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First, thanks to everyone for the support and excitement.  I promise there is a lot more on the way.  With that being said, I did want to acknowledge two things that you may have read about:

1. Groove becomes SharePoint Workspace.  This is true. Please read the Groove SharePoint Workspace team blog here for the scoop. 


2. OneNote and SharePoint Workspace going into the ProPlus SKU.  Also true.  This matters more for our VL customers but we want to make this public today.  Read this and our other OneNote blog for more information on the changes. 


For those that may not be familiar with OneNote or haven’t used it as much at this point, head over to to see what real people are doing with it today.  This site is run by real OneNote users but has some incredible content.


Thanks again,




For those that haven’t heard, the official twitter tag is office2010movie.  Also, there's backlog of comments to look through after the traffic today but we will try and answer them all tonight or tomorrow morning.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oggi mi è stato chiesto quale sarà il futuro di Microsoft Groove… ho fatto qualche ricerca sul Web

  2. Anonymous says:

    Top News Stories Creating Portals with Office SharePoint (The Register) We are dubious about some of

  3. Anonymous says:

    More People Getting Access to OneNote

    Every time I flip open a copy of OneNote and jot something down, or paste in a screenie or to take some notes (or any one of the endless things I do in OneNote) someone asks me what software that is and I am floored that they aren’t already using it.

    I’m actually (unreasonably) waiting for a commission cheque from Microsoft as an independent OneNote evangelist(…)

  4. anony.muos says:

    1. What is the criteria for ones who sign up for the technical beta? Who get invited?

    2. Will Microsoft include Visio in Ultimate? 3. Will testers who submit a certain number of bugs get a free copy of 2010 when it RTMs?

  5. David Gainer says:

    Hey Reed

    Thanks for the info on hardware specs and OS support.  What about Exchange Server versions and Outlook?  We need to know that too.


  6. Anonymous says:

    My understanding is, Professional Plus is available under Volume License only, only difference is, it does not include Groove and OneNote today. Does that mean that with the Office 2010 release Microsoft is eliminating the Enterprise sku since both Pro Plus and Ent. would contain the same amount of applications and features?

    The Office Team needs to create a Technical edition of Office with Visio Standard, Project Standard, OneNote, include Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint for persons who need those apps.

  7. reedshaff says:

    @ someone

    We will determine participation in the beta based on our needs to get the right engineering feedback.  E.g. we need to make sure we are getting the right amount of users by product, by vertical (finance uses Excel differently than engineering for example in some instances and we want to get feedback across the board)and more.  As for the second question and third question, nothing decided yet that I can share but I like the idea of rewarding the people who provide the best feedback.  We would probably want to weight it on quality of bug though and not just sheer number.  I will look into this.

    @mr dee and someone

    You are correct in that ProPlus is only available under VL.  We are simplifying the SKU lineup this time and are eliminating enterprise.  Right now we are only releasing our lineup in the VL space.


    Hm, this name looks familiar 🙂  I will put this information up in detail later this week in a seperate post.


    Couldn’t agree more (and thank you), to promote this again check out, that’s an independently run site.  That said, agree we have to do more to evangelize it and will

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what is changing with Groove (Sharepoint Workspace) and OneNote.  They are both great products.  

  9. anony.muos says:

    This makes ProPlus SKU same as Enterprise SKU?

  10. Eugene Barreau says:

    I want to be a beta tester again for ffice 2010 as I have been for previous versions.  I am MicroSoft partner.

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