Best Practices for SharePoint Content Databases in SQL Server

I'm an experienced SQL Server DBA, but new to administering SharePoint 2007 databases.  Our current SharePoint databases are very large and getting bigger every day.  Based on my initial research the content database is the one I am going to focus on initially.  Can you give me the details I need to know to implement best practices for this database? 


There are quite a few SQL Server databases created and used by SharePoint.  The content database is the repository for a lot of information such as web applications, site collections, sites, documents, lists, etc.  Most things that business users do in SharePoint utilize the content database; search is an exception which uses its own database.  As a general rule the normal database best practices apply to SharePoint databases, but there are exceptions.  In this tip we'll focus on the exceptions.  Let's start out with a little bit of SharePoint administration then discuss some best practices around dealing with very large content databases.

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