SPC09 : premiers retours (3)…

Une interview de Steve Ballmer par le Forrester.

Ca commence comme ca :

I had the pleasure to sit down with Steve Ballmer for an interview at the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Las Vegas this week. My research team at Forrester spends a lot of time thinking, researching, and writing about the future of information work. So getting Steve’s view on SharePoint’s decade-long evolution from a basic document sharing application to a broad platform for rapid application development, intranet and internet sites, content management, search, social computing, and composite applications, was something I couldn’t pass up.

et ensuite trois points sont détaillés :

  • Compares SharePoint to the PC…
  • Doubles down on Windows Phone for mobile access to SharePoint…
  • Positions SharePoint as a serious rapid application development platform.

La suite est ici : http://blogs.forrester.com/information_management/2009/10/a-forrester-interview-with-steve-ballmer-about-the-sharepoint-business.html 


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