SPC09 : premiers retours…

SharePoint est la vraie fenêtre de Microsoft sur le monde !

The Windows 7 sideshow begins Thursday but the main event, held earlier this week, was the introduction of SharePoint 2010, which underpins Microsoft’s migration of Office productivity tools to the Web.

Here’s something that folks at Google, Cisco, EMC, Apple, Zoho and even Salesforce.com don’t want to hear: SharePoint 2010 and the Office 2010 family of productivity tools are the culmination of Microsoft’s seven-year-long migration from desktop dominance to Web dominance. For the first time, Office and the SharePoint server are going to be available through the cloud, allowing customers to collaborate concurrently on the Web and on-premise. By using the Open XML document format (Microsoft’s “standards-based” but proprietary code), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as a document model, and Silverlight as a runtime engine for the Web, Microsoft has created a way for end users to seamlessly move and share documents between the Web and the desktop, using SharePoint as the Web-based collaboration server.

La suite est ici : SharePoint is Microsoft's Real Window Of Opportunity _us


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