I fail to do very basic things, like I can not save newly created file with Excel. I’m sure that Excel team tested this many times. This means that I’m doing something wrong.

    How can get myself on a right direction.

    Smiles are good. But I don’t get response on what I’m doing wrong.

    Thank for you help!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi – great idea setting up a feedback blog –

    Now, I’ve got several email accounts I want to import from Outlook 2003, which I’ve exported as IAF files…  and can’t seem to find any way to import them.  I can’t believe you would remove that, so I must be missing it somewhere in the new UI.  Hmmm?

  13. Anonymous says:

    ok, can anyone help with this darn installer/configuration process running everytime I open an office product or when I finally get word, outlook, or visio open everytime I select a tool or open a file it runs again. VERY hard to work like that.

    beta office 2010


    windows 7 Ultimate x64

    workgroup (my pc)

    Im at a lost, I have searched the web and alot of references to 2003/7 with this issue but none for 2010


  14. Anonymous says:

    Each time I try to use the Solver add-in, Excel 2010 spanish version keeps asking for a password and a dialog box appears saying there is a problem with the constraints definitions.

    Congratulations for all the new developments.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I would like to second Palmerston’s comment about Send A Smile. I like that feature a lot. One way I can think of that it would be useful is in asking for keywords to be added to Help files. Many times over the years I have had no luck finding help with new features. I have always thought perhaps I was not using the right keyword.

    For one example, I clicked on Help in Excel 2010, and used the search string ‘insert equation’. Search returned no results. I can use SAS to ask for that string to be added to the appropriate help file(s).

    Thanks for your work … vanilla

  16. Anonymous says:

    This looks very useful..

    When can we (corporate IT) have access to Send-a-Smile for our own internal feedback?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m running Office 2010 Tech Preview on Windows 7 RC and there’s no "send a smile" anywhere to be found, not in the notification area, not in the notification customization options. I like the new Office features, especially in Outlook, although I’ve had some problems with Outlook 2010 not remembering my mail configuration and having to set up my email accounts again when I restart (running on a Windows 7 VM in Windows VPC).

  18. malky says:

    I may have posted something similar before, but, I have to counter the negative comments that keep coming from Technet blog auto email :

    I was on Win7 beta from last year [ and many prior Windows and Office betas ]and the look and feel with O2K10 is very similar to that from day One with Win 7. viz –

    Putting aside connectivity/regional/time date  issues with online versions [c2r etc]

    from Beta 1 [ ctp] the build is of a standard that exceeds the RTM versions of Win95, XP and Vista.

    end of story


  19. malky says:

    er, love to try,

    but where do you get it ?

    I’m still "pending" on connect

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have the “Make SubPage”, “MergePages”, “SortPages”, and “SortSections” OneNote2007 powertoys. I had hoped that these would be included in OneNote2010, but I see that they are not. Will these powertoys berevised for OneNote2010?

    I like the changes in Office2010. I’ve sent a few frown comments.

  21. Douglas Haywood-Browne says:

    Really nice update to 2007. The paste feature saves a lot of reformatting text. Only issue is a problem crashing word and outlook when opening a word doc received as an attachment. Also blank box when right clicking inside word. Are there updates available?

    thanks again for the smile function

  22. paul says:

    I haven’t been able to get Office 2010 technical preview to install. I get error 2203 in 24b5292.msi. It says to contact microsoft PSS, but the file it says contains info does not exist, and microsoft PSS website does not contain Office 2010, so I am unable to provide feedback and, therefore, unable to install or try Office 2010.

  23. JC says:

    It’s good, except the version is 14. There is no such thing as a Superstition for the number 13. Can’t you microsoft people wait for office 2012 or 2013 as office 14? Office 2010 wouldn’t be a good as version 14. If you people are going to make office 2010 as version 14, then i would give that product 1 star. And if it that program was release as that version, I wouldn’t get and i would say “this is the worst office release ever. it is more terible then Windows Vista” and i would stick with Office 2007 aka office 12. So make up minds!

  24. Chris says:

    Horrible…Unable to install…I get 2203 error.

  25. christosclick (twiiter name) says:

    Well, i want an option to choose “Ribon” Or “Menu Line” I am not a chinesse to remember all those icons…so please put words. Thank you.

  26. Marcellus Watts says:

    I haven’t downloaded the leak, because it was an alpha and it was leaked so i know you guys was still working on it alot. I’m waiting for the Beta that will be released soon.

    I seen allot of screen shots. And you added the Ribbon to everything thank you. The User interface is amazing and with the customization you took a huge step with the customization.

    I think if you added the ability to customize the Ribbon you wouldn’t need the quick access menu.

    But i think you were fools to say they weren’t enough commands in OneNote to have the Ribbon, you were crazy but not fool sorry. I can’t wait for the for the Final version of Office 14, I really love that you can customize the Ribbon and add and remove your Tabs.

    Now people will start making there Ribbons and call them different kinds of things, with the import and export. On word I’m planning on making a advanced Typewriter kind(i don’t like WordPad much, to simple)

    But with the customization i think those people who don’t like the new Interface will try to create the old menu bar by putting them into the Ribbon. The Ribbon looks…no to dull i can barely see the groups anymore i hope you have different color themes or schemes like 2007 did. Because the Ribbon is to rectangular the groups blend in.

  27. dbh says:

    I’m running Office 2010 Technical Preview Build 14.0.4006.100.  I like it, it’s definitely better than the click to run version.

    I like the “Customize Ribbon” feature, and the fact that you can import and export the customized Ribbons from user to user.

    I dislike that you have to import and export “All” the customizations together, it would be nice if the final release allowed you to import or export just an individual Ribbon Tab.

    That way if I had a customized Ribbon Tab in Word 2010 named “Regulatory Formatting”, and I needed to import a new customized Ribbon Tab for say “Manufacturing Formatting”, I could do that without losing my customized “Regulatory Formatting” Ribbon Tab.  This would make this new feature much more user friendly.

    I also like that PowerPoint 2010 allows you to save a presentation as a *.wmv file, however it would be nice if other video formats were supported such as Mpeg 2 and Mpeg 4.

  28. Maya Lincoln - ProcessGene says:

    Hi all, I perused the new features list and did not find any comments about Visio in SaaS formation or cloud delivery.

    Any idea anyone >?…

    It is time to move forward and in seems that Visio was left behind….  again…..

    What about Visio collaboration (or even more imprtant- Visio Web Collaboration?)

    Looking forward to hear from you!


  29. boe says:

    Nothing beneficial for most businesses – no reason to upgrade/purchase –

    Like Vista – all bling – no function.

    If they wanted to improve Office they SHOULD have –

    1. Made outlook open multiple e-mail accounts as full exchange -not an additional mailbox with some functionality or pop/imap with very limited functionality but two seperate exchange profiles simultaneously from multiple exchange servers.

    2. Full OLE support for pictures in access – umm wasn’t that functional with Office XP – why take that out? Why should someone have to code to add pictures to a personal database? Might was well use oracle or a real database if you are going to have to use code. Adding Office XP photo editor is the work around but why not just add photo editor back into office if that is the solution?

    3. Offer the old menu bar for people (most of my clients) who don’t want to learn the new menu bar. You can finally modify the ribbon to some extent in 2010 however my clients just want their old ribbon bar. Frankly I have no issue with the new menu bar but I’m one person and most of my clients don’t like it so prefer to stick with office 2003. MS could make money selling the new version if they just offered the old menu as a choice with the new ribbon.

  30. Kieran says:

    Cannot install error 2203

  31. Bert Whetstone says:

    I’m not even using the beta of Office 2010 and yet this Send-a-Smile thing showed up out of the blue without any explanation in my taskbar. How do I turn it off?

  32. sjaak500 says:

    in case you want to turn that Send-a-Smile service off, it’s fairly simple: just remove the “officeSASscheduler.exe” key from RUN/ in your registry.

    I assume you know how to do that, otherwise, a safer way of doing it is toggling it off with e.g. CrapCleaner’s startup registry editor which can be toggled back on in case you want SaS back or somehow f**ked my advice up.

  33. tom says:

    Send a smile should die.

    There are plenty of better ways to get feedback back than one that makes my computer look like an IM conversation. And there is absolutely no reason to turn on Send a Smile when office isn’t even running. Learn to think, Microsoft. This is worse than a talking paperclip – at least the paperclip was only there when I had Word open. Not only that, but the option to disable it is hidden (I’m assuming it exists); why can’t I right click on it and tell it to go away and never come back?

    The only good thing is that every time I turn on my computer, I’m given a good way to tell Microsoft how much I don’t like this vile contraption of theirs.

    Update: Judging from the post above mine – looks like to turn off send-a-smile you need to oh jeez that’s easy just edit a registry value thank you guys why didn’t I try that in the first place.

  34. Omar says:

    Please I need help because I can not insstal office 2010 with click to run and in my pc appears an icon that say something and the letter (Q): so I dont know how to delete this one. Please help me or redirect me to the proper forum. Excuse my english I live in Venezuela.

  35. Ian Patrick says:

    Hi, first of all, great idea that you guys opened the beta to all public for feedbacks. Though I must say that in my instance, I un-installed the send-a-smile program by mistake. I thought it was some bundled software my siblings downloaded from the net. haha silly me 🙂

    So I’ll just post my feedback here 🙂

    1. Please make the send-a-smile program as a plug-in or extension inside Microsoft Office instead of a stand alone program. It would gather more application specific feedbacks. You guys can even make it  permanent part of the Office 2010 RTM (part of continuous improvement cycle a.k.a. PDCA)

    2. The find (ctrl+F) needs some rethinking. For further details, check how Chrome highlights texts and display information on the scroll bar. Please add a search bar next to the formula bar in Excel so I won’t need to press ctrl+F all the time.

    P.S. Thanks for adding search in the filter data in Excel. 🙂 I love you guys! Please add search functionality for the pick-from-list too.

    3. The new paste options are awful. I have no need of them. It made my right-click menu tight. Please add the functionality to add or remove buttons in the right click menu.

    4. I love the previous logo/file menu button. Please put it back to where it was or just add “File” in the bottom of the logo for those who are clueless.

    5. Make the file menu look more consistent. Make the “save, save-as, open” window built-in to the menu like how you have made the “recent, new, print and share.” It looks great btw.

    That’s it. Thanks again for reading this 🙂

  36. Tristan Irwin says:

    Not sitting in front of my machine with Office 2010

    Sat in front of my work machine with 2007 installed on it and realized there was something that I really missed…

    I spend a lot of time keeping up with tech news via RSS and Outlook’s support for RSS has always made me very happy. One thing I’m feeling like 2010 is missing is the “View Full Article” link at the top of the post. I miss that in 2010… maybe the functionality is there, but it isn’t apparent enough for me to see it right away and that might be a bad thing.

  37. Terry C. says:

    I use Publisher every day. It is a key component in our production facility. Downloaded 2010 Publisher and was extremely surprise that on the floating “Measurements” box the line spacing diologue was missing. You can still use the Measurement menu to tweek the text but you cannot change the “leading” without having to go to menu at the top. I had hoped that the paragraph dialogue would have been added as well to allow you to add space above and below a paragraph without having to to the menu as well.

  38. The very first thing I find is that there are 2 major issues with Outlook 2010.  

    1) My domain username does not match my email address (username=First Name, Email Address is First Inital Last name) and therefor took a long time (almost 5 minutes) to connect to my Exchange 2010 server and set up the Exchange account.  However, since I usually use it in PoP3 mode (I haven’t gotten DA working yet) It refuses to accept the fact that it can run in PoP3 and won’t accept my very valid credentials.  It keeps asking for my password no matter what I put in.  In 2007, I had zero issues with this and for checks I logged in to OWA with zero issues.

  39. John Silver says:

    How can I uninstall Send a Smile?

  40. Guido5 says:

    Hi Office 2010 team,

    I’m using the Beta that’s available now and sofar ran into two issues:

    – in Excel there’s a problem with nested IF formulas. It won’t accept the code according to the help description, but if I enter the code in the Excel 2003 I still have running and then open the file in Excel 2010 again, it does accept it! Doens’t sound like a big problem, but it needs fixing

    – In Outlook 2010 it won’t remember the default selected program to open an attachment with (say a PDF), which is annoying cause everytime you need to select the software from the list.

    That’s it sofar. Otherwise a stable and useful beta! And I like 2010 alot better than 2007…

  41. Chad Cooper says:

    I found an experience where if you only install one component (like powerpoint 2010) and you leave the rest of your 2007 installation, the Send a smile component disables outlook from connecting to an exchange server. Uninstalling the 2010 product resolves the issue.

  42. Richard Tallent says:

    Since it hasn’t been fixed in Excel 2003 or 2007, perhaps someone could put this in for me to fix in Excel 2010?

    There is an undocumented, silly limit on the number of non-contiguous ranges that can use identical settings for Validation. Documented here:

  43. saul says:

    Seems that SaS is not installed with the “Home and Business” version. IMHO it is a good tool for the beta, would like to have it (to report some bugs!)

    Is a separate download of SaS available??

  44. Christian Martine says:

    I am unable to install due to “Error 2203.”

  45. tudor says:

    @sjaak500 thank god somebody thinks like me. thanks for the help man. got the key eventually .. ffs its smileys and frowns everywhere. whats up with everybody  ?

  46. Joe Jimenez says:

    How do I make sure I send my contact information with my comments? I think I clicked past the first Send-a Smile screen asking for that information.

  47. One More Question says:

    Hey guys, is there a way to disable that Send a smile or send a Frown feedback tool?


    The aero view makes the content on my touch screen (a new Acer monitor) temporarily disappear.

    This also happens to Word 2007  and probably all programs.

  49. tony says:

    Just Uninstall Send a Smile like you would any other program that you have installed, in the Control Panel.

  50. angel says:

    Guys, have you looked on the control panel, under uninstall or change programs? There’s the option to uninstall the send a smile thing.

  51. maxim says:

    Установил  себе  на  компьютер  Beta  версию MS Office 2010 и хотел бы

    высказать    пожелания    по   функционалу   MS   Word, так как именно

    этот  пакет наиболее часто использую на работе. Описных ниже улучшений

    я  не  увидел  ни  в  MS Office 2003 SP3, ни в MS Office 2007, ни в MS

    Office 2010 Beta.


    1.   Добавить   возможность   программно   (с   помощью VBA) полностью

    убирать  панель  инструментов.  Такая  возможность исчезла в MS Office

    2007.    Такая    потребность    обусловлена  необходимостью  повысить

    безопасность компьютера от несанкционированного доступа пользователя к

    файлам,  папкам  и  программам  при  просмотре документа в MS Word или


    2.  Добавить  возможность  делать  перекрестную  ссылку на рисунок или

    таблицу   в   формате  "Только  номер"  рисунка  или  таблицы.  Данная

    возможность   позволит   произвольным  образом  склонять  эти  ссылки,

    например,  смотри  на рисунке 1 (где ссылкой является только номер), а

    не   смотри   Рисунок  1 (где ссылкой является слово и номер), как это

    сейчас  реализовано,  когда  ссылка  имеет  формат "Постоянная часть и


    3.   Сделать   заголовок  таблицы,  повторяемый  на  следующем  листе,

    зависимым  от  текущего листа, а не от листа, на котором располагается

    родительский  заголовок.  Например  по  российским ГОСТам при переносе

    таблицы  на следующий лист необходимо писать слово "Продолжение таблицы

    <№>".  Если  включить в заголовок таблицы Поле IF

    {IF {PAGE   * MERGEFORMAT} = 1 "Таблица <№>" "Продолжение таблицы

    <№>"  *  MERGEFORMAT)}, то данное требование можно было бы выполнить,

    но    второй   текст,   в  повторяемых на последующих листах заголовках

    таблицы,  не вставляется.

  52. Gordon fecyk says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on with Group Policy installations?

    There’s no more option to deploy Office via GPO objects, which is a step back from Office 2007.  2007 was in turn a huge step back from 2003 with its unreliable two-stage GPO installation.

    And to think Microsoft was showing some real progress with software management when they introduced software deployment via Windows Installer and Group Policy back in 1999. Shift computers around in your Directory, and the right software gets installed and the wrong software gets removed.

    Not so anymore with Office applications and suites. I’m not a regular MS basher but sheesh, this is about as “Do as I say, not as I do” as a software developer can get.

    The really stupid part is there’s nothing inherent in the design of these apps that would prevent a developer from creating a GPO-friendly installer package for them.  Or if the package itself has become too large, how about packaging the individual applications and support tools separately? Aren’t they already broken up into individual self-contained packages in Office 2007?

    Seriously, this is poor design after seeing all of the progress I’ve seen in Dynamics 10 and tons of third-party apps that are finally supporting Windows Installer and Group Policy.

  53. Disable Simle says:

    How can i disable

  54. Raphael Gluck says:


    not sure why you mentioned the registry edit,

    for those of us registry challenged

    Start: Run: msconfig: and choose the Startup tab, look for “officeSASscheduler” and turn it off

  55. Jack says:

    No Send-a-Smile on my installation, so here’s my problem.

    Am trying to e-mail a document directly from Word 2010, but doing File, Share, Send Using Email, Send as Attachment, opens up Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 isn’t my default mail client in Windows and I don’t have any accounts configured in it.

    Doing the same thing in Office XP or Office 2007, currently opens a message in my default mail client.

  56. JL says:

    I have decided to uninstall the 2010 Office beta, as in general, I don’t see enough improvement to warrant upgrading from 2007 to 2010.  (With the only except being that I would love to be able to customize my ribbons in 2007).  I wrote on another MS blog (but can’t remember which one now) that overall, I find it harder or a little more time consuming to find “administrative” type functions like printing, converting a file, etc., within 2010 Office programs (like Word or Excel) than 2007.  If I had gone from 2003 to 2010, perhaps the move would be easier, but from 2007 to 2010, it isn’t worth the effort.  

    And I hope that just because 2007 still hasn’t caught on in the work world, that MS will not drop supporting it to favor 2010.  For all of those who have made the effort to adapt to the entire ribbon concept and other organizational changes in 2007, it would be a shame for us to be left to the curb.

    I think 2007 simply needed a better sales pitch, like Windows 7 received (which by the way IS worth the upgrade from Vista!)

  57. Shailen Sobhee says:

    Send a Smile: Disable

    Go on Start > All programs > Startup

    Right-Click, delete OfficeSAS.

  58. GD says:

    do you need specific hw related info as well?

  59. d wheeler says:

    Would *greatly* appreciate 2003 classic menus option.  2003 was reasonable, 2007 had a few bugs and the user interface is confusing.  2010 seems to work (several of the 2007 bugs seem to be fixed), and ribbon is more consistant, however the user interface is still pretty confusing.  2003 and 97 weren’t as “pretty”, but the menus were intuitive.  

    The new ribbon system still sucks.  I don’t need a new user experience.  I need to be able to get my work done without the interface getting in the way.  


  60. Aaron Rowe says:

    Please allow users to adjust the default settings in the Excel 2010 import text wizard. Scientists import a lot of delimited files, and very often they all have the same format. For instance, every single file that I import is delimited by commas. It would be great if excel defaulted to that whenever I import text.

  61. discount ugg boots says:

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  62. Draper Tool Chest says:

    The post is good for newbie’s as well as pros. You have done a remarkable job in the area of corporate blogging. Keep it up!

    I hope some more good posts like this.

  63. Patrick Roebuck says:

    My smile/frown went away. I found the forum and posted my comment about not being able to find or restore the Outlook 2010 undread folder there. However, I thought you might want me to use the smile/frown which has “gone away.” How do I get it back?????

  64. reza mesgaran says:

    You have remove (IMPORT/EXPORT) menu on Account tab?

    we seriously need this option !!!!!!!

  65. Mikel Estefania says:

    In access 2007 we can use DNG images as images. I have a database that use this kind of images, and I can not use them in access 2010. I would like to use this feature with this new version.



  66. Ferhat Erdem says:

    please add ” would you like to import your pst backup or account and settings ? ” question into the initial intallation process . it will be helpfull for a new fresh install for older office users.



  67. Burak says:

    For years you guys have forced computer users of all walks of lives to get used to your weird user interfaces, and now you are pushing them to relearn the juggled-and-then-juggled-some-more interfaces that you have “designed” because the boatload of features that are pushed into the office suite was beyond the old UI, eh? Why don’t you try simplifying this crap, and let people add the features that they need, and not try to find the few buttons they need among zillions of silly icons? Is there a sane person among Microsofters that can really think worth their seats?

  68. Website Design Company says:

    Hi, my friend, are you able to give more post like this!! As I was very pleased to find this post on this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post. It sounds,  like you’re on the up and up.

  69. Greg Lambert says:

    Just loaded 2010 yesterday. after struggling to import data from 2007, Outlook is very slow to respond.  Not what I expected at this point in development.  I would like to provide additional feedback but the Smiles and Frowns utility did not load.

  70. Achal says:

    I cannot find that face thing on my laptop.

    Here is my feedback, though.

    I was recently using Word, and was about to print it and submit it, when I realized I had forgotten to spell check. I think something that would really be helpful is to by default have a feature so that when you press the ‘x’ to close word, a dialog box asks you if you want to spell check (but it should only pop up if there are red lines, of course). The box would be similar to the “Do you want to save?” box. The only problem would be that you could face having two dialog boxes before closing. I still think that would be a great feature, or something like it. Perhaps you could have two popups, but have one in the center and one on the side. You could also possibly have it so that when someone hovers over the ‘x’ button, it would have a small popup (sort of like if you hover over a window in the taskbar, it shows you a small shot of the contents of that window). Finally, maybe you could just have a tiny alert box (one that we don’t have to cancel) appear every few minutes and ask if you want to spell check.

  71. MikeW says:

    When I right Click in word the prompt shows up then quickly disappears, I have tried to highlight then right-click but the error persists. If you could please tell me how to fix this or if you could resolve this error in an update I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Mike Wahlberg


  72. Warren Sundquist says:

    I don’t think I will be installing office 2010 based on my experience of not being able to download it twice, and, then once installed (hours later), it just sat at the logo trying to do something and excel never came up.  I tried word too and nothing.

    We are on a 128 kbps line, yes, kbps not mbps and it is not for us.  

    One nice thing was it uninstalled very fast and without a hitch.  

  73. Robert Howard says:

    I’m testing with Access 2010 Runtime and found a problem with my VBA code throwing a series a “Internal error (#0051) errors in a particular spot in the code.

    These all have to do with my setting the Left and Width properties of a tezxt control.  This works fine in Access 2003 and Access 2007.

    On the form, I have an area for firstname, middlename and lastname.  But my database occasionally contains the name of a corporation (rather than a person), and the corporation’s name is located in the lastname field in the database.

    When I detect this situation, I dynamically adjust these three textbox controls as follows:

    1)  I set the Visible property of the firstname and middlename controls (and their labels) to False.

    2)  I set the Width property of the lastname control (and its label) to about 50% larger than it was previously.

    3)  I set the Left property of the lastname control (and its labels) to a slightly smaller number so it will fit in the designated spot on the form.

    When the program then detects a database record with a person’s name, all the above actions are reverse so everything looks like it did in the first place.

    Each setting of the Left and Width properties throws error 51 (Internal error) when running Access 2010 Runtime.


    Bob Howard

  74. Barbara says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I recently downloaded Office 2010. Outlook, Word, Excel

    and PowerPoint constantly crashes without warning. No data is saved or retrievable after the program crashes. It is very frustrating. In my opinion, Office 2010 should be released at this time.



  75. m.anter says:

    Do you have to download it every single time that you use it. I would love to have this but it makes me download it everytime that I use it.

  76. Josh says:

    I like office 2010, except for one thing… Outlook.  Outlook won’t sync with a windows live, that’s right–windows live.  I have the outlook connector and it’s updated, but I still get the same errors every time I start Outlook.  Why hasn’t this been fixed?

  77. Phil Oliver says:

    I can’t find the simple “Convert -> Table to text” ANYWHERE in 2010. I’ve looked all over. Doesn’t matter that I have the entire table selected.

    What the hell is it with making common operations difficult-to-impossible to find? That’s no improvement.

  78. lily says:

    How do i take off this send a smile from my computer?

    I never asked for it, nor do i want it.

  79. David says:

    I have Microsoft Visio 2010 version: 14.0.4536.1000 (64-bit).  I have looked everywhere for a link to report a technical problem.  Well, here I am.

    My problem is:

    When printing an “oversized D-sheet” on an HP Designjet 130, solid black boxes show up on the right of every object. I was using the Conceptual Web Site (US units) template. These black boxes are attached to the objects and are about 15-20% the size of the objects.

  80. Naomi says:

    What do you do when the "Send a smile" doesn’t work! There is no way to give feedback easily.  So the one glitch I find is the feedback system — very wrong.

  81. Tyson says:

    I have a very simple feature request for Visio.  I would like to have the “View” option added back to the right-click menu.  Simply put, I want to have the ability to view the whole page, back on the right-click.  I frequently adjust the zoom of large documents to work on them at a detail level, and want to be able to simply view the entire document again.  The functionality used to be there, but was removed in 2007, and is still not there in 2010 (at least in the version that I am using, which I believe is the newest beta code.)

  82. Omar says:

    excellent corporate blog post. keep up the good work. I will share this with others who will find this beneficial.

  83. Rolex Day-Date President says:

    Would *greatly* appreciate 2003 classic menus option.  2003 was reasonable, 2007 had a few bugs and the user interface is confusing.  2010 seems to work (several of the 2007 bugs seem to be fixed), and ribbon is more consistant, however the user interface is still pretty confusing.  2003 and 97 weren’t as “pretty”, but the menus were intuitive

  84. Ken Bateman says:

    Gidday – I have 2 problems:

    I cant use Smiley cause I dont have internet where Office 2010 beta is installed.

    Secondly, this is a little bit technical and is a problem also with Office 2007… so here I go…

    I have set up 3 personallised styles for my document headings – and adjusted the Table of Contents Options so my styles are used instead of the default headings.

    Now when I want to insert a hyperlink to another place in this document it still displays the default headings instead of my headings!  

    Why didn’t it change? Why cant I fix this hyperlink system manually? What’s going on?

    I look forward to a good 2010 product… but perhaps not this year!

  85. Chrisie says:

    I love the lay out and wanted to try office 2010 BUT, it wont let me use right click in word. it shows then fades out before I can make an action, I have to use keyboard short cuts for cut and paste and I cant select the right spelling from the list.

    Any ideas? or shall I remove and put my 2007 back on?


  86. I really would like to use this SAS tool in my enterprise (Higher Ed) as we roll out a new 2008 AD.  Would be a HUGE help….  Any way this tool could be released for us to use.??

  87. Uwe says:

    Beside many other problems, there are some problems around dates. For example if I put a german date, for example

    1. Mai 2010

    (i.e. 1st May 2010) in the beginning of a line or table cell Words makes it to be an numerated list.


  88. dirk damstra says:

    office 2010 is verry different from office 2003,but I

    can print and edit mij documents,after confert mij docs in office 2010.It’s working fine,but it is difficult for me the Englisch language,I have got

    always Dutch office of suits from 1998-2007.

    But I am happy about thiss new programm!!

    I buy in oktober 2010 the Dutch office 2010.

    I wiss you succes whith Your job.

    and You may smile about my Englisch.

    Bay bay.

  89. Mr. King says:

    I kind of agree with JC. With a version skipped, This version is not right for me. Until you change the version the right way, I am never buying office again. Im sticking with 2007 and 2003.

  90. barb2 says:

    Can't find 'send a smile' but here's my issue!  I'm running PowerPoint on a tablet and when I try to write on the Presentation with my pen – it's awful!  I had to stop my presentation and restart it in 2007 in order to continue.  There is a delay and parts of the words don't show up during that delay, plus instead of a pen and a marker for your writing tools, there is only one option and it isn't as nice as the 2007 writing options.  Please fix!!!!  I use this to teach and like some of the 2010 features, but can't use it with my tablet.

  91. simeon says:

    I have no control over software used in my company, so I cannot get rid of PowerPoint – despite the frequent daily crashes and loss of productivity.  Yes, it's the 07 version in compatability mode, and it's a nightmare.  Whoever created this piece of s.. should be shot.

  92. Kathleen Boyles says:

    I can not install Office 2010 Professional because I can not uninstall the beta version of Office 2010 which I never could run but now can not get rid off.  Can you help me get rid of the old beta version so I can install the new one?  Please lead me to some directions.  I have Windows 7.  Thank you.  Kathy

  93. mike says:

    I have had to unninstall office 2010 downloaded from my technet subscription as on my main machine I cannot synchronize my blackberry 8520 curve without the error message "no message store available" >?

    I have tried everything i know including making new mapi profiles and renaming the mapi32.dll file then creating a new but the only cure that worked for me was reinstalling outlook 2007 ?

    Is this a problem resolvable with outlook 2010 or do rim need to update their desktop manager software ?

  94. Ray Anderson says:

    I am unable to save any Excel 2010 spreadsheets.

    I did have Office 2007 installed, but deinstalled it, then this problem started.

  95. Kevin says:

    Please provide a linear interpolate functionality into VLOOKUP .


  96. A disgusted & frustrated Microsoft user says:

    I could never write a program, not even a simple one.  Microsoft engineers have done a wonderful job of writing the code etc.  However, because they are expert code writers does not mean that they think like lowly human being such as I.  I for the life of me, I have the greatest difficulty avoiding having duplicates (or what at least appears to be duplicates to my lowly mind) when I save something.

    Even worse, I have an extremely time consuming and frustrating experience trying to locate files after they are saved.  Let the engineers stick to what they do best, and consult with us lowly common folks to learn how our minds work when we save and search for files.  Let them write their programs not only so that they understand how to use the product, but with our input, construct it so that lowly common folks such as I can easily use it.  

    I would like to offer a comparison for the engineers to contemplate when they organize their product: Most people want a car that works in an intuitive fashion.  They want to put the key in the ignition, turn it, put the car in drive and press the accelerator and go.  When a software engineer is going home for the day, how would he feel about having to hunt for the ignition switch (or the correct combination of wires to twist together), experiment with how to put the car in gear, and then look for the accelerator pedal (or device)? (Maybe the accelerator could be semi hidden in the glove box. Maybe too, the headlights have to be turned on so that the electrical circuit to the ignition switch is completed.) Do you get the picture?

    The feelings of annoyance that such an analogy arouse, are the same ones I feel when I use a non intuitive software product.  Oh, by the way, having worked on cars for decades, I could easily design and build a complicated mess of a starting, gear selection, and acceleration system- that I would know how to use with no problem (just as the software engineers can easily maneuver through their sloppy product design.)  Would a software engineer want to buy and operate a car such as the one I could build?  Then why do they seem to think that a similarly non intuitive sloppy piece of software would appeal to me?

  97. Tim Ward says:

    I enjoyed Office 2007 from the first moment that I started using it. I had no problems transitioning from 2003 to 2007 and I thought the upgrade was simply amazing. Office 2010 however sucks at life. First off, is this really an upgrade? I haven't really noticed any additional functionality, all I've noticed is that the menu has changed for the worse. Bring back the Office button, not this ridiculously annoying File button that takes up the entire screen. For lack of a better, this upgrade is stupid.

  98. Excel 2010 Bug Report says:

    I submitted this to the Customer Service team at MS and they directed me to submit it to the PC Safety Team… I did that and they said Office 2010 is still beta and to send the bug report here.  Ironic since I don't have a beta version and it's been released for Volume License customers as RTM software… but whatever.  If you guys can take this feedback and improve things, great, but if I just get the "tell them" run-around again, I'm done. 😛  Submitting the report 3 times is pretty crazy.


    The following is a bug report for Excel 2010. Please pass it on to the appropriate department as this was the only form I could find to submit such an issue. Thanks!

    Windows XP SP3

    Office 2010 Professional Plus

    Version: 14.0.4760.1000 (32 bit)

    We have Office 2010 Professional Plus installed and have found a running issue on multiple machines with Excel 2010 printing to multiple printers leading us to believe it is not a print driver issue, but is an Excel bug.

    If we want to print a workbook that contains multiple sheets, but only print a select couple of those sheets in duplex mode, it fails to duplex print and prints as single pages. However, if we print the entire workbook duplexed, it works fine, or if we print a single sheet duplexed, it too works fine.

    The issue is reproducable with any excel 2010 installation opening a .xls file (haven't tried .xlsx) that has at least 3 sheets in it with data. If you duplex print "entire workbook" and select pages 2 to 3 for example, you would expect to get a single page printed with sheets 2 and 3 on the front/back of it accordingly. Instead, you get two pages, not duplexed. Additionally, we have only tried worksheets set to scale to fit the page, if that matters.

    The workaround here that we've found is quite tedious, but works… You can go into "printer properties" on the print driver screen, select duplex mode there and hit OK. The Excel print/duplex setting doesn't change to reflect the switch and still says "one sided" as it's duplex setting… then you hit the right arrow to preview the next page, and you must do the same steps again… click "printer properties" and select the duplex mode through the driver again and hit OK. Again, the Excel duplex setting doesn't update to reflect the change and still says "one sided" but clicking print at this point will indeed duplex the two pages you just changed.

    Clearly you can see how crazy this is as a fix… since it is showing conflicting info in the Excel options from the actual print settings, AND a user has to do it to every page… so a 20 page duplex job would require upwards of 80 clicks to get to the right settings to print!

    Let me know if you want my help troubleshooting this or if you need any additional information.


  99. Lance says:

    some features id like to see are

    :easier to turn pages from portrait to landscape without affecting the whole document- page breaks always stuff up for me.

    :for footer page numbering let us decide the number of pages not to mark. so that numbering can start from 1 but will be on the second or higher page, – usually have my title page and TOC

    :give us the option of the old menu! – i love having control over office, the ribbon system always takes that away! i dont care if the option take another gig or 2, i want it , or include it installation as an optional add on.

  100. Rob says:

    I am strongly disappointed that office 2010 still makes printing envelopes harder and more complicated not to mention time consuming than it should be.Printing an envelope for a outlook contact should be an easy task without the need to jump through hoops shouldn't it? Why has this feature been overlooked for so long?  

  101. ascklee says:

    There seems to be a problem with the equation feature of Office 2010.  I use equations a lot in my work, and the Script -> Subscript-Superscript feature seems to have a bug.  If you enter a subscript, the superscript is "switched off", when you enter a superscript, the subscript is "switched off".  You can have *both* a subscript AND a superscript.  Is there someplace I can send my file off to for the Microsoft chaps to have a look?  Thanks.  ascklee.

  102. HasanK says:

    Please make shortcuts visible in excel 2010. Everyone cannot remember formulas.

  103. Mircea says:

    Please Help

    I'm having an issue with Outlook 2010 reminder, in a way that I dismiss them, but nothing happens.

    After a few seconds the reminder pop up again.

    I tried already  outlook.exe  /cleansniff and /cleanreminders. Also run the procedure with  MFCMapi.exe

    Unfortunately no results.

  104. David Valentine says:

    Very Microsoft, blue-screened my pc at both attempts to install the free trial. Doesn't work. Even the Beta version had to have an extension installed for an MSN email address which is THEIR OWN EMAIL PROVIDER! It's truly incredible how they get it wrong so right. Hello Mac…..

  105. Needmorehelp says:

    I'm with debshinder, I'm running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit Version 6.1.7600 with Office 2010 Professional MSO 14.0.4760.1000. There's no "send a smile" anywhere to be found. I found on the web ways of turning it off in the Beta version…/disable-office-2010-beta-send-a-smile-from-startup but nothing on how to turn it on. I have checked in msconfig and double checked control panel but I have all Office programs installed. Generally I found that most of my queries in help screens end up not finding a solution. I have sorted the vast majority of my questions about Office 2010 from web searches, I have all but given up on Office help content. in older versions of Office, there was a question "was this helpful?" with a way to provide feedback.

  106. jim says:

    Give me back my old Publisher and Word Art from 2007. Publisher is now no more than another version of word and Word Art has been stripped to the bone and sucks.

  107. KeithH says:

    i tried to use the Clean up conversation in Outlook – lost the whole folder. It DOES NOT go to the Deleted Items folder. It is nowhere to be found.

  108. Optimistic says:

    Office 2010 is the most rubbish piece of software ever created by Microsoft. Text boxes are next to impossible to work with, it lags a lot, it looks horrible and has a terrible layout. You are better off with Office 2007.

  109. abbozzo says:

    cannot sync contacts with itunes because of click to run 2010, between office 2010 and itunes.

    please address this issue

  110. Glenn Bartholomew says:

    801-619-1096  Love Office 2010 EXCEPT ONE MAJOR PROBLEM.  I run HUGE Excel worksheets to sort through, clean up and extract data.  Granted, my current PC only has 6 Gigabyte of RAM.  With changes, the Undo stack fills quickly–like one step.  My PC bogs down and the only way to clean the stack is to save, close and reopen.  Most of the time, I do not want undo or only need one level.  I am sure that some whizbanger softdude guy is still patting himself on the back for figuring out how to have unlimited undo stacks, but for me, it is a NIGHTMARE.  Fix this. Please.    

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